Join Operation Rescue for Roe v. Wade events in Washington, D.C. and Kansas

Washington, DC – Tomorrow marks the 41st memorial year since the Roe v. Wade Supreme Court decision decriminalized abortion in America, and Operation Rescue will be marking the day with events in Washington, D.C. and in Wichita, Kansas.

Troy Newman, President of Operation Rescue, is currently in the Nation’s Capital participating in several activities today, culminating in the March for Life on January 22.

This morning, Newman led a group of pro-life supporters in a protest at the Washington, D.C. Planned Parenthood abortion clinic. He will also be participating in conferences sponsored by Students for Life and Americans United for Life.

If you are in the DC area, please join Troy at the March for Life Rally at noon on the National Mall.

Also, check out the latest issue of Rolling Stone Magazine, which featured Troy Newman, concerning efforts to close abortion clinics.

In Wichita, Operation Rescue will host a memorial on January 22 from 6-7 pm at our national headquarters located at 3013 E. Central Avenue. We plan to make an important announcement concerning a project to close Kansas abortion clinics at that time. (Click for more information.)

“This is a year of great hope and expectations for the pro-life movement. Last year, 87 abortion clinics closed. Abortion numbers continue to drop and pro-life sentiment is at an all-time high,” said Newman. “Now is the time to press our advantage. We are here to win, and there is a greater sense than ever that victory is just around the corner. It’s an exciting time to be a pro-life activist, and we pray everyone that can will join us to mark this important day and take a stand for Life!”

Troy Newman can be reached for interview at 316-841-1700. Cheryl Sullenger can be reached for interview at 316-516-3034.

  • Don

    Yeah I just read the article in “Rolling Stone”
    Get your hip boots on and grab a shovel before you read it.
    Later today we may have the largest March For Life ever,despite the threatening weather.
    The march will be comprised of young people mostly.
    No one at “Rolling Stone” will write about that.
    Young people opposing the Culture of Death doesn’t fit the RS narrative.

    I’ve been a truck driver for 40 years.The job (and really Our Lord) makes it possible for me to place pro life literature all over-truck stops,warehouses,factories,food processing plants,repair shops. There’s an art to doing this,and it has it’s own rewards.
    Some people figured me out.That should bring trouble,right?
    Well no.
    To this day no one has ever confronted me or complained.
    People want facts.People want the truth.
    Give them something to read;to think about,and pray about.
    Few can say that abortion hasn’t touched their lives in some way.
    “Choice” is rapidly losing prominence as more people realize abortion is a devastating burden rather than a choice.
    The battle against the Culture of Death doesn’t allow us to say our piece just one time and walk away.We must keep coming back. That’s why we march and do so many other things little and large.
    Let’s pray for the success of the March today.
    And as always let’s pray for Our Lord’s protection of the unborn,the disabled,the terminally ill,and the elderly.