Elderly, Blind Pro-Life Activist Arrested for Attempting to Stop Abortion Guard From Stealing Sign


By DeAnn Flanagan

Wichita, Kansas – An elderly and disabled pro-life activist was arrested today under suspicious circumstances outside South Wind Women’s Center, located at 5107 E. Kellogg in Wichita, Kansas.

David E. Schmidt, 73, tied a large pro-life sign to a chair and stood nearby holding another sign. A new ordinance prohibits signs from being left unattended. Schmidt, who is considered “99% blind,” is a regular volunteer of the Kansas Coalition for Life.

Pro-life eyewitness Joseph Elmore told Operation Rescue that a security guard for the abortion business, John Rayburn, came out the facility and began untying the sign and was about to take it away when Schmidt intervened, objecting to the sign’s removal. A tussle over the sign ensued and police were called.

Schmidt was arrested and charged with battery. Police allowed Rayburn to keep the pro-life sign.

Operation Rescue’s Cheryl Sullenger placed a phone call to Sgt. James Krok to attempt to smooth over relations and get more information about Schmidt’s arrest. However, Sgt. Krok was adversarial and repeatedly interrupted Sullenger then hung up on her.

“We want to have good relations with the police, and my call was an effort to build a bridge, but Sgt. Krok only returned my efforts with rudeness. You would think in this day and age that police would be grateful to those who reach out to them,” said Sullenger.

The question that seemed to anger Sgt. Krok was when Sullenger asked under what authority the abortion clinic security guard has the right to confiscate private property. That is when Krok informed Sullenger he would not talk to her anymore and hung up on her in mid-sentence.

Sullenger suggested that Sgt. Krok may need additional training on maintaining good public relations.

“In my opinion, the security guard tried to take the law into his own hands by confiscating the sign,” said Sullenger. “It was a provocative act meant to get a reaction from the pro-lifers. The police pandering to the abortion business only inflamed the matter.”

Schmidt was booked into the Sedgwick County Jail and was being held on a $1,000 bond. Mark Gietzen, Director for the Kansas Coalition for Life, was working on posting bail for Schmidt as of this writing.

Gietzen lays part of the blame for the incident on new “no parking signs” around the abortion facility that were recently erected by police even though, due to a court case and neighborhood petition, parking was allowed on the street for years.

“If we could park where we normally do, the sign would have been put in the Truth Truck. Instead we are forced to park down the street,” said Gietzen, who had for months parked a box truck with pro-life messages across from the abortion facility gate. “The no parking signs are hindering our First Amendment rights to Free Speech.”

“We hope that cooler heads will prevail and that relations between pro-life activists and police can improve,” said Sullenger. “But that will take effort on their side as well as ours.”

  • marshmil

    So his first amendment right was violated when he was attending his sign. He stood for protecting babies. Seems like Herod the Great sent a guard out with sword to cut the sign loose. Slaughter of the Innocents is OK now. But police can be accuse of murder when protecting the public and shoot a thug. Wrong is right and right is wrong. The Prince of Darkness rules now.

  • CrossHugger

    I love how these so called security people pick on women and disabled/old folks. Real tough. But then what would you expect from someone who takes blood money from killing the innocent.

  • Paul Francis

    One cannot help wondering whether “tough love” has application with respect to obtaining conversions: I speak of the use of the imprecatory psalms. It is not that one wishes evil on adversaries, per se, but that the grace of being brought to “rock bottom” might enable those who pander to the demons of infanticide to see more patently the error of their path and begin to correspond to more edifying graces. Perhaps it is time to compile an “Office” of these very much neglected psalms such that they could be recited for particular souls, especially before the Blessed Sacrament.

  • jmscrcrn

    Sgt. Krok? That says it all. The police tend to do the bidding of whomever calls them. They are not so great at sorting out the issue at hand.

  • 4truth4evr

    If they fight for the right to murder the innocent unborn and about to be born then there’s nothing that is too low for them even abusing the blind,disabled and elderly and even the combination thereof…. the police may be getting kickbacks from the clinic.

    But make no mistake God will not be mocked and as it proclaims in Pro 6:16 These six things doth the LORD hate: yea, seven are an abomination unto him :17 A proud look, a lying tongue, and hands that shed innocent blood, :18 An heart that deviseth wicked imaginations, feet that be swift in running to mischief, :19 A false witness that speaketh lies, and he that soweth discord among brethren.

    God will judge!!!

  • kassa1

    If the guy would’ve been a pro choice guy in the guard would’ve done that they would have arrested the garden with Loretta Lynch is corrupt DOJ.

  • June

    Amen Brother!

  • Dominic Huber

    I was luckier. When the St. Louis PP escorts called the cops on me for allegedly “trespassing on their property”, all the police did was ask me to move back to a tree I always sat under. They then went on their way. Schmidt should be cleared of all charges.

  • Dominic Huber

    That may have been me. Their escorts called the cops on me because I was sitting on a lawn chair near the clinic’s fence. All the cops did though was ask me to move back to a tree I usually sat under and they went on their way. I think the escorts were trying to get me in trouble because they know I tape them interfering with our sidewalk counseling.

  • marshmil

    4truth4evr thanks for the post but the guilty don’t care. To them what you posted from Proverbs is not relevant to anything. Add to it “Thou Shalt Not Murder.” Their activity inside that clinic is prima facie evidence. I rest my case.

  • cranemaker

    He is innocent. They let the murderers continue committing atrocities. God bless Mr. Schimdt safely through his tribulations and restore justice to these helpless children and their hero.

  • Schnauzerdad

    For your own sake, just remember that the police are not your friends. They’ll do as they are told, right or wrong.

  • ADRoberts

    Folks, we have a bonafide BROWN SHIRT. Sgt Krok is a crock and a sure brown shirt who could have answered the question with the TRUTH. The guard had NO authority.
    What is wrong in Wichita is there are too many liberal in the town who will not vote out the fanatic baby murderer protectors.
    Time to go to PRAYER.

  • Karen

    What if the chair was a wheelchair? Can a person stand next to their wheel- chair & hold a poster or is that considered ‘unattended?’ Does a person always need to be sitting? Are they trying to coerce people into sitting? There are No Parking Signs all along PParenthood buildings in MN now. We end up walking down busy streets with posters. It can be dangerous, but we are able to spread the message further.

  • MASR53

    Yet thugs can destroy Ferguson, Baltimore, Dallas,,,,,and NOTHING is done!?!?!?!

  • Dale

    Time is running out! So help me God. Soon Lord, please help

  • Zachary.s.smith

    He was an innocent man. This man was a pro-lifer and was arrested for supporting something good. I don’t understand. What is going on with our police system. This police should be behind bars for arresting a pro- life activist and for intervening with a peaceful pro-life organization. This is wrong.

  • Zachary.s.smith

    The people inside the building should be in jail. The police have the wrong man.

  • Zachary.s.smith

    There where unborn baby’s in there who where being slaughtered. I can’t believe that the people inside that building had the right to innocent baby’s. They should not have such a right. I am pro-life.

  • Zachary.s.smith

    God dose not support death, God support’s life. And those people inside that building are killing those who don’t deserve to die. Those baby’s have the right to life not the right to have Abortions but to life. What if your wife had a baby. What will she do? She will say no to abortions because abortion kill lives.

  • Zachary.s.smith

    I am 100% against the police. They arrested an innocent man.

  • Korean_Vet

    Wait until we Tell these police & paid abortion-guards that they have been
    “Suckered by Abortions” & that “Abortions have killed all rights” that they
    may have Had–“To any & all Social Security Pensions”-! Out of 40 million
    kids that might have been born–40 years ago. 30 million Abortions were a
    lot of Young People–who will “Never Pay any Social Security Taxes-! No–
    they’ll not Pay ‘One-Cent’ for your Retirements–& now, (It’s ‘too-late’ to
    “Save Social Security”-! 3/4’s of that Generation is “Gone Forever”- &
    you can “Kiss Your Soc. Sec. Retirements–Good Bye”-! The Democrat
    Agenda of “Buying Women’s Votes” by offering “Free Abortions” & labeling
    it as “Freedom of Choice”–has Back-Fired-! These same women voters–
    who “Chose $3000 worth of Abortions”–have “Lost All” of their Rights–to
    “$200,000 Worth of Social Security”-! “Thanks Democrats”–You ‘Trashed”
    the ‘Only Thing’ that ‘Helped Older People to Retire’-! Since you’ll have no
    money–even for ‘Food’–“Worthless Elderly People” without any money can
    now be “Aborted” the same way that “Helpless Babies” were Aborted–Like
    Them, You’ll no longer “Have a Choice”-! (They wouldn’t like watching “You
    Starve to Death”)–so the “Death Panel” in Obama-Care, will take care of that–by offering you an ‘easy-death’ by a “Cheap-Trill” of a “Suicide Pill”-!
    (Remember the Democrats–“Raided the Soc. Sec. Funds of over “Two
    Trillion Dollars” for “Affordable Apartment Building Complexes” & “College
    Grants for Blacks” in the past 40 years-!) They left us with “Worthless
    IOU’s” & “Social Security is Broken & now Bankrupt”-! You’ve heard the
    Old Saying–“On These Young People–‘You’ve Killed the Mules that
    Pulled the Plow” (Now–“Get On Your Knees & Beg God to Forgive You”
    Before you “Have to Swallow That Suicide-Pill”-! You can’t cure Stupid-!)
    “Remember To Vote For Your Executioners”-! (Remember they’ll retire
    ‘Fairly Rich’ on “Federal Govt. Pension”–& won’t need “Suicide Pills”-! )
    Besides–“They’ve Gotten the Money that You were suppose to Get”–Isn’t
    that Fair enough-?! (Final Clue–“One Working Person” finds it ‘impossible’
    to “Pay 3 Older People to Retire”-! You’ve finally “Read The Truth”-! )

  • Zachary.s.smith

    Lord look down on those baby’s. Bless them that they met live in peace.

  • Well, as they say there are good cops [ and I think the majority are good ] and there are bad ones. This Sargent most likely was protecting the abortion center no matter what. He apparently doesn’t listen well and doesn’t care either, so what can you do? Get a lawyer and go from there.

  • Original Anna

    Why did the cop give the blind guy’s property to the security guard. That poster or sign might have cost the blind guy a bit of money. And why was the blind guy arrested any way, he has a right to peaceful protest and also free speech. He didn’t have a gun and he did not threaten any one. Now, he should sue the cop who thinks it is all right to kill a baby in a safe place, the cop is promoting murder, the cop is no different than our baby killing policians and supreme court judges and he proved it when he refused to let the blind guy have his constitutional rights of free speech and peaceful protest while not arresting the security guard for harrassing the blind guy and denying the blind guy his constitutional rights and stealing the blind guy’s property. And charged with battery when the blind guy was trying to stop the security guard from stealing the blind guy’s property. Since when do we not have a right to stop a robber. Gees, it does sounds like our new non-consitutional law system.

  • tolate2412

    I agree wrong person in jail ‘ But she should know that if your pro life – pro gun- or a christian – We’re not allowed our first amendment rights to free speech’ You have to be a liberal- unlawful- murdering- disrespectful to authority- punk -to be allowed your rights these days

  • Greg Davidson

    All black lives matter even unborn ones! Perhaps if the black lives matter group believes this they can join us in our protest this week.

  • Rev Donald Spitz

    I hope the brother can get a lawyer and sue the babykilling abortion mill, the police department and the pro-abortion security guard.

  • got my licence

    The unattended sign was a code violation so the city should have been called and then a code enforcement officer would would have been dispatched. The security guard went out of his job description by removing the sign. I sure hope the poor police officer recovers from the assault by this obviously dangerous blind 73 year old terrorist. And just who had the juice to get the no parking signs in front of this clinic? I call BS

  • Vivavox

    The case I am thinking of actually went to court along with the Coalition for Life’s “false advertising” charge for saying there are free pregnancy tests at the ThriVe van across the street.

  • Korean_Vet

    Near the bottom of these Postings–I have a very detailed History–
    which “Shows You–The Judgement that God placed upon Citizens”
    who Supported Abortions–“If you killed by the sword–You’ll Die by
    the Sword”-! Baby Boomers may still get some Soc. Sec. payments
    but the next Generation “Gets None”-! (Abortions killing Soc. Sec.)
    “Read it All–to look into the Future”–To “See the Final Result”-! It’s
    worth your time to “See the Truth for Yourself”-!

  • patcarlson1

    Regardless of his guilt or innocence, this man needs to fight the charge all the way! He will lose in municipal (city) court. Those courts are for revenue.

    After he loses in municipal court, appeal the case to the district court. Demand a jury trial. (Make the demand immediately, or you don’t get a jury trial.) Then, maybe you have a shot. Regardless, you will have educated at least some of the public.

    Police officers, in general, are hateful, hostile people. Wichita police are horrible.. Sedgwick County Sheriff’s officers are even worse. TO ALL LAW ENFORCEMENT OFFICERS: YOU REAP WHAT YOU SOW.

  • Growupfolks

    If you’re normally 100% behind the police, you haven’t been paying attention!

  • Dominic Huber

    I see.

  • DeAnn Flanagan, who wrote this article, did a great job of describing what happened. However, there is one key point that is factually incorrect. DeAnn says; “A new ordinance prohibits signs from being left unattended.” to the best of my knowledge, that is not the case. We have a new intrpretation of existing city code, by a City Code enforcement unit supervisor, John Cox, who says: “We enforce City Code and the 1st Amendment does not apply to us.

  • Cheryl Sullenger

    Thanks for correction and the additional info.

  • Cheryl Sullenger

    Thanks for the correction and additional information.

  • Capt Bob

    A-men Brother.

  • Gayle Wilbanks

    It’s significant that, when the pro-abortion crowd (or whatever they’re calling themselves these days) tries to get rid of us, they go for legal or physical strong-arm tactics. They never try to refute what we’re saying; that would bring the debate into the dangerous realm of truth.