Death Certificate Confirms Abortion, Not Fetal Anomaly, Responsible for Woman’s Death

Germantown, MD – Operation Rescue has obtained the official death certificate for Jennifer Morbelli, who died on February 7, 2013, from complications to a 33-week abortion done by late-term abortionist LeRoy Carhart. The document provides clarification as to the cause of her death.

The document confirms that Morbelli died at 12:25 p.m. on February 7 at Shady Grove Adventist Hospital. Section 23a indicated that the cause of death was Disseminated Intravascular Coagulation “due to or as a consequence of Amniotic Fluid Embolism following Medical Termination of Pregnancy.”

While “Fetal Anomalies” is also listed in the same section, the certificate clearly states that this entry refers to the “Disease or injury that initiated events resulting in death.”

“There have been some erroneous reports that the fetal anomaly suffered by Mrs. Morbelli’s baby led to or contributed to her death, but her death certificate sets the records straight. It clearly was the diagnosis of her baby’s health problems that served as the catalyst to events that led Mrs. Morbelli to seek the abortion that killed her,” said Troy Newman, President of Operation Rescue and Pro-Life Nation. “If Mrs. Morbelli had not sought an abortion from LeRoy Carhart, she would be alive today.”

The death certificate confirms the information first reported by Operation Rescue. It also indicated that Morbelli was pregnant and that she delivered a dead baby on February 6, the day before her death.

Jennifer Morbelli was a 29-year old kindergarten teacher that lived with her husband in White Plains, New York. She was pregnant with their first child, who they had already named Madison Leigh. While in her 31st week of pregnancy, Morbelli received news that her baby suffered from an apparent seizure syndrome, which led her to seek an abortion two weeks later.

The Maryland Board of Physicians has launched a preliminary investigation into Morbelli’s death based on a complaint filed by Operation Rescue, which has also made a formal request of the Montgomery County State Attorney for Carhart to be charged criminally for abandoning his patient, an act that led to a delay in her seeking emergency medical care. Disseminated Intravascular Coagulation, the clotting condition that led to her hemorrhaging to death is known to be treatable if caught in time.

This is the same condition suffered by another Carhart patient, Christin Gilbert, who died from complications to a late-term abortion she received from him in 2005.

“Jennifer Morbelli’s death certificate only reinforces our strong belief that the negligent actions of LeRoy Carhart caused her tragic death. We call on the authorities in Maryland to hold him accountable and prosecute him to the fullest extent of the law before he kills again,” said Newman.

View Morbelli’s Death Certificate
(Note: Operation Rescue has redacted private information from the document but maintains the unredacted certificate on file.)

  • MeToo

    From where has the information come that an apparent seizure was the reason for seeking abortion?

  • Brooke

    ok….the only thing is, that since it mentioned amniotic fluid embolism, he names that as a “possible” risk to his patients who sign his consent forms before acquiring an abortion, which now means he is free and clear?! hmmmmm,,,,,,,

  • Operation Rescue

    Brooke, not necessarily. There is still the important matter of patient abandonment that delayed her receiving timely emergency care that could have saved her life. He’s not off the hook by any means.

  • Kristi M

    I’m wondering too, where did the info come from about the baby’s so called seizure syndrome. And with medicine nowadays, they have meds for that. Still confused about why in the world this poor baby had to die!!? And so many times these pre-natal diagnosis are MISDIAGNOSED!!

  • Letters

    You are not a family member, you shouldn’t have access to this. How did you get it?

  • Macy

    Really sad all the way around.

  • Emailed I receive:

    The investigation into Morbelli’s death is complete, and the cause and manner of death have been reported. Although the autopsy report is a public record, it cannot be released while a case is under investigation by another agency. When the report is available, a copy can be provided at a cost of $120.

    Bruce Goldfarbb