Eight New Abortion Tapes Reveal Causalities, Callousness, and Cover-up

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Caller told by another clinic employee to “act dumb” to a dispatcher after expressing concerns over questions during a late-term abortion emergency.

Albuquerque, New Mexico — Operation Rescue has obtained eight new 911 recordings that reveal a scandalous pattern of botched abortions at two Albuquerque abortion clinics. Together with five 911 calls released last month, the 13 calls show that life-threatening abortion complications requiring emergency assistance occur at the rate of one every 10 weeks.

The eight newly obtained calls were placed between November, 2008 and December, 2009, with six originating from Southwestern Women’s Options, owned by Curtis Boyd, and the UNM Center for Reproductive Health, an abortion clinic that acts as an abortion training grounds for the University of New Mexico.

“As disturbing as the critical nature of these life-threatening emergencies are, perhaps more disturbing are the callous attitudes of some of the abortion workers and their willingness to cover up for the abortionists,” said Operation Rescue Senior Policy Advisor Cheryl Sullenger. “The clinic workers are careful about how much information they revealed to the emergency dispatchers, and in many cases, even attempt to shift the blame for the complications onto the woman. Their general actions and attitudes toward the woman they just injured are despicable.”

One clinic worker from Southwestern Women’s Options expressed concern over the questions the 911 dispatcher was asking. While she thought she was on hold, this exchange took place:

SWO Employee: [Whispering] I don’t know – I don’t know what information he’s asking me.
Background Voice: Just talk to him – act dumb.
SWO Employee: [Whispering] Okay. Exactly. Yeah.

The latest tapes obtained under an open records act request made by Tara Shaver of Project Defending Life, who forwarded the recordings to Operation Rescue. They show women ranging in ages from 18 to 37 who were between 8 weeks and approximately 24 weeks pregnant. Complications included:

  • Uterine rupture with heavy bleeding.
  • A panic-stricken 18-yer old patient with chest pains, numbness, and a severe headache after a late-term abortion.
  • Cervical laceration with hemorrhaging.
  • Uncontrolled bleeding after first and second trimester abortions.
  • Multiple seizures.
  • Abortion on a woman with an undiagnosed ectopic (tubal) pregnancy.
  • “It’s just wrong for paramedics to have to clean up after these abortion quacks every ten weeks. We demand the immediate closure of the two Albuquerque clinics involved for the protection of the public, said Sullenger.

    Operation Rescue is preparing new complaints against the abortionists involved. Three abortionists from Southwestern Women’s Options, Curtis Boyd, Shelley Sella, and Susan Robinson are already under investigation by the New Mexico Medical Board.

    Below are links to full audio recordings, written transcripts, and Computer Aided Dispatch (CAD) transcripts.

    From Southwestern Women’s Options

    911 Call – Nov. 7,2008

    Written transcript of call; CAD Transcript

    911 Call – May 16, 2009

    Written transcript of call; CAD Transcript

    911 Call – Aug. 21, 2009

    Written transcript of call; CAD Transcript

    911 Call – Oct. 22, 2009

    Written transcript of call; CAD Transcript

    911 Call – Oct. 23, 2009

    Written transcript of call; CAD Transcript

    911 Call – December 18, 2009

    Written transcript of call; CAD Transcript

    Watch videos of four previously release 911 calls.

    Calls From UNM Center for Reproductive Health

    911 Call – June 17, 2009

    Written transcript of call: CAD Transcript

    911 Call – August 27, 2009

    Written transcript of call; CAD Transcript

    Watch previously released 911 call.

    • Sarah

      They call 911 but they don’t know the patient’s age, they don’t know the patient’s status, they have no information to tell the dispatcher… I mean, really? REALLY? How freaking stupid are the people working in these clinics? Don’t you think you ought to have some info ready to tell the dispatcher? Especially after the countless 911 calls they’ve obviously had to make butchering woman after woman, you’d think they’d get better at making the calls. Safe and legal! hooray!

    • Bobbie

      We ought to picket Molly’s home sometime.


      Hopefully, with education and acceptance of responsibility, there will be slim to none need for abortion, no matter the reason.

    • Jane Twenter

      How can anyone be so cruel? Some people would put one in prison for treating an animal like this, but when it is a human baby, they sanction it and applaud women for aborting a baby. Our Society has gone BERSERK! Some are diabolic and some are apathetic. It seems like good people are not being heard because they are not “politically correct.”

    • Sharla K. Dempsey

      Since the lives of human beings mean nothing in our present society, I wonder if we could approach abortion from the stand point of money and the complete loss of taxpayers in the US. In the 1980’s I wrote a term paper on the long term affects of abortion and financial cost to America. At that time I used the US Census as a resource to see who was aborting their babies. The working class and upper class citizens of the US were the bulk of the abortions. People on subsidies continue to have children and they continue to increase the amount of subsidies they receive. According to some of the recent statistics, 1 taxpayer is now supporting 4 people who get subsidies. Without a working class there is no more US. Many of those 40 years old and younger will grow tired of their entire paycheck going into the government coffer. I guess these are the unintended consequences….now will come the euthanasia of the elderly, disabled, etc.