George Tiller Subpoenaed by Texas

Three breaking developments in the investigation surrounding Kansas abortion death

WICHITA, KS — Excerpts from an interview, obtained by Operation Rescue, with Kansas State Attorney General Phil Kline show late-term abortionist George Tiller and Kansas State Governor Kathleen Sebelius all “under the microscope” as the investigation continues in an abortion related death of a 19-year-old Texas girl. On January 13, 2005, a young woman was transported by ambulance from the abortion clinic owned by Tiller to Wesley Medical Center where Operation Rescue found out she later died.

Today there were three breaking developments in the investigation:

* The state of Texas and the Texas Attorney General have issued a material witness subpoena for Tiller in an investigation involving incidents that occurred in Texas prior to the young woman being brought to Tiller’s abortion clinic in Wichita, Kansas, where she suffered a fatal medical emergency.

* Attorney General Phill Kline has confirmed that his office is pursuing an investigation into the death of this 19-year-old Texas girl.

* Kansas Governor Kathleen Sebelius has asked the Kansas Board of Healing Arts (BOHA) to investigate the death of this 19-year-old. Sebelius has been under fire since the tragedy for her veto of the clinic regulation act in 2003 that might have saved the victim’s life.

In an interview today Attorney General Phill Kline stated, “I will state that women would be more safe when receiving services at these clinics if the Governor had not vetoed the clinic licensing bill – and it’s my hope that the Governor will have a change of heart and support the licensing effort in the future.”

“Due to recent pressure placed on Governor Sebelius’s office by Operation Rescue, we are glad to see that she has taken an interest in the safety of women by investigating the questionable practices of George Tiller and hope that her actions prove sincere in light of last years veto.” —Troy Newman, Operation Rescue President

“We applaud Attorney General Kline’s office for investigating a problem that has gone on too long. We look forward to justice being served and hope this is the last woman who will have to die at the hand of George Tiller.” -Cheryl Sullenger, Operation Rescue Outreach Coordinator

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  • just a girl

    while i am very sorry for that young woman, i am sorrier for all of the women who will seek a back alley abortion if dr. tiller is prohibited from performing abortions.when a woman is as desperate as i was to have an abortion, she will get it by whatever means she has to and closing down safe, legalized clinics will not help save lives.dr. tiller treated me with the utmost in compassion, courtesy, and concern.the conditions in his clinc were nothing like rajanna’s were decribed in a previous article.the clinic was clean with a very professional staff…this is a very sad day for me..

  • Truth Seeker

    As long as women are getting pregnant there will be abortions, Women will resort to “back alley abortions” I am fully confidant however that Womens Health Care Clinic in Kansas will remain open for years to come.

  • truth finder

    (F)actually, recriminalizing abortion will help save thousands of lives.

    The majority of illegal abortions (pre-Roe, and/or in states in which it was not legal) were performed in the offices of licensed physicians.
    Most of them were simply reported as routine “D&C’s”, with no mention of a pregnancy being underway at the time. (Hasn’t anyone besides me ever wondered how the pro-abortion lobby was somehow able to produce a “safe” alternative to “back alley/coathanger” abortions, if that was the only kind known prior to Roe…???)

    We were told to expect that waving the “magic wand” of judicial tyranny over abortion laws in America would — presto!, with no clearly defined MEDICAL improvements — transform a “theretofore” deadly phenomenon into a “safe” one. The facts strongly argue otherwise; the aftermath of every induced abortion (assuming a positive pregnancy test result, though it has been proven that not all abortionists require this…)is still One dead (at least), and another wounded, if “only” psychologically.
    Prior to Roe, induced abortion was comparatively safe, given the circumstances under which most of them were performed, the fact that abortionists were much more careful, (lest a botch expose their heinous trade in human flesh and land them in jail), fewer abortions were performed (one proven method of making a bad thing rarer is to outlaw it…DUH!).

    Bernard Nathanson, co-founder of NARAL and a former abortionist, has admitted that he and eugenist/population control freak Larry Lader greatly exaggerated the numbers of abortion-related maternal deaths for propaganda purposes. They knew the figures were false, but what mattered to them in their campaign to sentence to brutal execution millions of innocent American children, what was true did not matter; what was useful to them did; and nothing has changed about the proabortion movement (or the truth about illegal abortion statistics that he & Lader distorted & suppressed) since Nathanson left it (amid the vicious slander/threat campaigns one might expect that crowd to launch against defectors)in the mid-70’s.

    Oh, and another thing: Illegal abortions, though not significantly more dangerous than legal ones, are actually more frequent since Roe. Roe eroded a very legitimate social taboo against harming the child in utero, and legal induced ‘abortion’ is a very lucrative gig for men and women of little or no conscience. But not every poor woman who finds herself exploited and then abandoned by her partner can afford the fees…and, as unregulated as the child-killing industry is, compared to legitimate medicine (You know, the practices that protect & preserve life, cure real diseases, that sort of thing…), many abortionists are not above skirting the laws they are expected to comply with.

    So, again, put your coathangers back in your closets where they belong; it will do wonders for your perspective in other ways…


  • YES!!!!!!!!

    “And in earth’s darkest place, LET THERE BE LIGHT…!!!”

    The “fog” begins to lift from around Tiller, and not a split second too soon…GOOD WORK, ORW,
    RIDE ON, KING JESUS!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • lux

    When the whole story finally comes out, you will find out that the abortion had nothing to do with that woman’s death. What caused her death happened before she came to Kansas.

    Have you people never heard of patient confidentiality? Every doctor has to respect that–even Rush Limbaugh’s doctor, I imagine. Further, Dr. Tiller has to send reports to the Ksansas State Board of Healing Arts every month, just as every other physician in the state has to do. If he were doing something wrong, the state board would have found out before now.

    Plenty of women died or were scarred for life pre-Roe. But that’s not even the issue. Why should a woman sneak around to get a procedure that women have been having for centuries and that was legal in this country until the AMA got involved in the late 19th century? They shouldn’t have to do this. They should be able to make these choices based on their own moral values.

  • mcnutt


    What a singularly inappropriate name for someone so committed to sheer darkness.

    First of all, defenses of murder coming from people who are alive don’t carry much weight with thinking people; it’s easy to be pro-“choice” until you are the one “chosen” — which you, clearly, have not been.

    Yes, plenty of women were scarred for life pre-Roe; many MORE have been scarred (the ones who got off light)post-Roe and, yes, while it isn’t the only concern (millions of women will never see the light of day because they were murdered in utero), it is certainly relevant. (Did you downplay it because the real statistics on that are not on your side? If so, you aren’t the first proabort to use that dodge, and you won’t be the last; it’s the name of the game in propagandizing)…Even so, There are several appropriate words for men who share your indifference to/dismissal of scarred, maimed, injured, & dead women, but they aren’t used in polite society, they dont look good in print, and they aren’t allowed on this comment board.

    Your inability or refusal (or both) to distinguish between a legitimate physician who respects the core principle “FIRST DO NO HARM” (you know, what you expect of any doctor you go to with your own illnesses & injuries) and a man like Tiller who deliberately, and premeditatedly, murders innocent little children makes me wonder what planet you hail from, among other things. An M.D. degree does not make anyone a real physician, but one would expect someone with that background to know the medical value of induced abortion (zilch; it does not cure, prevent, or treat any known disease or injury) and the medically recognized dangers of those procedures to women as well as children (these are legion, and only one of them, infection, has been somewhat lessened by the discovery of antibiotics). Assuming that Tiller is aware of all those factors, one can only conclude that he does not care much, if any, more about the health/lives of women than about their unborn children.

    “If he were doing something wrong, the state board would have found out by now”…well, yes and no; I’m sure they are aware that he kills children, which is wrong (legalizing something doesn’t make it right; remember slavery -?- or did you think that legalizing that made it right?); but I’ve known of abortionists in several states to get away with injuring and killing numerous women before being — rightly, and finally, — relieved of their “medical duties”.

    As for your “argument” that a woman should not be deprived of the right to do something that other women have done for years before it was criminalized, one could just as well argue that because rape, murder, extortion, vandalism, etc., have been practiced by some people for years, we shouldn’t “interfere” by laws designed to protect people from being victimized in those ways.

    Let’s just hope the truth comes out on this despite Tiller’s boundless capacity for covering his backside with allies in certain low places (notably Wesley ‘hospital’ and the mainstream media)…even a pre-existing condition, if proven, would not make Tiller innocent; he should be held responsible for either not finding out, or not heeding, any condition that would contraindicate an abortion.

    In some states, late term child killings (Tiller’s flagship specialty) are required by law to be performed in hospitals because the maternal mortality rate increases significantly with gestational age (according to one source, it runs around 20-25% for first trimester abortions, 45-50% for second trimester killings, and 90-95% for third trimester… infanticide .)Additionally, the full-size crematorium he stokes so industriously would argue volumes (in smoke)for a man more concerned with covering fatal “mistakes” than avoiding them…

    just thinking…

  • jerry

    addressing some of the nonsense in the above posts, let me start with JAG.

    no doubt the nazi gas chambers were spotlessly clean as well. that didn’t sanitize what went on there, however. strange criteria you use for justification of the murder of innocents.

    secondly, the only difference between quote/unquote back alley abortionists and today’s equally sleazy variety, including tiller, is that they now take credit cards and hang out signs. other than that, the procedures are much the same and women still die from those procedures. this is one death, but there are thousands of documented deaths from abortion since 1973. abortion has never been safe. that is propoganda, and having swallowed it hook, line and sinker, JAG, you are now regurgitating same.

    now, on to truth seeker’s foolish post, you have adopted a moniker that is 180% from your mindset. for you don’t seek truth, you seek to spread lies and disinformation. typical for a poor choicer – that’s all they have. truth is a foreign concept to you, but should you ever decide to actually seek it, you will look back in shame at some of the silly notions you cling to now.

    and finally, to the biggest liar of them all, the infamous “lux” who has had more posts zapped from this site than just about anyone, due to her propensity to spread the worst kind of propoganda – where to begin? there isn’t a shred of truth in your entire post, lux. but we expect that from you.

    first of all, you haven’t the slightest idea what caused the death. and it’s likely that the whole story WON’T come out, due to the incestuous relationships between the left wing media and the sleaze-ridden abortion industry.

    secondly, the governor of kansas has already refused to sign the law which would’ve required some genuine accountability at death centers like tillers. as far as tiller’s reports to the KSBHA, please. tiller, like every abortionist, has much to lose by telling the truth of what goes on at his death center. for instance, it’s documented that he routinely measures the unborn child in such a way as to abort babies who are further along, while the “records” he keeps
    conveniently show them to be smaller and less developed. count on the fact that the other paperwork he sends in is equally rife with falsehoods – don’t even try to deny it, lux. his ex-employees have given testimony to that effect.
    they’ve also chronicled how he rushes in with “hush” money when there’s a maternal death, as most abortion mills do, and this helps to explain why there’s fewer lawsuits and less publicity against baby killers when a woman dies.

    as far as the idea that the “procedure” should be legal, that is not the issue. the issue is – what is a human being – what is a person – and any ultrasound confirms without even the slightest doubt that the unborn are members of the human family, and have all the characteristics and attributes of personhood, even if the poor choicers seem, at times, to lack some of those same qualities.

    therefore, the 14th ammendment applies.

    “no person shall be deprived of the right to life….”.

    if women don’t want to sneak around, subject themselves to scarring or death, then they should exercise caution in regards to sex, which has been shown to lead to pregnancy. men also, are fully culpable, but unfortunately, roe and subsequent decisions have excluded them totally, which tends to mitigate against male responsibility. so roe only makes it easier for men and women to weasel out of their responsibilities as parents. it was a horrible decision, and will ultimately fall.

    as far as whether any person should be able to “make choices” that result in the death of someone else, especially someone small and helpless, only people LACKING in moral values would advocate that position.

    case closed, lux.

  • jt.

    “Truth [distortion] seeker”

    The passengers on the Titanic were fully confident, too…that is how many of them ended up prematurely fully dead…like some of Tiller’s quarry -er, “patients”.

    For what it may be worth to you, the truth is easier to find if you look for it among honest people.

  • josef

    The whole statement of “First do no harm,” for doctors, is pretty confusing. I truly believe that doctors do more harm than good in most cases. If there weren’t sick people, how would they make money… Publically traded drug companies legally have to make the biggest profit possible. If they sold a real “cure” for cancer, they wouldn’t be able to charge patients thousands of dollars to try to find this cure… Finding this cure would be illegal according to the law, because they would be making less of a profit for the shareholders. The healthcare industry is trying to keep us sick. The healthcare industry pays doctors money every time they prescribe one of their meds. Don’t you think you’re slowly killing yourself everytime you swallow a Tylenol tablet, or eat a Big Mac? Or is this not wrong because it’s not as in your face as abortion…

    The fact is, most of us are killing ourselves with the things we eat, watch and breathe, how come your operation rescue doesn’t try to keep people from eating McDonalds? How come you don’t protest gas stations that sell sugary drinks? I personally think you could make this society better by doing those things instead of intimidating women at abortion clinics. Just my opinion though, gotta love America.

  • reality 101


    Aspirin, soft drinks, big macs, etc. do not instantly kill people who consume them, unless it’s an abusive amount of the stuff, then most anything will.

    Abortion is the deliberate, premeditated murder of an innocent child. MacDonald’s, etc., may not be the best place to eat on a regular basis, but it’s still a much healthier place to take a child than an abortion mill…so many more children (& others) taken to McDonalds, etc., survive than do children taken into abortion chambers…First things first.

    Also, it is hard to believe that anyone would really be healthier having their diet & medicine totally controlled by a government, especially one that does nothing to stop arguably more serious human rights abuses/ wellness threats than the ones you’ve sought to place in ascendency over cold-blooded murder.

  • jerry


    good luck talking sense to josef, who appears to have none of his own to begin with.

  • lovelife

    roe/wade gave a woman the “right to her own body”,relieving men of responsibility of murder to their child AND taking away their right to their child.
    in the 80’s, my brother’s girlfriend became pregnant. He offered her marriage. She said no.
    She wasn’t “ready” to have a child (they were in their 20’s) she wanted an abortion. He begged her, up until the night before she murdered their baby, to please let him raise the child no strings attached. She refused, her body, her rights, and killed their baby. Aside from being against his religious beliefs, it was against his morality, it was his child she murdered and he had no rights to his child after all, it was her body.

  • There is no justification for killing an unborn baby! All of the senseless discussion evades the fact that babies are being destroyed unmercifully, inhumanely, cruelly, heartlessly, and brutally for PROFIT! No other reason!
    Women are the foolish victims, and their “freedom of choice” has given men the freedom of sex without marriage or responsibility, but the women still suffer the consequences of creating a child, which through the “choice” of abortion is pain, remorse and regret. Ask anyone who is or has been involved with abortiobn and see if they express any positive feelings about the “freedom of choice over ones body” The only ones who benefit are the abortionist who benefits financially from the cruely of chopping up an innocent baby and throwing it into the trash. The mother of the child carries the sorrow of her act forever. The fathers who did not offer their support usually go their merry way to impregnate yet another woman-who then chooses abortion rather than raising a baby alone! So WHO is to blame? Who BENEFITS from “THE CHOICE?” The irresponsible people who go on with their lives. The abortionist who claims he is helping women have freedom over their own bodies, while he pockets the big bucks! Who PAYS THE PRICE OF “THE CHOICE?”
    The “FREEDOM OF CHOICE” which our selfish society defends so each individual may pursue his own pleasure? The lifeless, mutilated, torn apart innocent bodies which are heaped in a pile to discard in an incinerator or ripped apart to be experimented upon by our so called “scientists!” Don’t tell me what great things abortion has done for our world! It’s time that all good people take a stand AGAINST ABORTION and not protect the “secrets” of what really goes on in an abortion mill! The pain, the suffering, the scourge of death that leaves its mark upon all who are involved!
    All who are involved will pay the price; the consequences of their lack of compassion upon the unborn; their lack of respect towards motherhood! God will show His Wrath at the appropriate time, and the world as it is “Will Be No More! Heaven will have no mercy and there will be no more forgiveness. “Time will be up for abortion!”

    “Mothers Against Abortion”
    Alayna Staggers (Nurse)

  • BJ

    It comes down to whether or not you really believe in the teachings of the Bible, Koran, Torah etc.
    If you do then ‘thou shalt not kill’ doesn’t have a convenient clause allowing for the ‘termination’ of a human fetus/human being.
    If you say you accept religious teachings but reserve the ‘right’ to aggressively terminate the life of an innocent and vote to legislate for widespread acceptance of such terminations, then you are kidding yourself. Termination is Murder… whether it is hour one or week 10 of that persons life.
    Even if you weren’t of any religious convictions your ‘humanity’ would tell you that a human fetus is a living human being and must be accorded the same love and protection as a 4 year old or 97 year old.