Downward Trend in Number of Abortion Clinics Continues as More Closures Announced

By Cheryl Sullenger

McAllen, TX – The ever-decreasing number of abortion clinics continues its decline with the announcement of the closing of abortion clinics in Texas, Florida, and California.

Whole Women’s Health announced this week that its surgical abortion clinics in McAllen and Beaumont have permanently closed due to the new law passed last year that requires abortion facilities to meet minimum safety requirements, including hiring only abortionists that maintain local hospital privileges. The McAllen location had “temporarily” closed in January.

Operation Rescue had lodged complaints about the Whole Women’s Health clinics in McAllen, Beaumont, and Austin after discovering they were improperly dumping “identifiable” aborted baby remains a during an undercover investigation in 2011. This led the Austin and McAllen locations to be heavily fined.

In addition, the North Florida Women’s Health & Counseling Service in Tallahassee has announced in public notices that it will be closing permanently on March 31. That surgical abortion clinic has operated continuously since 1981.

Surgical abortion clinics are not the only ones closing. Planned Parenthood’s office in Sunnyvale, California, which offered only medication abortions (RU-486) shut down in January.

“We are on track to see another great year. Every time an abortion clinic closes, lives are saved because women have a greater opportunity to seek other means of coping with the challenges they face. This is great news for women and their babies,” said Troy Newman, President of Operation Rescue.

Also out of business for good is Lester Minto’s Reproductive Services in Harlington, Texas. Minto stopped abortions in November due to the new Texas law, but continued to see abortion patients who had taken abortion pills procured in Mexico or other locations. This week he announced on MSNBC’s Rachel Maddow Show that he has closed his clinic permanently and is selling his building.

Minto’s clinic joins real estate market along with the former New Women All Women abortion building in Birmingham, Alabama, which was put up for sale this week.

So far in 2014, seven surgical abortion clinics in four states have announced closure with one abortion pill clinic closing. Those states are California, Florida, Texas, and Iowa.

One of those abortion clinics, the Family Planning Associates in Montclair, California, remains closed as of this writing, but has obtained a potential new location, but has yet to clear several legal hurdles before reopening.

This continues the trend of abortion clinic closures documented by Operation Rescue, which maintains the most accurate list of abortion clinics in the U.S. In 2013, a record 87 surgical abortion clinics and 6 abortion pill-only clinics closed.

The closures are attributed to new laws that are weeding out abortion clinics that cannot meet minimum standards. Also, an increase in pro-life sentiment and greater reporting of abortion abuses by pro-life groups have also contributed to the closures.

“Along with laws that are putting abortion quacks out of business, more and more women are simply rejecting abortion. When demand for services drops, businesses go under, and that is what we are now seeing in the abortion cartel,” said Newman. “This trend reflects a fundamental change, which we believe will ultimately lead to an end of abortion in this country.”

  • NEW TREND IN ABORTION: Access to Abortion – is now ‘trending away’ from the community abortion mills – to a doctor’s medical practice office. Where on any given day a doctor in his office may take a child’s temperature, another day ends a unborn child’s life by abortion. The purpose of this ‘medical mayhem’ by a possible ‘family doctor’ is to insert the ‘practice of abortion’ into ‘mainstream medicine’ – so abortion can ‘one day’ be seen as acceptable. The ‘future abortionists’ to fulfill this “pro-abort dream” are also now being trained at university hospitals. This is for real, ladies and gentlemen. Is this ‘abortion training’ taking place at a university hospital in your community? Why don’t you ask them. Or is there a doctor with said abortion training hiding in a medical practice in your community?
    As The N.Y. Times reports: “In the decade after Roe, the number of sites providing abortion across the country almost doubled from about 1,500 to more than 2,900, according to the Guttmacher Institute. But by 2000 the number shrank back to about 1,800 — a decline of 37 percent from 1982.”
    “Over the last decade, abortion-rights advocates have quietly worked to reverse the marginalization …” Abortion-rights proponents are fighting back … the place of abortion within mainstream medicine. This abortion-rights campaign, led by physicians themselves, is trying to recast doctors, changing them from a weak link of abortion to a strong one. Its leaders have built residency programs and fellowships at university hospitals, with the hope that, eventually, more and more doctors will use their training to bring abortion into their practices. The bold idea at the heart of this effort is to integrate abortion so that it’s a seamless part of health care for women — embraced rather than shunned.” – [“The New Abortion Providers – N.Y. Times Magazine – Emily Bazelon – July 14, 2010”]
    Also, who is funding the training of the ‘new wave’ of abortion doctors you may ask – one of them is Billionaire, Warren Buffett.
    As “Renew America” reports: “What the news media neglected to report is that the Susan Thompson Buffett Foundation, which was created by multi-billionaire businessman Warren Buffett in honor of his deceased spouse, is donating upwards of $3 billion to pro-abortion groups, not only for political campaigns but for the training of physicians on how to end the lives of unborn babies.” – [ “The dark side of Warren Buffett: He donates $3 billion to pro-abortion groups – Renew America – Jim Kouri – July 4, 2006” ]
    Sadly abortion is not going away, it is now just morphing and seeping it’s murder and destruction into the everyday doctor’s office. Pray To End Abortion. God Bless You All.

  • di from Oregon

    Thank God for this trend! Many unborn souls will be saved, many women spared the butchery.

  • Cheryle Lynn Free

    Today I heard of a couple who had a child yesterday. And, later yesterday that same child returned to the arms of Jesus. I wonder would that young couple have grieved any less if the child had passed the day before….while still inutero……….