“I don’t have an answer to that question.”

Sebelius staffer caught off-guard while attempting to defend pro-abortion governor

Topeka, KS — Operation Rescue brought its staff and Truth Truck Fleet to the Kansas Capitol on January 19, to counter a pro-abortion rally and to visit the office of pro-abortion Kansas Governor Kathleen Sebelius to hold her accountable for vetoing a clinic regulations bill that could have prevented a rash of injuries to women at George Tiller’s late-term abortion mill in Wichita, Kansas.

After praying outside the governor’s office, Troy Newman led a group of ten Rescuers into the office and asked for an appointment to speak with Sebelius or one of her staff members. Many of the Rescuers held 8 x 10 color photographs of ambulances transporting women to Wesley Medical Center after they received apparently life-threatening injuries at Tiller’s infamous Women’s Health Care Services.

At first, Larry, the governor’s receptionist, told the group they would have to leave and submit their request in writing. When it became apparent that the Rescuers would not take “no” for an answer, Larry arranged for a meeting between Rescuers and Sebelius’ Director of Constituent Services, Vicki Buening.

Newman and the others displayed their ambulance photos for Buening and asked for an investigation into the rash of injuries at Tiller’s abortion mill. They told Buening that they hold Gov. Sebelius responsible for the injuries because she vetoed legislation that would have provided regulations for clinics like Tiller’s. Rescuers indicated that it is unknown if any of the women in the photos even survived their injuries because there is no accurate reporting, and cover ups of these events are typical.

Beuning told Rescuers that it was not up to the governor, but up to the legislature to reintroduce the clinic regulation bill, and at that point the Governor would take a second look at it.

At that point Rescuer Cheryl Sullenger had an interesting and revealing exchange with Buening. The transcript of the conversation below was taken from a video tape Sullenger made of the meeting.

Sullenger: “But in the meantime, four women have been injured that we know of, that we are only aware of. How many more women have to be injured or even die? If these women can’t have babies, if these women are permanently injured, if these women end up in the grave, that is her [the governor’s] responsibility. See, now we have to wait for another legislative session. She could have signed that bill and prevented these injuries.”

Buening: “Now individuals involved in any of these kinds of mishandling of their medical care have the option to file a complaint against their provider with the Board of Healing Arts.”

Sullenger: “If they’re still alive.”

Buening: “Certainly that is true. Whether, uh– [pause] — Yeah, you’re right. But I, uh…”

Sullenger: “If they are dead, they can’t file a complaint, can they?”

Buening: “I don’t have an answer to that question.”

Buening then took the photographs and promised to present them to the governor with the concerns of the Rescuers.

Meanwhile, about 75 pro-abortion supporters gathered in the Rotunda for a brief rally “celebrating” abortion. Afterwards, Rescuers visited some of the tables where pro-abortion groups such as NOW and Tiller’s political action committee, ProKanDo, promoted their agendas.

The ProKanDo table was staffed by Sarah Anderson, Jennifer Wright, and abortion nurse Willow Eby. None of the women seemed happy to see members of Operation Rescue and were reluctant to dialog with them.

Sullenger visited the ProKanDo table and picked up materials that were being offered free to the public. Jennifer Wright took one of the fliers from Sullenger’s hand and then placed the stack behind a display board. When asked why she took the pamphlet, Wright responded, “Because you’re not invited.” Rescuers later obtained a copy of the flier that advertised the time and locations of several of ProKanDo events.

“The pro-abortion rally was actually an encouragement to us,” said Troy Newman. “It was poorly attended and over very quickly. They seemed have a defeatist attitude about the whole thing, admitting that their views are a minority opinion in our nation right now.”

“We were pleased to be able to take our Truth Truck fleet to the seat of Kansas government,” said Newman. “We were able to draw unprecedented attention to the plight of the pre-born simply by driving through town.”

And as for a future meeting with Gov. Sebelius? “Don’t count us out,” said Newman. “We will continue to shine the light of truth on the dirty secrets of the abortion industry, and plan to keep the governor more informed. I have great hope for the future that very soon abortion will be a tragic memory of the past. We work toward that day.”

View more photos from Topeka

  • Songbird77


    Kudos to Cheryl Sullenger for her shattering indictment of the abortion industry! I am quite sure it took Ms. Buening by surprise; to be sure, there are too many aspects of abortion that we “don’t have an answer for.”

    When making life and death decisions, that brand of moral vacuity is no longer acceptable, in my view.

  • the mcnutts

    Nicely done, Cheryl! Very nicely done, ORW all!

    We will be praying for Buening’s eyes to be opened to the fact that she does, in fact, have to answer that question sooner or later; and the sooner she admits her guilt before the Supreme Judge of us all and throws herself on His mercy given on the cross for all who will come, believe and repent, the more likely she is to look to her ultimate judge and see, to her delighted surprise, her Savior. Much better that she tell Him here than that He have to demand an account on the other side.

    KEEP IT UP…and you are all in our prayers as well!

    with admiration and affection,

  • Songbird77

    I’m sorry – but I’ve got something else to say. I just finished viewing the photo gallery from yesterday’s vital activism in Topeka, and that last image (Dr. Tiller’s evocation) is something I won’t soon forget.

    Abortion is a matter of the heart??? Is the doctor speaking with unintentional irony, since he is obviously using this truism to justify his trade? Of course, abortion is a matter of the heart! Post-abortive angst didn’t strike my intellect, nor did the first-trimester procedure harm me physically. But my newfound realizations shattered my aorta, so…..I hate to agree with Dr. Tiller, but in one sense he’s correct.

    But let’s be realistic here: To fully understand the heart of anyone, be they male or female, one needs a healthy respect for truth. And the truth has hurt the hearts of me and countless other post-abortive women.

    I have never met Dr. Tiller nor do I plan to seek his services in my lifetime, but I certainly speak from my own experience: My own abortionist didn’t give two cold craps about “my heart.” Unlike my family physician who arranged for the operation, the surgeon didn’t raise the issue of avoiding another pregnancy. He didn’t mention abstinence. He didn’t refer me to counseling – he didn’t even suggest that novel idea. In fact, I still remember waking up from the operation, experiencing mild uterine cramping for a few seconds, and then sent home – without so much as a syllable from the surgeon. I was just another patient to him – if even that. All things considered, I’ve known morticians who were more verbose.

    Ir would be so easy to respect a physician who speaks eloquently about “the hearts” of his patients – if only he were not justifying an act that is morally blameworthy. As the doctors of my former church have stated throughout the ages, “It is not licit to do evil so that good may flow thereof.”

    And, to be sure, some hearts are more hardened than others. My ex lives in Topeka, and I wonder how he would have reacted if he passed the Truth Truck on his way to his daily dope deal or work.

    Physicians and clergy should respect “the hearts” of their patients and congregations, respectively. I believe our Lord demands no less of us. But let us avoid evil while doing so. The hypocritic oaf, er, I mean, the Hippocratic Oath – demands no less.

  • t. mcnutt

    “A matter of the heart”…not a cerebral or reproductive issue…What planet is this man from?! Of course it’s a reproductive issue! Yo Tiller, better go quick and tell that to the millions of misguided women out there ranting about “reproductive rights”…or just tell them the truth: that so many women can’t have children because of damages to their reproductive organs by induced abortion…tell them about the emergency hysterectomies done on countless victims of “safe, legal abortion” to stop some infection or hemorrhage from taking her life. Sure, it’s a reproductive issue. To deny that aborting the natural process of reproduction is not a reproductive issue is like saying that choking a person to death is not a respiratory matter.

    Not cerebral? Well, sure, it’s easier for people in crisis to be emotionally manipulated; when they are dependent on your “superior knowledge”, they tend to defer their own thinking to yours…but many have managed to engage their own reasoning faculties just in time, and walked out of abortion mills across the country…or not walked into them in the first place.

    Whose heart, Tiller? The heart of God, Who created and loves the moms you exploit and the children you kill, or your own deceitful and desperately wicked heartlessness towards Him and them ?

    Did you know, Tiller, that virtually all women who chose life are glad they did — from the heart — whereas the majority of post-abortive women heartily regret it, and would reverse it if they could? Or do you care, Mr. Bigheart?

    Please be more specific.

    just thinking…

  • arx axiom


    I do not presume to read the webmaster’s mind in choosing to delete (spelling corrected) any post he chooses, but, having read your latest, I think it likely that it will get deleted again, and was deleted before, because the webmaster has a conscience and therefore an aversion to feeding the reading public toxic mental fare. You might also have paid attention to the statement that the comment boards are not places to attack ORW or it’s supporters, as you and other proaborts incessantly, and insanely, insist upon doing. (Just another way of imposing your views on others, I suppose.)

    Jesus commanded many things besides the Great Commission (spelling corrected again), and one of them included respect for the lives of children, and respect for the moral laws and teachings of the Old Testament, which forbade the shedding of innocent blood and mandated efforts to save them from destruction. (Anyone interested in the truth on these matters, especially any who is not well aware of it already, please see Genesis 4:10 & 11; 2 Kings 24:3-5; Proverbs 6:16-19; Proverbs 22:22,23; Proverbs 24:11,12; Isaiah 1; Matthew 5:17-19; Matthew 18:1-10; Matthew 25:31-46…for starters.) Stop trying to steal some imaginary moral high ground from, and blaspheme Him by claiming Him as an ally in your anti-life efforts. That’s just not Who He Is. The phrase “the greatest of all” does not actually occur in connection with the Great Commission of Matthew 28 (read it); however, he makes a similarly worded evaluation in Matthew 22:35-40; and those teachings hardly detract from the aforementioned mandates and imperatives, as you are attempting to do.

    You want this covered up, but you seem much more passionate about promoting a church pleasing to Hitler than one pleasing to Christ. Very few, if any, pro-life Christians have gotten so rich opposing child-slaughter that financial gain could be seriously reckoned as a motivation for their efforts; I daresay there are, tragically, (put yourself in the unborn’s place…especially since it’s your own place of origin) more pastors who do not speak out against this for fear of losing members, tithes, etc. …ominously much like the German church of the 1920’s, 30’s and 40’s. However, a great many abortionists are getting rich enough killing children, and harming women (often fatally), so that a much stronger case – that they, like the Nazis, have the vested interest in silencing the pulpits on this matter that you attribute to the “religious right” – can be not just claimed, but proven.

    Again, I can’t speak for the webmaster, but I suspect that the above may be among his reasons for deleting your posts than the ones you’ve so calumniously suggested.
    I’m sure, though, that if you pursue a genuine relationship with Jesus Christ, that is less likely to be a problem in the future.

  • lime5

    t. mcnutt,

    Good points, all! You sound like the proverbial “chip off the old block”…or a “mcnutt off the old tree” ?!

    The “not cerebral” part was especially nice. I think it was Hitler who said, “What a mercy for rulers that men don’t think”…wasn’t it?