Five Places Where You Can Get a 9th Month Abortion NOW!

(And Number 5 will freak you out!)


By Cheryl Sullenger

Since this week’s Presidential Debate, which sparked a national conversation on the matter of late-term abortions, we have been inundated with requests for information about late-term abortion facilities and practices.

Below are FIVE places where women can get abortions through the NINTH MONTH of pregnancy, RIGHT NOW!

1. Southwestern Women’s Options, Albuquerque, New Mexico
Abortionists: Shelley Sella, Susan Robinson, Carmen Landau, Curtis Boyd, Emily Rothman
New Mexico is the “Wild West” for late-term abortionists because there are essentially no laws restricting the practice or regulating it. This facility is the largest late-term abortion facility in the U.S. It uses the Induction Abortion technique for most late-term abortions, which is a modified “partial birth abortion” procedure. Documentation exists that provide details of a severely botched 35-week abortion there in 2011, which ruptured the uterus of the patient.
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2. Boulder Abortion Clinic, Boulder, Colorado
Owned and operated by Warren Hern

Like New Mexico, Colorado law allows for abortions through all nine months of pregnancy. Hern has written text books on abortion and even invented new abortion instruments over his long career. According to a Federal Court lawsuit filed in Colorado, one patient suffered a horrific THIRD TRIMESTER dismemberment abortion complication in 2013, wherein a four-centimeter slightly curved section of bone from her aborted baby’s skull was left inside her and became imbedded in her uterus. She may never bear another child.
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3. Women’s Med Center, Dayton, Ohio
Owned and operated by Martin Haskell

Haskell has been credited with inventing the partial birth abortion procedure, although that claim is in dispute. Haskell’s abortion facility has had a number of documented botched abortions. Most recently, information surfaced that his facility conducted a forced late-term abortion on a woman who was incapable of consenting. He has had issues maintaining his abortion facility license since he cannot qualify for a hospital transfer agreement as required by law. He currently operates under a variance that allows him an exemption from the transfer agreement requirement.
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4. Pro-Choice Medical Center, Beverly Hills, California
Owned and operated by Josepha Seletz

Seletz uses the Induction Abortion method for very late-term abortions, which she will gladly do in the event of a “fetal anomaly.” She boasts of being “the most experienced abortion provider in the Western United States.”
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5. Germantown Reproductive Health Services, Germantown, Maryland
Abortionist: LeRoy Carhart
While late-term abortions are inherently more risky than the first trimester variety, LeRoy Carhart is among the worst late-term abortionists in the nation. He is responsible for the deaths of two late-term abortion patients: Jennifer Morbelli, 29, who died of complications to a 33-week abortion on February 7, 2013, and Christin Gilbert, 19, who died from a third trimester Carhart abortion in Kansas in 2005. Numerous life-threatening botched abortions have characterized the past few years of his career. Carhart has been subpoenaed by the House Select Panel on Infant Lives, which suspects Carhart has illegally trafficked in aborted baby body parts and had babies born alive at his abortion facility.
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More information Operation Rescue about late-term abortion facilities and abortion practices at the following links:

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UPDATE: (12/2/2016) LeRoy Carhart has stopped working for Germantown Reproductive Health Services! Read more about this developing story!

  • j anime ramen

    Evil they say they don’t do these stuff at this time of The month but they do bunch of lies.

  • Adriann

    Late term abortions are only done on dead, dying, or severally disabled fetuses.

  • Cheryl Sullenger
  • Cindy

    That’s not true. You have been misinformed. ANY mother may abort ANY child at ANY time. We are the only western country that allows abortion past 12 weeks with no restrictions. Other organizations besides Operation Rescue can also give you information on this. The law used to be that states could set their own limits, but after Roe v. Wade, the federal government got involved and limits were abolished. I suggest you research this on your own. The fact that there are so many clinics who do full-term abortion speaks to the fact that it isn’t restricted. BTWs, there is NEVER a need for full term abortion. A dead infant is not being aborted (except for the ones killed in the deliberate saline abortion) because they are delivered, not aborted. A dying or disabled child (not fetus) can be delivered via C-section. And both are viable – there is no need to kill/abort them. C-section is safe for mother and child after 24 weeks and most children, with care, will survive at that time. The only reason for a later term abortion is that the mother doesn’t want the child. So it is poisoned or dismembered in the womb. And some do survive! Often they are left to die (infanticide). If they are saved by a kind nurse, they grow up to tell people how they survived an abortion. Doesn’t sound like a dead, dying or disabled child to me! And that very infanticide is the reason for laws against it. Babies born alive are supposed to be cared for. But often, they aren’t. After all, the mother doesn’t want them, and the Dr. doesn’t care. Planned Parenthood will not tell you these things because it would hurt their business. They will tell you that you can have an abortion at full term, because you can. It is very dangerous for the mother, and it means death to the child. How can you take a child that is full term and ready to be born and instead kill it? It’s infanticide in the womb. That is abhorrent to any civilized society. Except the US, China, No. Korea… you see the company we’re in there? All women know they are pregnant by the 12th week. There is No excuse for a later term abortion at 9 months. Take the baby by C-section or allow live birth and let a family who is desperate for a child have it. ALL babies are wanted.

  • Sandie

    Wrong honey. Im sorry but thats not true….

  • Mike Richard Edwards

    What’s not true truth seeker?