Hospital Drops Abortionist Involved in Demonic Rant as New Disciplinary Case Surfaces

By Cheryl Sullenger

San Diego, CA – Allyson Smith was appalled by the recent video showing Robert Santella, an abortionist with the Family Planning Associates abortion facility in San Diego, growling in a demonic “freak-out” at another pro-life activist.

In the widely published video, Santella is seen emerging from the abortion facility to confront a pro-life activist. He is heard hissing and growling in a demonic voice as he holds scissors to the pro-lifer’s throat while professing that he loves killing babies and that, “I never listen to Christ.”

“I do have a darkened heart,” Santella snarled. “I do, I do. Very much so.”


Smith noticed that during his rant, Santella wore an identification badge from Sharp Healthcare, a group of hospitals throughout San Diego County.

Due to her long-time involvement in the pro-life movement, Smith knew exactly what to do. She posted to her Facebook page that she contacted Sharp Healthcare via e-mail on the morning of June 17.

Hi there, I would like to bring this video to your attention. The crazed doctor in this video is Robert Santella, who performs abortions at Family Planning Associates on Miramar Road. You’ll notice he is wearing a Sharp Healthcare ID tag. A quick Internet search reveals that he is affiliated with Grossmont Hospital. Why is this “doctor” allowed to be affiliated with Grossmont Hospital? He is nuts and should be fired. What will you do about him? Thanks.

Smith included a link to a story on LifeSite News that featured the video of the incident.

Soon, she received a reply from Sharp’s Grossmont Hospital:

Hi Allyson:
Thank you for your message. We appreciate your concerns regarding this physician, and we can assure you that he is no longer affiliated with any of our hospitals, he is not employed by our medical groups, and he does not practice or have admitting privileges at any of our facilities. We are currently looking into other aspects of this matter, and we will provide updates as we have more information.

“This is a great example of how much can be accomplished with just a little smartly directed effort,” said Troy Newman, President of Operation Rescue, which protested Santella regularly in the 1990s and early 2000s before relocating to Kansas. “Allyson’s letter will probably save a lot women from being subjected to Santella’s unstable behavior.”

Smith also noticed that recent disciplinary action had been filed by the California Medical Board against Santella.

The Board Accusation, filed on May 20, 2016, charges Santella with negligence and unprofessional conduct that “demonstrates an unfitness to practice medicine.”

The allegations detail his conduct with five female patients that received dangerous drugs from Santella over the course of up to 25 years. He failed to conduct physical exams before administering drugs, failed to record fact he administered drugs to them in the patient medical records, and failed to monitor the patients’ other serious conditions.

The Board Accusation also notes Santella’s previous discipline should be taken into consideration. In 2000, Santella’s medical license was revoked for failing to maintain adequate medical records. That revocation was stayed and Santella served four years on probation.
The current accusation represents a repeat offense that endangered the health of his patients.

Operation Rescue also has documentation that Santella served five years of probation in a 1984 disciplinary case that involved serious patient care issues for three female patients:

• Santella conducted a hysterectomy on a patient who had undergone an elective abortion one month prior to the surgery. He failed to respond when her post-operative condition deteriorated, and left the hospital after a second surgery before she had stabilized.
• Santella admitted a woman to the hospital for pelvic inflammatory disease, but didn’t bother to check on her for 25 hours after her admittance. It was later learned that Santella had misdiagnosed her actual condition, which was a urinary tract infection.
• Santella failed to recognize the danger signs of pre-eclampsia in another of his patients and delayed hospital admission for two days, resulting in the still birth of her baby.

“If only the California Medical Board had taken stronger measures with Santella when he showed incompetence in 1984 and 2000, a lot of human misery could have been avoided,” said Newman. “Some people are not fit to practice medicine, and Robert Santella is among them. We pray the Medical Board will take sterner measures to limit his options so he will be forced to look for another line of work. We also pray he gets the spiritual and mental health assistance he obviously requires.”

  • Apollo1011 .

    Thought he was pretty funny, then he got fired. Good job guys.

  • Kathie

    Wonderful news! This guy is evil!

  • Betty Anthony

    Has this man done the devil’s work so long that he is actually filled with a demonic spirit? Reading his track record in the medical field, I just wonder how he ever got a license. Gave a woman a hysterectomy for a urinary tract infection?

  • Yannick Erst

    People who wonder whether demonic possession is real, look no further than this video. Pray for America and this abortionist.

  • Allan Scott

    This crazy piece of human feces needs to go to prison, and soon. AMEN!

  • kim swiger

    How sad the decline of our country. Anyone who thinks this is funny needs to get on their knees and beg the Lord to forgive then begin repenting. When will we stop sacrificing babies? If not soon it will be too late.

  • Elroy Jetson

    Notice how amusing the security guard found this unbelievable travesty of humanity.

  • ort

    This guy has reveled in death and murder for so long, his soul has been given over to demons. His eternity, unless he repents, will be beyond horrible.

  • Dee Dee


  • scragsma

    While I agree with what you said about him, your last comment indicates you didn’t read the article very carefully.

  • sixxfingers

    It’s good news that the hospital dropped him, but he’ll no doubt go boohooing to cecile richards, and he’s her kind of guy. So she’ll no doubt quietly have him back to butchering before the week is out. But with instructions to keep his big mouth shut this time.

  • richard fournier

    I have always said that is human sacrifice NOT abortion

  • Dasgeiss

    How many more are there like him out there? Scary!

  • got my licence

    Kind of like the Aztecs and all the others who crave power and control.

  • ChristinaDunigan

    Also important: Family Planning Associates is a member of the National Abortion Federation — which is either lying about monitoring their members or is lying about their standards.

  • Moshe

    What an upside down nation we have become. Pity the women who trust their health and lives to such a demoniac.

  • Pamela Sellarole

    This man needs deliverance badly. Let’s all take a moment and pray that he gets it.

  • Pamela Sellarole

    Sadly, you are probably all too right. How has this world managed to degenerate to this point? :-(

  • David in MA

    Ya, from the front end of a tractor-semi.

  • Morgan23

    Frighteningly sad that a physician trained to save lives so eagerly takes them from the most innocent of human beings. This is what we have become since the ”love” children of the mid sixties have ”matured” into the demonic, godless beings of today. I hope we can reverse this callous murder culture. These people are an offshoot of the NAZI murderers of WWII.

  • IvanRider

    Simply demented.

  • eagle keeper

    What does the Lord’s prayer tell us to do? He tells us to forgive those who trespass against us. Or in this case the unborn. Every ounce of our flesh bodies wishes this man harm of some sort. I get that. But that isn’t what Jehovah God has directed us to do. In fact, aside from forgiveness there can be no Christianity. So pray that he turns from his sinful ways before he burns.

  • Blogengeezer

    “If god were satisfied with the behavior of his people [ALL are God’s people] he would never have allowed Genghis Khan to become unleashed”.. qt: Genghis Khan 1162-1227

  • paulette barrow

    Thats exactly what it is,they sacrifice these babies to Molec,

  • paulette barrow

    He has been turned into a reprobate

  • Yannick Erst

    Amen sister.

  • charles johnston

    Bit of confusion about two items in his history for Betty, but there was so much it hardly matters. Great he’s no longer practicing.

  • Rosech Levy

    Sounds like the FBI since the Board really check for his sanity or hatefulness, lousy procedures, etc. Cut him off the first time would have been best!

  • biilyjoe

    Derives from the Demoncrap Party platform that says a baby is just another part of a woman’s body so that they can get liberal women’s votes. Fits in with the atheism that started taking over our nation and its public schools when Satanist Madlyn Murray O’Hare, back in 1962, had Judaeo-Christian prayer(and indirectly our entire moral/ethical system which has sustained us) removed from public schools and now our government itself– leading up to the evil of obama and his diabolical supporters in charge today.

  • Johnnie

    Kim Swiger, how can anyone think this is funny? No way. He is covered with darkness, maybe his heart is to far gone, Salvation may be out for him. I am not his judge.

  • Johnnie

    Elroy Jetson, yes, that was disturbing to me also. Maybe that was the only way they knew hoe to re-act?

  • Mys77

    Anyone who chooses to be an abortionist or to even work at such a h…l hole as PP has got to be demonic. Now that he is removed from there, what the h… is he going to do about his compulsion to murder babies? The man needs to be imprisoned!

  • Mys77

    Not going to pray for satans worker, for what he has done, let him hear the screams of demons for eternity.

  • Praise God!

  • Traveller62

    I remember when that happened. I was 12 y/o back in ’62. I remember the whole thing, and since then have seen school systems collapse in the mud.

  • daveveselenak

    For those of you, mostly on the bereft Left, that think we are not in The End of Age days you are fools!

  • ZeelandCap

    Often US Liberals show who they really are. But you need eyes open; media covers for them.

  • The bible says. Hate sin but Love the sinner. While we were sinners God died for us.

  • Mommacita

    Where does the Bible say that?

  • Michael Carlson

    Just cast out the demon, Preach the gospel to him, tell him to give up his job at the clinic and call it a day.. Demons have to be obedient to the name of Jesus. Come on somebody!!!

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  • Mys77

    Pray for the innocent babies, thousands of which this man gleefully murdered and was paid through our government. Pray for good people to fight evil. God demands we stand against evil….there is nothing in this abortionist that I can pray for, God has the capacity to love and forgive…but even He sees the willful murdering of babies…God will judge him accordingly….. I say again, don’t waste a prayer on an abortionist…he is too immersed in his satanic work, he is lost.

  • See my reply to Mys77 above. Am not allowed to send the same reply twice.

  • Mys77

    No, not praying for a committed, satan follower.

  • hankrbradley

    Let me add that as a Behavioral Health Administrator (retired) and one time director of an emergency mental health response team that responded to mental health situations for a mental health facility that there are many times demonic possession is mistaken for a mental health diagnosis. I don’t have any stats on how prevalent it is but believe me it happens!
    This man is in my opinion (Master’s of Divinity with two year internship at Psych facility) that this guy is not sick but possessed.

  • hankrbradley

    Sadly I have to agree! I believe there are times when God gives people over to Satan because they are completely lost! Keep denying and resisting His love and he stops constantly knocking on the door!

    You want scripture? See I Timothy 1:20 and I Corinthians 5:5. On both occasions because of their sin people are described as being given over to Satan and by the church!

    The apostle Paul believed it was a practice and one available to Christians and the church and as I interpret scripture, the original texts, I see it as a practice and something the church has the obligation and the right to institute.

    JMO! So no way I’m praying for this ….evil being! No way!

  • hankrbradley

    What is really ironic about this practice is that it is mostly liberals, jmo, that are aborting their babies! Population control for liberals and they are too ideological to realize it!

  • hankrbradley

    On Sept. 29th 1995 avowed atheist Madlyn Murray O’Hair found out just how wrong she was. She is now a believer…. but lol, too late!

  • hankrbradley

    See I Timothy 1:20 and 1 Corinthians 5:5 In all due respect you are wrong thinking that is the only remedy here! So please explain God’s reasoning with Abraham about Sodom and Gomorrah! God didn’t exactly give anyone time to repent and don’t see where he told Abraham to pray for their repentance! And we all know how that came out,lol!

    All through out scripture we see that our actions have consequences!

  • GetAware


    “The bible says. Hate sin but Love the sinner.”

    NO, it does NOT. ….Book, Chapter & Verse, please.

    You won’t be able to give a Biblical citation for that because that is NOWHERE in the Bible.

    It is a quote from Ghandi

    Please do not repeat quotes from Ghandi & attribute them to the Bible.