KS House Rep. Vaughn Flora Charged in Cockroach Clash

Pro-abortion Democrat faces up to 1 year in jail for battery

Hutchinson, KS — Kansas State Representative Vaughn Flora has been formally charged in Reno County with battery on Operation Rescue President Troy Newman.

The charges stem from an incident during a gubernatorial debate at the Kansas State Fair in September where Newman and another man dressed in cockroach costumes to draw attention to Gov. Kathleen Sebelius’ refusal to clean up or close Kansas’ filthy abortion mills. Operation Rescue bought the building that housed Central Women’s Services in Wichita earlier this year and discovered mold and roach infestations, and other dangerous, filthy conditions.

The cockroach-clad demonstrators danced through the crowd of 2,000 spectators and conducted skits of political satire. Rep. Flora, who was wearing a Sebelius T-shirt, approached Newman and tore his mask off, causing a laceration to Newman’s head.

According to the complaint filed by the Reno County District Attorney’s office, Flora was charged with intentionally and unlawfully causing physical contact with Newman “in a rude, insulting or angry manner.”

Flora, a Democrat from Topeka who is running unopposed for re-election, is scheduled for his first court appearance on November 21. He faces up to a year in jail and a fine of no more than $1,000.

Newman expressed surprise that a State official would conduct himself in such a manner.

“I think Mr. Flora may need to take some anger management classes to help him get his temper under control,” said Newman. “If he has no problem attacking a stranger in front of a crowd of 2,000 people, it makes me concerned for the safety of his family.”

“As Christians, we pray for the repentance and salvation of Mr. Flora,” said Newman. “I harbor no ill will against him, although his actions have made me question whether he is qualified to hold a position in our state’s government. We just want to see him get his personal problems worked out so he doesn’t attack anyone else.”

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  • Robert


  • Kristin

    The guy in the cockroach suit probably deserved it. It amazes me that men are the ones who are the biggest protestors of abortion. I have a feeling that if men were the ones having to carry a child…things would be very different.

  • Rosey


    No one “deserves” to have a crime committed against them, especially a crime against their person. Do you think, just because one disagrees with the message, that it gives one license to commit a crime against them? If you do, you need to read more about American jurisprudence.

    BTW, women were present taking the photos in support of the costumed protesters, and women are behind most of the pro-life ministries out there. What tragic thing happened in your life to make you hate men so? (No need to answer, the question was more rhetorical.)

    Honestly, I feel sorry for you and your misinformed worldview that can honestly defend chopping innocent babies and justify the broken lives that result from such barbaric behavior. What a shame!

  • Frank


    Wasn’t it you who, just a few threads ago, got all offended and jumped all over someone because they (supposedly, in your eyes) suggested that women who dress immodestly were “asking for it?”

    Your insulting pro-lifers while you hang around this board is not going to change a lot of minds. Neither will your being a hypocrite.

  • Kristen please its nauseating to think that you are a pro-choice WOMAN! I am a woman and I dont have a pro-choice bone in my body. Anyway most of the men I know are pro-choice. It takes a real MAN to refuse to be brow-beaten by women who support murder!!!!

  • kristen get over it


    Heather, you go GIRL. I would vote for you.