Court Disregards Petition Conditions, Allows Distrusted Prosecutor To Direct Tiller Grand Jury

Court ignores Operation Rescue’s motion to disqualify Foulston and Morrison

Wichita, KS – A grand jury was impaneled today and instructed that the prosecutor who would be directing the investigation of late-term abortionist George R. Tiller is Deputy District Attorney Ann Swegle.

Swegle was involved in the 2006 grand jury that investigated Tiller in the 3rd trimester abortion death of Christin Gilbert, which failed to indict on four counts by only one vote.

“It was because of Swegel’s handling of the ’06 grand jury that this petition specifically demanded that District Attorney Nola Foulston and anyone associated with her not be involved in the grand jury,” said Operation Rescue President Troy Newman. “We highly suspected monkey-business during that last grand jury and wanted to avoid the same kind of corruption with this one.

“Over 7,500 people signed the grand jury petition under the condition that Foulston’s office and Morrison not be involved. Now, the courts have chosen to disrespect the will of the people and have appointed the very person that we believe submarined the last investigation. Appointing Swegle to oversee this investigation is a slap on the face to every citizen who signed that petition.”

Operation Rescue and activist Mark Gietzen filed an eleventh hour motion late yesterday to disqualify Foulston and disgraced Attorney General Paul Morrison from participating in the grand jury. (Read motions)

Early this morning Gietzen had a half-hour long conversation with presiding Judge Michael Corrigan about the motions. Confusion over the motions seemed to define the morning. Corrigan assured Gietzen that Morrison would not be involved in the case, but would not rule out Foulston’s involvement through Swegle.

“Assurances are just to good enough. That’s not how courts work. Courts issue orders. Where is the one page order telling us Morrison will not be involved? As sitting Attorney General, he still has the ability to influence this investigation, and as a man who has been accused of illegally attempting to influence other Tiller cases, it is absolutely outrageous and arrogant that a court order has not been issued. Everyone now associated with this process is tainted with the appearance of impropriety, the very thing we hoped to avoid,” said Newman. “It looks like the fix is in.”

Read about Swegle’s conduct during the Gilbert Grand Jury

  • peggy


  • Refresca

    This is an OUTRAGE!

    That is all.

  • Carrie

    The fix is in.

  • Bob Hazlett

    Another travesty of justice.

    Until you join with other conservatives and BEAT DEMOCRATS in Kansas, this is what will happen.

    All these cases will drag out until Democrats find a way to intervene and protect the abortionists.

    It is a party thing. Every time.

  • John Francis Borra

    Evidently, souls are cheap. Hell’s gotta be full of those who’ve sold out.

  • Mary H.

    After reviewing the Gilbert Grand jury report, I found it pretty outrageous if not unethical and neglient that Kansas’ Clinics are not required by LAW to follow medical “community” standards of care by providing licensed personnel to assist with complex medical and surgical procedures like abortion and partial birth as stated in the reports as follows:

    “Testimony was given that there were no licensed nurses employed by Tiller. His staff receives six weeks of training, after which they were considered competent to assist in complex and dangerous late-term abortion surgeries.

    Unfortunately, it was the understanding of the grand jury members that Kansas law does not prohibit clinics from using untrained personnel. The grand jury was told that many clinics are set up this way. “If it’s legal, it’s legal,” the source said, noting that such laws desperately needed to be changed.”

    The voters of Kansas need to demand from their legislators and health and safety agencies better protection and safegards in how their medical clinics are set-up. This kind of lassiere-faire attitude toward patient safety would not be tolerated by the public nor their lawyers if these medical clinics were located in California! I fear for the health and safety of Kansans!

  • Mike

    I’m in California, and the clinics here are just as bad as in Kansas. No regulation, and veteranary clinics are held to higher standards.

    Gee…what’s wrong with this picture.

    As liberal minded as it is here, the pro-aborts wouldn’t dream of calling attention to shoddy clinics and/or doctors…that might make abortion “look bad”.

  • Mary H.

    The lack of regulation of abortion clinics is evidence that if you’re a woman seeking an abortion at these clinics you relinquish most of your rights to safe, informed healthcare treatment by these facilities. And you wavier any rights to legal remedies when you are harmed by any person who is involved with the abortion facility. These points should be made more public as I believe most women and their families are UNAWARE that that have little legal recourse when things go wrong at abortion mills! As Mike stated, your pets have more protection under the law than women seeking abortions!

  • kelli ann

    I don’t agree that women who suffer any mental or physical damages after abortions should ever be able to recover financially. You wanted a dead baby. You got a dead baby. You should suffer for your selfishness. Repentance is the only way to set yourself free. Not a cash reward.

  • Mrs.Kathi J Peacock

    It seems that there is a double standard. A man gets life in prison for killing his pregnant girlfriend and her baby. Yet, all these abortionist’s can kill all day long and it’s legal. Where is the logic in that? There should be one law, killing a baby should be a life sentence. Or maybe let the people involved feel how it hurts to be sucked out. A baby is a baby at conception. There is no alternative to “when it becomes viable”.