Heartfelt Letter to Aborted Baby Reveals Pain of Abortion and Hope for Healing

thousandsdieneedlesslyWichita, Kansas – A woman who had recently experienced a late second trimester abortion at a well-known abortion clinic contacted Operation Rescue over the weekend and shared part of her story. She immediately regretted her abortion and has begun the process of seeking forgiveness and healing.

While the abortion cartel would like women to think that once they have an abortion, they will experience relief and a better life, those who have experienced abortions, like the woman who contacted us, know better. The grief and remorse felt by many post-abortive women is painfully real, no matter how much some want to deny it.

Although we cannot share this woman’s identity or details of her ordeal yet, we are posting below her heartfelt letter to her deceased baby. We are doing so at her request with the hope that someone, somewhere will read it and realize that abortion is not the answer to the challenges that arise in life.

We applaud the courage it took this young lady to write this letter and her willingness to share it publicly. Women like this, who can admit their mistakes and are willing to share their remorse so openly for the benefit of others, deserve our respect. We pray that God will use this tragedy to save lives and prevent other women from suffering the same tragedy. We ask our readers to join us in praying for this woman, that she could continue the healing process and be completely restored. We also ask for prayers for the abortionist involved, that he would be held accountable for his actions, find repentance, and leave the abortion business for good.

For those who may be pregnant and considering the possibility of abortion, we urge you to contact the Option Line for practical, life-affirming help in your community.

For those who may be experiencing the emotional pain of having had an abortion, we recommend Rachel’s Vineyard or Silent No More for assistance in post-abortion healing.

For those who may have suffered physical injury due to an abortion, we ask that you contact Operation Rescue at 316-683-6790, or e-mail us your story at info.operationrescue@gmail.com.

Below is the letter from the woman to her baby in full and without edits.

March 8, 2014 at 4:36 pm

Dear presley; I know i never got to hold you in my arms as a baby should be. I wanted you so bad but I was thinking all wrong. I thought that this would be best choice in my life as everything crumbled. Then came March 3 2013» the day you became a angel. I took your life, I do regret, I often wonder just why i did…but i just cant explain at all. I messed up; I would have loved to be your mommy and my daughter Isabella would have loved to be your big sister. You were a gift from god and ripped away by man. I wont ever forgive myself. I want to so bad go back and change things & bring you back to life! I took your life. I do regret. I never got to see your beautiful face, or hold your tiny little hands but I will never ever forget you. Love always : mommy

  • di from Oregon

    Oh, too sad. The tragedy comes from a woman getting herself in a position of being used for a temporary, selfish indulgence, hoping to be loved but not really wanted nor loved, certainly no commitment there and having to pay the consequences all alone. Young women deserve so much more than this. Being alone, young and most vulnerable in pregnancy without proper guidance is a heart breaking place to be. God have mercy that our culture has degenerated to such a place for young men and women.

  • Loretta Soto

    Dear Presley’s mother,
    I also made the mistake of taking the life of my unborn son. My letter, though, came 20 plus years later. I suffered depression, alcohol abuse and many other forms of self destruction, never knowing why I did the things I did. Please please please seek some sort of counseling. I would cry forever not knowing why, not until I took part in a forgiven and set free class. My son had a birthday party that my decision had robbed him of. I released a balloon into the Heaven’s with all my messages of love and I know I will see him again. Once again, I pray that you take part in some counseling or an abortion healing class. Prayers to you and I ask God that you let HIM help you heal.

  • Joanne

    The fact that she immediately regrets her abortion tells me she was not a good candidate for the abortion in the first place. In which case, it was wrong for the abortionist to go through with the procedure. I suggest she contact a pro-life attorney and see if she has any legal recourse.

  • Nancy Cosgrove

    This touching letter must be shared .
    I will put it in our Crisis Call Binder at Birthright Kingston

  • Sandi Trusso

    Dear Preston’s mother,
    I am so happy that you are on the way to healing. You are as much a victim as your baby. Young mothers who find themselves in frightening, and what they may perceive to be unsolvable, situations, are very vulnerable, and not thinking clearly, which makes them extremely susceptible to the pro-abortion mentality of “getting rid of the baby to solve the problem”. It’s so sad to see them taken advantage of, and unless they’ve been so completely indoctrinated that their hearts are hardened (which obviously is not the case with you) most of them deeply regret their decisions. Please know that you will be in my daily prayers. You’ll get through this. God loves you and has a plan for you.

  • Fr. Terry Gensemer

    I am so thankful this young woman reached out to you at Operation Rescue. She has now taken a first and very important step to becoming the person God wants her to be. I personally work with and counsel many women and men who have experienced the painful tragedy of abortion through my work as Pastoral Associate for the Silent No More Awareness Campaign and also with the Society of the Centurions, an outreach to former abortion workers. Hopefully she will contact Rachael’s Vineyard or Silent No More where she will be loved and cared for instead of being used and abused by the abortion industry. A good contact for her would be Amy Meyer, who can be reached at CentralKansas@silentnomore.com.

  • Amber Alvarez

    Dear Presley’s mom,
    You are very strong. Writing that letter to your baby is the first step to healing. It may take some time, but you also have another daughter that will help you through this tough time. You will see your beautiful angel soon in heaven, and until then know that she is always watching over you and Isabella. May peace and happiness come to you in the time that comes, and know that you will be forgiven.

  • Victress Jenkins

    Dearest Preston’s mother: Although I’ve never been a mother myself, I deeply feel your pain. Please do seek assistance and counseling from a qualified counselor and visit with your pastor.

  • Rev Donald

    Beautiful letter. I pray the letter is used to saved at least 10 babies from being murdered by babykilling abortionists.

  • Michelle Spala

    I too am a woman who gave back the precious gift that God had blessed me with through the sin of abortion. After accepting Christ as my Lord and Savior, I was surprised that although I had confessed this sin to the Lord, I did not “feel” forgiven and struggled with guilt and shame for over 20+ years…I just decided that this was just something that I would have to live with. That was until I was led to a bible study called “Healing Hearts.” I could talk for hours about this ministry, but in 10 short weeks of one of the most solid and grounded bible studies I have ever experienced, I was and am free! No more pain, shame or guilt. Although I will always regret my abortion, the daily pain, shame and guilt that I lived with is simply gone! Yes ladies, it is possible to experience this..I have since become involved in this ministry and see other women experience the same freedom through the Word of God. PLEASE , for your sake, for the sake of your marriages and families, check out this ministry for yourself at http://www.healinghearts.org

  • Ann

    Dear Hurting Lady, Our Father in heaven loves us even more than we love our children. He created us. His WORD says that he forgives our sins and “remembers them NO more”. We hold on to those bad things in our life but HE does not. Trust Him, He never lies. He wants good things for you. Jesus paid the necessary price to REMOVE sin from our account. There are no perfect people living today, only forgiven. Accept His love. He already knows our hearts and lives and sorrows. God bless you

  • John Therrien

    Is there any reason why this touching letter can’t be shared with the other anti-abortion organizations , unless of course they have there own? These personal letters will overcome any false info decimated by the pro abort folks.

  • L N

    A great big Thank you to Operation Rescue, for allowing this young girl’s voice to be heard. It took great courage for her to put her personal feelings out there in hopes to save someone else from making the same choice. More women need to come forward like this young lady, and share their pain, so that someone who may be in the same situation will know, that abortion is not a cure all for the problems they may be going through. There is extreme emotional pain that follows these procedures. They don’t understand that this “Supposed fix” can potentially cause MORE problems. May God continue to heal her pain, and guide her in helping others.

  • chris

    Regret is not the same as repentance. Judas regretted and confessed sincerely but that did save from Hell. TheBible says we must prove our repentance by our deeds.

  • Watchman

    Awesome post with equally awesome comments.
    Hopefully many women contemplating abortion will read all this,
    and they’ll be moved to cancel those appointments.Better yet,ladies,
    just don’t show up at the clinics.

  • The following Devotional by A post abortive woman, Carmen Pate is very Powerful and liberating. I have given away hundreds of copies of it and shared it with many post abortive women. They often say things like “I was crying when I read it over and over again.”
    We just finished a Documentary in which we interviewed many post abortive women, Women who conceived in sexual assaults etc. I would highly recommend Ashley Sigrest’s interview on our website conceivedinrape.com She discovered a beautiful and powerfully liberating truth. She was raped and became pregnant. After her abortion her life spiraled into destructive behavior. She attempted suicide. When she found God’s Forgiveness and healing grace and started fighting for the unborn she said that it honored her son. She said “When I help other women to heal after their abortions it honors my Son and he did not die in vain.”

    Pray for post-abortive women who
    cannot forgive themselves; may they
    understand that there is no condemnation
    for those who are in Christ Jesus.
    Blessed are those whose lawless deeds
    are forgiven, and whose sin is covered.
    Blessed is the one to whom the Lord
    shall not impute sin.
    — Romans 4:7-8
    In the passage above, the Apostle Paul
    making a point about justification by
    faith, refers back to David’s words in
    Psalm 32:1-2.
    In spite of the enormity of David’s
    sin—adultery with Bathsheba and his
    murder of her husband—and the utter
    absence of any personal merit, David in
    his brokenness, understood the imputed
    righteousness of God.
    David’s response was not continued
    guilt over his sins, but praise for his
    freedom from guilt, and God’s power to
    live life differently.
    Once your relationship with God has
    been restored, your guilt has served its
    purpose and should no longer be given
    place in your life. This is true regardless
    of the particular sin, including the
    sin of abortion.
    As a post-abortive woman, I too struggled
    with this issue until I realized that
    punishing and hating myself after receiving
    God’s forgiveness was an insult
    to God.
    It was as though I were minimizing
    Christ’s work on the cross as insufficient
    to cover my sin. I was denying
    Him the opportunity to bring glory to
    His name for the healing and restoration
    He wanted to do in my life.
    I was giving victory to the enemy who
    having lost the battle for my soul, was
    bent on destroying my testimony as I
    accepted the continual guilt he heaped
    on my mind.
    It is my joy to continually sing of God’s
    grace rather than give the devil a foothold
    in my life. Don’t waste God’s mercy!
    Accept His forgiveness and forgive
    yourself as testimony of His amazing
    Our Most Gracious Heavenly Father,
    thank you for your amazing grace that
    saved a wretch like me.
    I come against the enemy of my soul
    who would have me feel cast down and
    Lord, keep your children from falling
    prey to the accusations of the father of
    lies. Turn our mourning into dancing
    and may we bring praise to you as we
    give testimony of Your healing and restoration
    in our lives. For by His grace
    we are saved, amen

  • Ashley
  • Dorothy Jean Coffee

    Well I’ll had abortion September 2nd 2015,I’ll truly regret it so much I didn’t know it was an boy or girl I didn’t get an Chance to meet you or be your mom because I’ll ending your life early I didn’t know what to do at the time I’ll ask god to forgive me but remember you’ll always be in mommy love always..