EMTs Extricate Woman from Abortion Facility into Back Alley Strewn with Trash Dumpsters

By Cheryl Sullenger

Fargo, ND – When an ambulance was summoned on Wednesday to the Red River Women’s Clinic abortion facility in Fargo, North Dakota, paramedics discovered that the gurney they used could not fit in the front door.

Instead, they went around to the back door and brought the patient out into an alley filled with trash dumpsters.

“It’s almost like the Red River Women’s Clinic sent this woman out with the trash,” said Troy Newman, President of Operation Rescue. “Their only employee seen at the scene wore a pink eared-hat that vulgarly objectifies women and reduces them to merely their reproductive parts. It is a disgusting view of women that should make the Red River Women’s Center staff blush with embarrassment.”

Records accessed by Operation Rescue show that the patient, whose head was covered with towels, was transferred to another facility – most likely a hospital – in Clay County, Minnesota, just across the state line from Fargo.

“Once again, an ill-equipped abortion facility that isn’t prepared to handle emergencies that commonly arise from abortions, must call for help to hospitalize one of their patients,” said Newman. “Abortion facilities are not equipped to handle botched abortions, yet they fight like the devil to keep doing them anyway, no matter how many are maimed or killed. We call on the North Dakota Board of Medicine to immediately investigate the Red River Women’s Clinic.”

The woefully outdated Red River Women’s Clinic is the last remaining abortion facility in North Dakota and is a member of the National Abortion Federation, a group of abortion facilities that are often found to be among the nation’s most shoddy.

The NAF also has been linked with Planned Parenthood to the sale of illegal aborted baby body parts. The NAF filed suit against Troy Newman and the Center for Medical Progress to block the release of footage that might incriminate them.

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  • laurig

    Such a disgrace–
    Don’t you wonder where all those women who say they want equal rights for women etc are when it comes to medical care for these abortions they so earnestly crave and defend–how about some attention to these facilities that are so unprepared to care for the women who patronize them–and the lawmakers and judges who don’t seem to think these women are worthy of medical care when things don’t go as planned–
    I guess the upside is at least the employees of this so-called clinic had enough sense to call for help—

  • Suzu M

    Of all times, THIS is not the time to wear a ‘p*ssy hat’. This shows an UTTER lack of disrespect and pure rebellion. That woman basically LAUGHED in the face, SPIT in the face, of the pro-life camera, the public. Surely THIS is more evidence of the complete lack of decency.

  • keepyourpower

    I would love to hire a sprinter, to run up to that fat, ugly, woman with the *ussy hat on…grab it off her head, and keep on running. Then take that hat, and BURN it!

  • disqus_v5723Mqspa

    That idiot looks like a stupid, pink cat. Disgusting isn’t enough to say about what they are doing to the innocent babies and their mothers. BTW, the mothers are not “patients”; they are the second victim in all these abortion murders. Go help us.

  • Elizabeth Oppermann

    Please forgive my naïveté, but the pink hat is truly supposed to represent a woman’s female anatomy? It looks like it is cold outside since the pro-life person holding the sign has her hood on. Perhaps that is the only hat that the employee had to put on with it being cold outside? I am in NO WAY defending what Planned Parenthood does to women and the unborn PEOPLE murdered everyday by them . . . just wanting clarification. Thanks!

  • Yes, indeed. They first surfaced during the Women’s March protest of Trump’s Inaguration in January and are a reference to a crude hot mic comment he made years ago regarding female anatomy. https://news.artnet.com/art-world/victoria-and-albert-museum-pussy-hat-884771

  • Linda Heilman

    red river women’s clinic is not part of ppa.

  • That hat wasn’t very respectful to the woman on the gurney suffering from a botched abortion, either. Not that I have much respect for those that abort their precious children, but she was injured. And this worker had the nerve to wear that hat as a patient THEY injured was wheeled out on a gurney? These pro murder people are sick, shameless,twisted, infantile and insane. Unreal.

  • Elizabeth Oppermann

    Oh, ok, thanks. I didn’t want to see photos of the march because I thought the hats were going to much more graphic. And how many awful things has Bill Clinton said about women, and still is saying and thinking no doubt, but the media doesn’t talk about that!

  • Alberta_EMT

    As an EMT myself, “extricated” is completely wrong terminology.

    This term seems to be a biased loaded term that’s simply not true.

    We use the term to describe the process of removing a patient from being trapped in a location. Generally this requires specialized tools to accomplish such a task.

    most conmanly used when removing a patient from a vehicle where jaws of life, or other power tools are used to remove the car from around the occupants of said vehicle. we would never call it an extraction if we could remove the people without tools.

  • Suzu M

    …and they wonder why Pro-lifers can be angry.

  • THIS time. There have been times they didn’t call for help when they should have, and the patient died.

    You have a great point. They whine about women “needing” the right to murder their children, but the right to decent medical care isn’t included. Dentist offices have stricter regulations when it comes to sanitation and safety then planned murderhood and other murder mills. They have quite the nerve.

    Kill em and bill em and shove them out the door. That’s how they “care” for women. Hypocrites! All they care about is their bottom line.

  • Forget about the things Bill Clinton said, what about all the women he raped, and the lives he ruined?

  • The terminology doesn’t really concern me. The point is that the murder mill injured this woman, and wasn’t competent enough to handle the consequences. Most of these disgusting murder mills have to have admitting rights to a nearby hospital because they are not REQUIRED to be equipped to handle emergencies.

    They are only set up to murder human life, not save it.

    Many of the doctors are hacks that couldn’t work anywhere else. Sad.

  • Jennifer Kraft

    I am from Fargo North Dakota. I pray in front of that abortion clinic every Wednesday which is the only day that they perform abortions. I am a member of silent no more. A Christian group of people who speak out about their participation or having been affected by abortion. I had two abortions and one of them was at that clinic. Here in Fargo we have been trying to find out what exactly happened at the clinic that day. There has been no media coverage nor anything explained except that an unconscious woman was taken to Sanford in Cass county North Dakota. There are no clinics across the river in Clay County in Morehead Minnesota that can handle emergencies so that fact has to be untrue unless they moved her to the Planned Parenthood clinic in Clay County. If that is the case then there is more than just a little bit of a cover-up. Especially since the Sanford emergency room is only six blocks from the red river women’s clinic and that is where she should have been taken. It is true that they could not get through the front door. It is also true that there are narrow stairs coming out the back into the alley. Having had an abortion performed at the red river women’s clinic 13 years ago I can testify to the fact that they do not get a full medical work up or history from their clients. They are not concerned with your medications, mental health, or physical health prior to the procedure. It was only a matter of time before someone was injured by this medical malpractice. Myself and others in the fight here in Fargo are very concerned about what happened this week on Wednesday and we want to know the facts. We want to know if it was a botched abortion, why it happened, and why a medical facility or one that claims to be a medical facility and performs medical procedures does not have easy access to emergency services. Four days after my abortion at the red river women’s clinic I tried to take my own life. Had I not lived so close to the emergency room I would’ve succeeded. When I went in for my abortion I brought with me my list of medications. Almost all of them were for mood stabilization and mental health. A responsible provider wouldn’t have performed this procedure on someone so in capable of making such a decision on their own. I also have a history of postpartum depression that was not taken into account. I was also 17+ weeks along. I lied about how far along I was but upon examination they knew this and performed the abortion anyway. If you have any more facts about this incident please contact Scott Hennen at real radio in Fargo North Dakota as he is in the process of investigating this incident and we are trying to get it out to the general media

  • Marsha ‘Drewlow’ Wichmann

    This article has some errors in it. There are no medical facilities in Clay County Minnesota.

  • Then please explain why EMTs radioed that they were transferring one female to Clay County via ambulance. I don’t think he was lying to the dispatcher.

  • Jennifer Kraft

    Thank you, that is really good to know. Because there are no emergency facilities in Clay County then I wonder if she was transferred to Planned Parenthood. There is a clinic there run by Sanford and some old folks homes. If that is what the dispatch said then that is good to know and something that we can go on. It is very distressing that she was not taken to the Sanford ER that was only six blocks away from RRWC in Cass County. That they would take her across the river is curious and definitely worth looking into. Thank you for looking into this and publishing it because those of us who pray out there every Wednesday have been waiting for some sort of press or aknowledge meant of this incident and there has been none so far.

  • ronald larson

    These people running these insane houses of murder will have to face their final JUDGE in HELL and obozzo and his crooks will be in trouble too!!!!!

  • Marsha ‘Drewlow’ Wichmann

    I can’t explain that as I don’t have the specifics. But considering I live in Moorhead, which is the largest city in Clay County Minnesota, I am well aware of what medical facilities are available.

  • MaryB435

    Actually, even in this context, “extricated” IS the most accurate word
    It’s tragic that so many of these women go into an abortion FEELING VERY TRAPPED. They feel backed into a corner, as if they really DON’T have a choice. The pro-“choice” rhetoric is just another part of the BIG LIE of abortion.
    Abortion is not a “free choice”. It’s not “health”; it’s not “care” either.
    Women deserve better than abortion.