Gov. Martinez’s Campaign Manager Responds with Profanity to Members of Pro-life Community

By Tara Shaver

Albuquerque, NM — On Saturday, June 21, Protest ABQ held a public awareness campaign in a local neighborhood when a man, identified by group members as Jay McCleskey, Gov. Susana Martinez’s Re-Election Campaign Manager and Chief Campaign Strategist, confronted the pro-life activists stating, “You are all pieces of S***!”

“The pro-life community has been asking Gov. Martinez what she is willing to do to STOP pre-born child killing in New Mexico. We have been completely ignored until today,” stated a pregnant and astonished Tara Shaver who was present with her husband and children. Several members of our group identified Mr. McCleskey and heard his vulgarity and harsh words.

Protest ABQ continues to highlight and focus on those within our community who are supporting or condoning pre-born child killing through peaceful protests and other efforts.

Last week, pro-life groups in Albuquerque had an opportunity to expose Gov. Martinez’s inconsistent pro-life position. Despite Gov. Martinez’s campaign statements that she is pro-life, she has failed to do even one thing to address the fact that abortion remains unrestricted through all nine months of pregnancy in New Mexico.

On Monday, June 16th, Martinez held a press conference at the local restaurant, Tim’s Place. Members of Protest ABQ were present to remind those in attendance and those passing by that Governor Martinez, by her lack of action, condones abortion.

Fr. Stephen Imbarrato, director of Protest ABQ, issued the following statement about the incident, “The group Mr. McCleskey lashed out at today included pro-life families and children. Is this what Governor Susana Martinez’s campaign really thinks of pro-lifers? Could these even be her true feelings about New Mexico families and children who stand up against abortion? I think Mr. McCleskey may have possibly explained to everyone today why Governor Martinez has been so silent about pre-born child killing and has done nothing about it during her tenure as Governor! I think an explanation and an apology by the Governor is in order.”

“Gov. Martinez was elected because she told voters she held a pro-life position. Now, with another election coming up, citizens have every right to hold her accountable on the issue of life, especially since she has taken absolutely no action on that front in the past four years,” said Troy Newman, President of Operation Rescue. “Verbally abusing those who are exposing her abysmal record on life issues is completely wrong. We join with Protest ABQ in calling on Gov. Martinez to issue an apology to those individuals and families who were subjected to McCleskey’s profane tirade and, more importantly, start taking meaningful action to protect the lives of children endangered by New Mexico’s unaccountable abortion industry.”

Contact Gov. Martinez:
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Protest ABQ media spokesperson Tara Shaver can be reached at 505.319.7825.
[Operation Rescue Staff contributed to this report.]

  • Janet Mathews

    Emailed her today. This is outrageous.

  • John Mccullough

    Yes, but we are not pieces of excrement because we are pro life. We are pieces of excrement because we VOTE pro life!

  • Sharon Diehl

    That wasn’t a profane tirade….now I could show you a profane tirade towards forced-birthers “protesting” at our local women’s health clinic….

  • Carol

    Some campaign strategist! Cursing at people is really going to help get his candidate elected! Martinez should fire him pronto.

  • Carol

    So much for “choice!”

  • Roger Shannon

    This is not good at all. Gov. Martinez needs to offer an apology for her ignorant manager or perhaps require him to make his own apology. There is absolutely no reason for this kind of treatment from a campaign manager, or from anyone else, for that matter. As I recall, there was at least one other candidate for Governor in 2010 who was (and is) DEFINATELY Pro-Life. Gov. Martinez needs to take PUBLIC stand on this very important subject. Sign me as one of the 40%ers mentioned during the very recent Primary!

  • Roger Shannon

    Gov. Martinez needs to have a serious talk with her campaign manager, who then needs to apologize to Tara , her family and the others who were there. To Gov. Martinez: I am just one of the 40%ers who were mentioned during the most recent Primary election. As I recall, there was at least one other candidate for Governor in 2010 who was (and is) DEFINATELY Pro-Life.

  • MotherSetonsDaughter

    What the heck is a forced-birther?

  • Sharon Diehl

    A forced-birther is a pro-lifer who thinks women should be forced to give birth no matter the circumstances–a pregnancy from rape, a nonviable fetus, such as an anencephalic fetus, or a stillborn. A few examples: Louie Gohmert, R TX, is famous for stating to Christy Zink, who testified that she aborted a brain-dead fetus at 22 weeks, that she should have been forced to give birth; or Terry England, R GA, who wrote the “Women As Livestock” bill, to force women to go to term with a stillborn, because by dang, “the cows and pigs on the farm do”. These are but a few examples.

    I could go into the GOP politicians and their constituents who think miscarriage should be investigated as a crime….Mark Obenshain, R VA, wanted women to report a miscarriage within 24 hours to the police, or go to jail for a year. Amazingly, that bill was withdrawn because it was so incredibly stupid….but Utah has the “miscarriage bill”, putting the onus on the woman to prove her miscarriage occurred “naturally” if she is accused of a “non-legal abortion”.

    Forced-birthers are the fetus-worshipping bible-humpers, who don’t have a life of their own, so “protest”, stalk, shriek at, and harass women entering family health clinics. I know this, having been a clinic escort.

    Does this answer your question, honey?