Kansas Abortions Down 8% in 2005

Abortions numbers have steadily declined since Operation Rescue relocated there.

Topeka, KS — The Kansas Department of Health and Environment released figures earlier this month showing that abortions in Kansas dropped 8% in 2005. This translates into 904 fewer abortions last year than in 2004.

Statistics also show that since Operation Rescue relocated its ministry to Kansas in 2002, there has been a 16% decline in the number of abortions. For almost two decades prior to that time, abortions had been steadily increasing in Kansas.

“We have noticed that abortions were down at Women’s Health Care Services, George Tiller’s late-term abortion mill in Wichita,” said Operation Rescue President Troy Newman. “We believe many of our ministry projects are at least partially responsible for the abortion decrease.”

Women come from all over the world for late-term abortions at WHCS in Wichita. KDHE statistics indicate that the greatest decline in abortions has been among women coming from outside Kansas.

“Our focus has been on George Tiller since we arrived in 2002, and that work is paying off in saved lives,” said Newman. “We have reversed the trend of increasing abortion numbers in this state, and that has been no small task, given Tiller’s entrenchment here. God has abundantly blessed our efforts.”

In 2005, the year of the greatest decrease, Operation Rescue exposed several botched abortions, including one abortion death, at Women’s Health Care Services, leading to legislation that would have strongly regulated the Kansas abortion industry. This legislation was vetoed by pro-abortion Democratic Gov. Kathleen Sebelius, who has received tens of thousands of dollars in campaign contributions from Tiller.

Public pressure generated by Operation Rescue and other groups that year exposed and closed one filthy, rat-infested abortion mill in Kansas City, Kansas.

In addition, Operation Rescue continued to investigate and release information about the tragic third-trimester abortion death of Christin Gilbert, leading to a petition drive that will convene a Grand Jury to investigate Tiller as soon as the signatures are verified.

“A 16% overall drop in abortions since we have been in Kansas is significant and encouraging,” said Newman. “These numbers give strong evidence that our tactics, while often controversial, are very effective.”


  • Sarah Donetti

    Good news. Especially since sometimes I wonder…

    Although I think that the only time abortion should be legal is when the mother’s life is in danger, would it be a greater victory for life if abortion was not only made illegal, but if beforehand women began choosing not to have abortions, and thus the need for it would eventually become obsolete? Just a thought.

  • Sandy

    that is encouraging. I also think that if abortion were made illegal, there would not be many abortions– most women would not be willing to go to extreme lengths to obtain one. I think that the more difficult it is to get an abortion, the less likely one would be to do so. THe farther you have to drive, esp crossing state lines, or other obstacles, such as having to have both parents signatures, etc make it less appealing. This might be a really bad exmpale but if I have a craving for ice cream, if I can just drive up the street and buy it for cheap, chances are I will. On the other hand if I have to drive across town at 10 pm, get a babysitter, and spend 10 dollars for an ice cream bar, on a rainy night, then chances are I will say “I guess I can live w/o it” That goes for anything really.

  • Tina

    I can say this, if you had been there when I went to Tiller’s, I wouldn’t have had that abortion. Keep up the good work !

  • Frank

    This is fine and encouraging news.

    Sandy is correct IMHO: Abortions would go down if abortion were outlawed, and not simply because outlawing it would make it harder to procure one. It’s because many people base their morality on what civil law says is or is not illegal. That’s not really too great a basis, but if the effect is to lower the abortion rate, it works for me.

  • Tina

    And the tactics ORW uses are very effective. The sad truth is that the majority of poor choicers have not seen the reality of abortion ( i.e. The Truth Truck ). Once you see that, I just don’t know how you can’t be pro-life.

  • Frank


    “The sad truth is that the majority of poor choicers have not seen the reality of abortion ( i.e. The Truth Truck ).”
    –I agree. That’s also why I have such problems with some of those who want to pack abortive moms off to hell in a bucket. I just think a lot of these moms really are unaware of the reality of what they are doing, and I think that a smile and a kind explanation would change a lot more minds that “you’re a sinner and an evildoer and are going to hell in a bucket soon!!!, blah blah blah..”

    I personally find the truth trucks pretty compelling.

  • Tina


    And it’s so true. When I went into Tiller’s for my 3rd trimester abortion, I was not given any information on the development of my baby. He had my parents sign the consent form because I was under 18 & that was it.

    Had someone shown me the truth about abortion before I had mine, I never could have done it. It makes me sick to even think about.

  • Chris

    I disagree. Abortion will always be an option for women regardless of the actions of the anti abortion movement. However, the decision to abort is never taken lightly. Outlawing abortions will only place those women who have decided termination best fits their circumstances into a more dangerous situation. The anti abortion movement fails to accept that abortions will always happen, just as they always have before, all around the world, therefore a legalised and regulated system is the best way to protect the woman and respect the decision that she is best placed to make.

  • Frank


    Wrong, wrong, wrong, on every level:

    “Abortion will always be an option for women regardless of the actions of the anti abortion movement.”
    –Don’t be so cocksure. Medical science is far advanced from where it was when Roe was handed down. Preborn babies can survive far earlier, as a result. Moreover, it is apparent that prolife opinions are on the upswing in this country; if you disagree, just look at how terrified pro-abort politicians are about prolife Supreme Court judges getting appointed. Also look at the reality that states like South Dakota are passing laws outlawing abortion. That doesn’t happen 10 years ago. Finally, people are waking up to the reality of what abortion really is, and proaborts who support ghastly procedures like partial birth abortion are fuelling the prolife cause: anyone with eyes to see knows that “partial birth abortion” is just another term for infanticide.

    “However, the decision to abort is never taken lightly.”
    –Wrong again. While true in some cases, studies show that many women use it as a form of birth control. Moreover, statistically many women have several abortions. Thus your absolute statement that the decision is “NEVER” taken lightly is absolutely false.
    –You want proof you’re wrong? See the revolting website Imnotsorry.net, which shows just how cavalier some people are about abortion. Some women there BOAST about how many abortions they’ve had. The entire site is supposedly dedicated to sharing the POSITIVE experiences women have as a result of abortion — all of which boil down to mere selfishness. The entire site is nothing more than a place for people to leave anti-prolife, anti-christian, anti-catholic, pro-selfishness rants. Prolifers should drop in periodically and see why we need to be united.

    “Outlawing abortions will only place those women who have decided termination best fits their circumstances into a more dangerous situation.”
    –Killing your baby does not “best fit [one’s] circumstances, ever. “More dangerous?” False again, as THIS WEBSITE details over and over again just how dangerous abortion is to the abortive moms. Besides, many abortions are forced on girls (not women) who are underage, mentally disadvantaged, or the like etc., and presumably can’t really decide what “fits their needs best.”

    “The anti abortion movement fails to accept that abortions will always happen, just as they always have before.”
    –Murders happen. However, we still outlaw murder and punish those who kill and those who facilitate killing.
    –Heroin use happens. However, we still outlaw drug use and punish both users and those who peddle the stuff.
    –Abortion is and should be no different. The fact that back alley abortions may be committed if abortion is outlawed is insufficient basis for NOT outlawing it is medical science, morality, civil law, etc., call for that result. Besides, are you really advocating that we do NOTHING? Even Bill Clinton claimed he wanted to make abortion “rare.” Too bad it was just lip service. You apparently are advocating a position that can be summed up as, “there’s nothing anyone can do.” This site, and the people who run it, are proof you are wrong.

    “the best way to protect the woman and respect the decision that she is best placed to make.”
    –No one should respect the decision of someone to kill another person, period.

  • Tina


    The decision to abort was the worst, hardest thing I’ve ever done. I cried every day all day while I was in Tiller’s mill. There were 7 girls in my group and the rest of them were laughing and carrying on during the counselling sessions & in the waiting room like it was nothing. I was the youngest person in my group and I befriended a girl named Stephanie who was from Georgia. She was in college and she just didn’t want to have to be “burdened” with a baby before she graduated. Her father had accompanied her & believe me when I say that they were pretty well off financially. There is never any excuse to murder a pre-born baby, but the lighthearted and callous attitude that was present in the group of girls I was with ( we were all “late term, btw, all 3rd trimester ) was something that I do not understand to this day. So, my point is, many girls do not take the decision to abort as heavily as you would like to think & if that type of callousness was expressed in girls having 3rd trimester abortions, I shudder to think about any attitude they have about about a 1st or 2nd trimester pre-born. The abortion industry & poor choicers have had the advantage of a very liberal media to try and make all of us think that pre-born babies aren’t actually babies, which is absolutely stupid when you think about it. Think about it, if it’s not a baby, then you’re not pregnant.

  • Clifton Powell

    Thank you for “standing your post” all these years. You can’t imagine how many times I prayed that the Lord send Warriors to protest/picket Tiller’s clinic. I couldn’t because I was in Denver “standing many posts” there. I have my hands full. I pray for you often to be able to shut down Tiller’s clinic. Keep up the good work.