Illegal Back-Alley Abortionist Opens Risky Late-term Abortion Mill

Dallas TX – An abortionist who admits to having committed illegal, back alley abortions prior to Roe v. Wade has announced plans to open a new late-term abortion clinic in Dallas last month. Curtis Boyd, 72, told a pro-abortion Internet site that he was committing illegal abortions on January 22, 1973, when the Roe v. Wade decision was announced.

“This is a case where an illegal back alley abortion hack simply hung the ‘open’ sign out on the front door and kept on with his grisly business,” said Operation Rescue President Troy Newman. “Now, at 72 years old, he wants to do the more dangerous late-term abortions. This is a recipe for disaster if I ever saw one.”

Boyd shocked America by confessing to a Dallas television reporter that he believes that abortion is killing.

“Am I killing?” Boyd said. “Yes, I am. I know that.”

Boyd is a backslidden ordained Baptist minister who now identifies with the apostate Unitarian Universalist “Church” whose doctrine is antithetical to orthodox Christianity.

“It was ironic that during the recent debate on abortion funding in the proposed health care system that several abortion supporters in the House rose to say that without taxpayer funding of abortion, we would return to the days of back alley abortions. Unfortunately, we never left those days,” said Newman.

“Some of the same quacks, including Boyd, that were doing illegal abortions before Roe v. Wade are still operating. Little has changed. Women continue to be maimed and killed in our nation’s abortion clinics. Just ask the families of Laura Hope Smith or Christin Gilbert, who were killed recently during so-called legal abortions. The only real solution is to grant the legal protections of personhood to the pre-born and close down the killing centers for good.”

  • Is it just a coincidence these abortionists look like some mad man or serial killer? They all are nothing but socially approved psychopaths.

  • w.e.

    Christ died for this socially approved serial killer. God has a purpose for his life but until he repents and trusts Jesus as his redeemer and savior he will be missing the path of peace.

  • t.l.

    Alayna we don’t think your comment is very Christlike and wonder why the OR webmaster allows petty comments about look to be posted.

  • Sorry I offended you. Yes, let’s pray for this abortionist to come to God. I will pray for God to help him find his purpose in life. I won’t make any more rude comments about abortionists as they have to make a living too. I am sorry to imply that he is an approved socially accepted sociopath for killing babies as he has gone to medical school and has taken courses in psychology and he would be aware of mental illness. I am not credentialed to make that diagnosis. He makes more money than I do as a nurse and women willingly come to hom for assiastance to remove their full term babies. He apparantly has helped women out of their undesired pregnancies before it was legal. A true hero for woman’s rights. He agrees he is killing babies but belongs to a church who finds it acceptable.
    I am sorry for criticizing an abortionist when it is God’s business to convert his soul. It won’t happen again.
    If it was legal to have your hand cut off and doctors made big bucks to do it, we certainly could not blame them for taking the monetary gains when people come willingly by the thousands to have their hand cut off. Do you get the comparison? So maybe it is not the abortionist to blame as he is just earning a living by helping women get out of pregnancies they don’t want.
    I hope this gets me off the stake of condemnation, but I also must say, I am not Christ. I am human and my heart hurts everyday for the pain those babies endure for the sake of money, indifference, and motherly inconvenience. God give me strength to go on.
    Alayna Staggers, nurse, mom and grand mom

  • \
    One reason that I commented like this, if you look at the past pictures of the mug shots on Operation Rescue, men and women who have been sentenced to prison, it sends shivers through you to think a young girl placed her body in their hands. Some even died. Unsanitary conditions have been portrayed along with inhumane treatment of laboring women, plus gruesome disposal of babies bodies. Sexual abuse has occurred along with abortion of underage girl’s babies while not reporting the abuse and handing the girls right back to the abuser. I don’t know where all of these picturs went, but these abortionists did not display the characteristics of upstanding citizens and as long as we feel sorry for them, no justice will be done! alayna

  • Heywood Jalisson

    I agree with Alayna. There is a reason these madmen look like madmen: They are madmen! Plus, a professional should look like a professional. A “doctor” should look clean, sober, rational. Most all of the abortionists I have seen are unkempt, filthy, and have eyes that make them look demon-possessed!

  • Mike

    I agree with Alayna, too. All one needs to do is look at the faces of such “famous” abortionists like Tiller, Hern, Relinique, Carhart, Sella, etc. to see that these baby killer’s minds have been taken over by the powers of all that is evil at it’s most vile level.