KS Lawmakers Will Attempt to Override Sebelius Veto Of Abortion Reporting

Sebelius shames her Catholic faith by claiming to be “pro-life” in veto statement.

[UPDATE: The Kansas Senate failed this morning to override Sebelius’ veto. The Senate voted to override by a count of 23-12, but 27 votes were needed to attain the necessary 2/3 supermajority required to override. -Operation Rescue Staff]

Topeka, KS — Kansas Lawmakers will attempt to override Gov. Kathleen Sebelius’ veto today of a measure that would compel abortion mills to report the reason for each abortion on viable babies past 22 weeks. It would also require abortionists to report the diagnosis for babies aborted due to fetal abnormality, such as Down syndrome.

Post-viability abortions are illegal in Kansas, with very narrow exceptions. The Kansas Attorney General, Phill Kline, is investigating abortion mills because he has reason to believe that the mills may be engaging in illegal late-term abortions outside the exceptions allowed by Kansas law. The legislation vetoed by Sebelius would have made the abortion mills more accountable for their actions.

Sebelius’ media spokesperson, Nicole Corcoran, told the Topeka Capital-Journal, “She’s very clear about her personal beliefs as a Catholic and supports a woman’s right to privacy.”

Sebelius stated, “My Catholic faith teaches me that life is sacred. Personally, I believe abortion is wrong.”

Kathy Ostrowski, legislative director for Kansans for Life voiced shock at Sebelius’ statement. “Gov. Sebelius’ attempt in her veto explanation to portray herself as pro-life is outrageous. She cannot re-invent the term, no matter how carefully she chooses her words,” she said.

Sebelius also further offended pro-life supporters by claiming responsibility for the 11% decrease in abortions over the past three years, in spite of the fact that she has actively opposed every pro-life bill that has come before her. She also boasted increasing funding to crisis pregnancy centers, even though she voted to decrease their funding two years ago.

Abortionist George R. Tiller, a specialist in late-term abortions, has contributed tens of thousands of dollars to Sebelius’ campaign coffers. Last year Sebelius intervened in a Kansas Board of Healing Arts investigation against Tiller in the death of a third-trimester abortion patient, Christin Gilbert. The KBHA then “cleared” Tiller of wrong-doing even though the autopsy report clearly indicated a misdiagnosis of Gilbert’s fatal abortion complications, which included Disseminated intravascular coagulation (DIC), an avoidable and treatable complication.

Tiller is currently under investigation by a Sedgwick County Grand Jury in Gilbert’s death.

“Sebelius thinks she can sugar coat the issue of child-killing through abortion, but her attempts to reinvent the English language and deceive the voters of Kansas are transparent,” said Operation Rescue President Troy Newman. “In any other state but Kansas, she would be considered a liar for pretending to be something she is not, and for taking credit for pro-life advances that she avidly fought against.”

“Would you eat at a restaurant that is uninspected, unlicensed, and unaccountable for any food poisoning or deaths that occur there? Of course not, but that is exactly the situation at Kansas abortion mills today, thanks to Tiller crony Kathleen Sebelius,” said Newman. “Sebelius’ attempts to keep the abortion industry completely unaccountable is endangering the lives of women like Christin Gilbert and others. Ultimately, their blood — and the blood of their pre-born babies — is on her hands.”

Read Story in the Topeka Capital-Journal

  • All_Life_IS_Precious

    Ms. Sebelius does not understand the basic beliefs of the Catholic Faith, that much is VERY obvious.

    What about THOU SHall Not KILL does she not understand?

  • Sandy

    she looks like an old wicked witch…sorry, I jsut couldnt help noting that!

  • Laura H

    Sorry Mrs. Sebelius, if you make laws that are pro-abortion YOU are PRO-ABORTION! And you’re making a mockery out of the Catholic faith. If you were a true Catholic you would make sure every pro-life law that came across your desk was put into act. Another politician putting money and the blood of innocent children before God.

  • Teri

    Someone should enlighten Ms. Sebelius to the fact that any “Catholic” who accepts donations from George Tiller’s blood money is not truly a Catholic. She’s a hypocrite, she SAYS life is sacred, yet vetoes any pro-life legislation that comes before her.

  • mathman

    1. Sebelius is a liar. Liars have to make illogical statements at some point to keep their lies going.

    2. Who cares? Let’s quit focusing on this blood-loving woman and start working on our legislators!

    3. The override required a 3/4 vote, not a 2/3 vote. The effort did fail by the 2/3 standard, but the requirement is 3/4. DO THE MATH!!!

  • Operation Rescue

    Sorry, Mathman, but this time your computation is incorrect. In Kansas, a 2/3 majority is required to override a veto.

    However, you are correct that our legislators need to be held accountable. The citizens of Kansas will have that opportunity on Election Day!

  • mathman

    Let’s see. The vote was 23-12. 23+12=35.
    35×2=70. 70/3=23.3=24.

    35×3=105. 105/4=26.3=27.

    Where did I go wrong?

  • mathman

    No reply for ORW, so I dug a little deeper; knowing that ORW could not be wrong on something like this.

    The number of votes necessary for a veto override is 2/3 of the total number of senators, not just those present or voting. There are 40 senatorial positions (and apparently, each such position is filled). 2/3 of 40 is 26.6 which means 27 votes.

    I stand corrected.

    BTW, I am the only person who thinks this law is rubbish!

    I mean, if a senator doesn’t vote, then it counts as a no vote. If a senator doesn’t vote, then where is s/he?

    Regardless, of all of the above, Morticia Sebelius and her cohorts’ argument that all businesses should have been included is illogical: Don’t do some good because you can’t do more good.

    Morticia and her blood-sucking minions should just say it: WE LOVE ABORTION!

  • lime5

    Two Choices

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    AND, NOW A LITTLE FOOTNOTE TO THIS STORY: We all send thousands of jokes through the e-mail without a second thought, but when it comes to sending messages about life choices, people think twice about sharing. The crude, vulgar, and often obscene pass freely through cyberspace, but public discussion about decency is too often suppressed in our schools and

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    A wise man once said every society is judged by how it treats it’s least fortunate amongst them.

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    “Do you treat, care for, and help a sick or disabled person, or do you kill him? Do you measure the value of a person’s life in money? Or in utilitarian usefulness? The cost to society to care for all the physically and mentally handicapped among us is but a tiny fraction of the cost to society for the morally deformed among us. Professor Jerome Lejeune, discoverer of the chromosomal pattern of Down’s syndrome once related to us a story he had heard from a geneticist colleague which illustrates this well:
    “Many years ago, my father was a Jewish physician in Braunau, Austria. On one particular day, two babies had been delivered by one of his colleagues. One was a fine, healthy boy with a strong cry. His parents were extremely proud and happy. The other was a little girl, but her parents were extremely sad, for she was a Mongoloid baby. I followed them both for almost fifty years. The girl grew up, living at home, and was finally destined to be the one who nursed her mother through a very long and lingering illness after a stroke. I do not remember her name. I do, however, remember the boy’s name. He died in a bunker in Berlin. His name was Adolf Hitler.”
    — J.C. Willke, “Why Can’t We Love Them Both” (an excellent read on many aspects of induced abortion, available online at abortionfacts.com)

  • Billy J

    Wow, a cut-and-paste sob story, and then this quote: “Divine Providence will judge a country by three things. How it treats those in the dawn of life. How it treats those in the shadows of life. And how it treats those in the twilight of life.” —Hubert Humphrey
    Although the quote might seem to be meaningful, it is not scripture, and the judgement of “Divine Providence” is conjecture only. I cannot gather where the story originallycame from. It can be found on countless other pages from “urbanlegends” to “baseball stories.” Someone also clearly uses “Bartlett’s Familiar Quotations” as his holy book.
    There may have been a point to the post, but it ws lost in the pandering, length, and pointlessness. Some citation for the story seems to be in order.
    Thanks to the rest of you, however, who have legitimate opinions here, and do not patronize us so strongly.

  • Mike

    Sebelius is CLEARLY trying to hoodwink the public by her statements about her faith and the abortion issue. She is an insult to Catholics everywhere.

  • lime5

    So Billy J(oke),

    Why do you invoke scripture as a basis for debunking quotes that are clearly founded on biblical teachings (assisting the weak, the poor, rather than dissing, exploiting, destroying them is clearly taught in the scriptures; furthermore, the SCRIPTURAL Divine judgment on Sodom and Gomorrah was provoked, in large part, by that society’s calloused neglect/abuse of her poor and needy). As if you cared one whit for scripture (or, apparently, much else) except as a pinnacle from which to look down on others…which is another abuse and violation of the text which you imply is your own holy book…you are a joke. At least READ the book BEFORE you invoke it next time.


    lime5& friends.

  • I can never figure out why it is that women in a power position seem scared to be anything but pro-choice.Come on we need a true leader with a backbone-someone who is NOT afraid to lip box with the devil if need be!