Identity of New Wichita Abortionist, Cheryl Chastine, Uncovered

Wichita, KS – Through an undercover investigation conducted by Operation Rescue, it has been learned that Chicago area abortionist Cheryl Chastine has made plans to fly to Wichita to provide abortions at South Wind Women’s Center, a proposed new abortion clinic located in George Tiller’s former abortion building on East Kellogg.

Chastine, 31, graduated from the University of Kentucky College of Medicine in 2009. She was first licensed to practice medicine in Illinois in August, 2011 and obtained licensure in Kansas on January 17, 2013. Chastine currently works at Total Wellness, Inc. in Oak Park, Illinois, a suburb of Chicago.

In what appears to be a “bait and switch” tactic, Chastine has filed to open a Professional Association under the name “Wichita Medical Center” at the same address as the proposed South Wind Women’s Center, operated by former Tiller lobbyist Julie Burkhart, who has no medical license or training.

Kansas law requires that clinics that provide medical services be owned by licensed providers. (K.S.A. 17-2706)

“It appears that there will be a public name for clinic and a secret name under which Chastine and perhaps others will operate,” said Troy Newman, President of Operation Rescue and Pro-Life Nation. “This raises legal questions that we are now exploring. The whole thing is less than above board, to say the least.”

In recording made by an investigator posing as a reporter, Chastine she appears to have very little understanding of Kansas law, which requires that the name of the physician be given to women at least 24 hours before an abortion and be listed on the informed consent document, which is usually downloaded from the clinic’s web site.

“I had been hoping not to be mentioned by name,” Chastine said. She seemed completely unprepared for the fact that someone would eventually discover her identity.

“Ms. Chastine apparently thinks she can come to Wichita, kill babies surreptitiously then return home to her non-abortion patients in Chicago with no one the wiser. Now, we’ve uncovered her shadow business that will operate under a secret name at a facility that is not properly sanctioned,” said Newman. “These duplicitous business transactions coupled with her shocking inexperience as a licensed physician raise questions about whether her shady business dealings will be a reflection of what we can expect from her abortion practices.”

It was widely reported that South Wind Women’s Center would open sometime this week, but given the legal questions raised by Chastine’s secret abortion clinic and Burkhart’s unlicensed one, that may not be a sure thing.

Listen to the undercover recording:

Read documents obtained under the Kansas Open Records Act

  • Heywood Jalisson

    There is no link to the recording.

  • Operation Rescue

    Haywood, press play on the sound bar. If you don’t see a sound bar, it might be a browser thing.

  • Pro-Lifer

    Please pray for Christine! Christine, if you are reading this right now, know that the Lord loves you very much — so much so that he gave His life for you on the cross. There is no sin that He will not forgive and He welcomes you, He is calling out for you with open arms. Please do not stay in this line of work. Please consider helping women in crisis pregnancies in a different way. It’s never too late! He loves you.

    Ave Maria…

  • You’re an awesome organization and here was an amazing job on outing this abortionist. Her “OMG how the hell do they know who I am” voice through the entire interview was priceless and she just learned she cannot conduct this sort of activity with anonymity. One concern though. I’m sure you guys know this stuff better than I but I think IL requires consent of all parties to record a conversation, so I would make this available for download and distribute it far and wide before the lawyers come.

  • Great job OR! Awesome recording “Mr. Reporter”! (You know who you are.) I hope that you are able to gather up thousands to stand with “BAMH” signs against abortionist Chastine. God Bless You always!

  • Louise

    Her voice sounds so hesitant and her manner is very immature, as though she is a high school student who’s been caught doing something she shouldn’t! I cannot believe how secretive these people are… no real doctor would be ashamed of their specialization… if she pulls that excuse “don’t want to be threatened or picketed” well there is a reason why there is public outrage over abortion and not over appendectomies… she should have thought of that before she signed on for her expected “windfall” sideline killing babies. Why do these medical practitioners (just can’t call her a doctor!) think they can remain anonymous while they practice in our communities? Talk about back alley… no name means no accountability!!!!

  • Sarah

    Exactly Louise!

    Cheryl is my age. Cheryl…we are ROE SURVIVORS. Our mothers could have legally torn us limb from limb when we were gestating. But our mothers didn’t. We were allowed to be born. You were allowed to grow up to become a “doctor”. (you’re not really one. Real doctors don’t kill people. Doctors like nazi Mengele kill people. I guess you’re more like him than a real doctor). Now you want to deny that same opportunity to little unborn human beings! SICK. I hope you lose all your patients.

    I made sure I found a pro-life ob when pregnant because I didn’t want someone who dismembered babies touching my baby. Don’t be so shocked that many in our society don’t like folks who hurt children Cheryl. Stop perverting your medical skills and actually SAVE lives.

  • Newly Pregnant

    I just had my first sonogram at 11 weeks, and my baby waved at me, and a legal abortion can be done up to twelve weeks, I’m sorry cheryl but legal or not what your doing in an abortion clinic is MURDER

  • Sarah

    Congratulations Newly Pregnant! How exciting to see your baby on the ultrasound! I always loved seeing my boys on ultrasound when I carried them. So precious!

    You will be surprised (and horrified) to learn that abortion is legal through ALL NINE MONTHS of pregnancy in the US. Can you believe it? But it is. And there are many abortionists who will kill full term babies. Carhart is one and he just killed a 33 week baby and her mom February 7th of this year.

  • Briana

    That’s the federal, but in kansas the state law is 12 weeks. Thank god, but another plus is kc is the only place in ks where you can find an abortion dr

  • Amanda Hawk

    Cheryl what you are doing is DEMONIC. Please STOP killing innocent babies.

  • Frank

    You are shaming the MD profession.

  • Thomas

    What a career you have picked for yourself Cheryl? PLEASE get out of the baby killing business. I will be praying for You.

  • Rachel

    Get over yourselves and find better things to protest and make a big deal about. Maybe worry about the pieces of crap all over the country that ARE HAVING their babies that they shouldn’t be, and not taking care of them. Maybe find ways to feed kids that are hungry who have parents that dont care about them. The country gets stupider as the ignorant continue to breed and the educated use their freedom of choice.

  • Louise

    Rachel, get over OURSELVES?? We actually do care about others, little children who are our brothers and sisters and are not protected in law as they should be. The people who need to get over themselves are the ones who find their own children inconvenient after they have conceived them. And it is very lame to point out the abuses in our society as the reason why we should have legal, wholesale slaughter of innocent children by barbaric methods, “chosen” by the “educated” as a solution. BTW most abortion centers are in poor, minority neighborhoods, not in bastions of education. Does that somehow make you feel better? Your judgment of others’ potential and resilience and chance at their own lives is disgusting. There is no better thing to protest than the deprivation of the innocent to their right to life itself. And if you think people who care about the unborn AREN’T doing anything to support the hungry and homeless, etc. guess again. Again, a lame comeback because it’s really hard to defend dismembering a child, or any human being for that matter…

  • NameCantBeBlank

    If you religious nutjobs aka shared imaginary friend believers go near her or threaten her in any way, expect “a response” and some “technical difficulties with your online presence.”

  • GracieW

    The only one I see threatening is you…hiding behind a screen name. you can’t kill children for a living and expect a peaceful life. Of course people are going to call her out and patients are going to leave her. And btw, abortion is not a religious issue. I have friends who are atheists and pro-life. It is a human rights issue. Regardless of religion, anyone with a functioning conscience and brain should be pro-life.