Heated Debate in Progress In Texas House Over Abortion Bill

Austin, TX – Pro-life supporters gathered early at the Texas Capitol this morning for a chance to obtain a coveted spot in the House gallery for the debate and vote on HB2, a bill that would ban abortions after 20 weeks, require abortionists to obtain hospital privileges within 30 miles of their clinics, and provide safety regulations for the dispensing of abortion pills.

The gallery line stretched down a long hallway, up three flights of stairs, and around the rotunda balcony. In the end, the gallery was filled predominantly with pro-lifers in blue shirts, reducing the possibility of a disruption by orange-shirted abortion supporters.

The debate began on HB2 with a lengthy discussion on a series of 20 amendments, most of which were designed to gut the provisions of the bill or make them so weak that they would have become irrelevant. Soft-spoken pro-life Rep. Jodie Laubenberg deftly managed the support for the bill.

There were numerous attempts to bring up amendments to add rape and incest exceptions. All those amendments were tabled, which means they are essentially dead.

Rep. Senfronia Thompson engaged in theatrics on the House floor, waving a bent coat hanger, a knitting needle, and even a large yellow feather to symbolize the types illegal abortions that she was sure women would resort to should HB 2 pass. Another representative produced a rape kit and questioned colleagues on their knowledge of its contents.

What Rep. Thompson failed to understand was that due to the lax nature of abortion regulations in Texas, right now women are not receiving much better than the procedures she graphically described.

Appallingly, Thompson demeaned children that were products of rape by stating, “People will never let that child live down the fact that it was the product of rape.” She added that a child conceived by rape or incest would live marked forever with a “scarlet letter” because of the manner of the child’s conception. Her remarks stigmatizing those conceived by rape and incest were grossly bigoted and made in favor of allowing late-term abortions in those cases.

It what appeared to be the hypocritical moment of the day so far, opponents of the bill ignored the fact that abortion clinics have been repeatedly caught failing to report child rape.

Another concern raised by opponents was the supposed “undue burden” that following FDA protocols for the abortion pill would have on women. They objected to the second visit required under FDA protocols to ensure that women had not suffered complications from the first round of abortion medication. Ironically, those supporting so-called “women’s rights” were actually arguing that convenience was more important than the safety of women.

It was noted that the average Texas abortion clinic generates about $1.5 million in revenue, yet they remain unwilling to pay for the necessary upgrades to ensure public health and safety.

At one point, applause erupted in the gallery when a pro-life legislator, being peppered by questions from bill opponents, responded “I want my people and my constituents to have the best chance at life.”

That outburst of support earned the gallery a stiff warning from House Speaker Joe Straus, who threatened to eject those causing disturbances or clear the gallery altogether if the disruptions continued.

There was also debate concerning the possibility that the new law could close all but five of 42 abortion clinics in Texas. With weak arguments being the rule of the day, opponents used a shoddy El Paso abortion clinic as an example of the remote clinics whose closure would cause a supposed undue burden on women. However, that particular clinic, Hilltop Reproductive Health Center, operated by abortionist Franz Theard, has a history of violations and fines for severe health code violations. Operation Rescue has worked to close that clinic to protect women from substandard care. This clinic also has a history of evading parental consent laws in Texas by referring underage girls to his abortion clinic across state lines in New Mexico.

Meanwhile, pro-life supporters who could not gain entry to the gallery wandered the Capitol. Sometimes praying and sometimes singing hymns.

The abortion supporters brought a big orange bus to the Capitol to rally their troops during a morning rally. The Students for Life Bus positioned itself next to the orange abortion bus to make a statement for life.
Once debate on the 20 amendments has finished, it is believed that a vote will take place, probably late this evening.

This is a developing story. Please check back for updates.

  • Joanne

    When abortion supporters don’t have a rational argument, they resort to hysterics.

  • I find myself crying as I read this report of what you are having to endure, yet my tears also are because you are standing up! You are in the gap for those who are so vulnerable yet have NO voice. Please, know we are praying for you. We understand the heavy hearts that you have as you listen to this testimony, wondering why everyone doesn’t GET IT? The truth will always be the truth. Life is valuable–no one should have the power to determine who’s life is more valuable than another. Rape is a circumstance in which BOTH the mother and the infant are victims. Don’t let anyone tell you that killing the innocent child is the best thing for the mother. It is actually the second assault on her body–and causes her to be a part of the actual crime being committed. Be strong. Be wise. Be truthful. And be warriors to protect the unborn. Thank you all!

  • Helen

    I could not say it better than Jill Taylor has said it. I will add that many women who have killed their babies have suffered tragically after doing so. You will still be a mother but you will be the mother of a dead child which will haunt you for years to come. So many babies are needed for people who want to have families but cannot conceive. It would be wonderful if you could give them your baby if you cannot keep it or do not want it. You will have the pleasure of knowing you gave some family the child they wanted so desperately and you can be thankful knowing your child is in a a happy loving home. There will be no guilt feeling to deal with and you will have done something wonderful, not only for the couple who longs for children that they could not conceive on their own but for the child you could not keep no matter the reason. God bless!

  • Dan

    What absolutely slays me is how black politicians stand up for the very policies that are killing their babies and ruining their families for generations. By looking at her picture, she looks like she is enjoying the good life…I wonder how many in the inner city are enjoying the lifestyle she has….

  • Cheryle Free

    While I would not want any woman to be a victim of rape I would defy anyone to suggest to Jaycee Dugard that her children are not precious gifts of God. Thank you for standing strong on behalf of those American innocents & giving voice to their plight. Jesus be with u…..

  • Mother Teresa once said:..”.if you don’t want your children…give them to me”. Give these innocence a voice…it is called Life. Support every place in America with a voice for Life.
    America will not be strong until the killing is Stopped.

  • Lucia

    Today I was looking and looking my new grand-nephew, he is two days old, how he moves his little fingers, how he open his little mouth, how wonderful he is, and thinking how could mothers and abortionists kill those precious babies even full term born alive and torch their necks like a chicken? tears came out of my eyes, we are worse than animals they teach us how they protect theirs little ones. How could a human been with those horrible crimes Kermit Gosnell and the other one in TX, kills these little babies how they can be pro-abortion or pro-choice? I can not understand.

  • Kevin Williams

    “There is a cry of blood against us, a cry accumulated by the accession of fresh victims.” If John Newtons statement is true that there is an accumulation of blood guilt for the slavery of his day as the victims multiplied what does that speak to our situation and guilt of today? Not a few hundred thousands but as many millions of innocent unborn children brutally ripped limb from limb for the crime of being conceived. What is the great evil these precious children have perpetrated upon us that we would deal so treacherously with them? “Woe to you who plunder though YOU have not been plundered” Isaiah 33:1
    In Abraham Lincoln’s second inaugural address he said “Fondly do we hope, fervently do we pray that this mighty scourge of war speedily pass. Yet, if it be God’s will for it to continue until every drop of blood shed by the lash be repaid by another drawn by the sword, still it must be said that the judgments of the Lord are true, and righteous altogether.” Abraham Lincoln understood that the Civil War was God’s drawn sword for the blood guilt of slavery, and if Six Hundred Thousand men died on the battlefields of the Civil War for the blood guilt of slavery, what is it going to mean to America for the blood guilt of scores of millions of innocent, beautiful, Precious and defenseless unborn children?

  • Tonya Martone

    I find it appropriate to say that I was a victim of rape in 2001. I became pregnant with my son. After previously having an abortion just months before the rape, I knew that there was no greater crime against a woman than to convince her that ripping her child from her womb was the best “choice”. I asked God to help me raise him as a young mother and during that prayer, I opened my bible. The scripture I opened to said “I will be the Father to the Fatherless”. My son and I have never gone without our basic needs being met and I have healed completely from the rape. I felt God asking me to name my child Anthony Gabriel. This name in its entirety means -messenger of Love. Anthony is here to relay a message to this world along with all the other babies conceived in rape. Love will set us free from the bondage of rape, murder, and any other act of violence done against us or even done by us. We are unconditionally loved by the Father, even at our worst. We are His treasure. Let us share the burden of His unspeakable sadness when His children are tortured and killed in the secret place of their Mother’s womb. Let us comfort Him with our sincere reverence to Him and to every human life ever created. May we find comfort in the scripture that tells us, when your Father and Mother forsake you, I will not forsake you. The kingdom of Heaven really is made up of the little children, fifty something million of them!

  • Kevin Williams

    Hi Tonya, Beautiful story! God Bless you! I posted the comment above yours.
    I just composed a lengthy post in reply to yours but appears to have been lost in cyber space. I will try again. I am producing a Documentary with the tentative title of “Conceived in Rape”
    I also have a testimony of our Wonderful God’s grace. I would love to share it and hear more of yours. We have a Strange Mysterious and Magnificent God who wants to get these stories out to masses of people. Please contact me at kevin@conceivedinrape.com God Bless you for sharing your story.

  • Tonya Martone

    Thanks Kevin! I just sent you an email. I would love to hear your story. I agree that the stories must be shared if the truth is to be revealed. God bless you and your documentary. I know it will be a powerful tool in the fight for life.