Confirmed: Carhart’s New Late-Term Abortion Facility in Bethesda is Illegally Unlicensed

By Cheryl Sullenger

Bethesda, MD – Operation Rescue has received confirmation from the Maryland Department of Health and Mental Hygiene that the new late-term abortion facility located at 10401 Old Georgetown Road, Suite 104 in Bethesda, Maryland, is not licensed as an abortion facility as required by state law.

The facility, currently operating under the name, Inc., is run by Nebraska late-term abortionist LeRoy Carhart.

That means any abortions he plans to do beginning on October 17, 2017, would be illegal.

Since Operation Rescue released the address of Carhart’s secret new abortion facility yesterday, the web site has been changed to show a location in Bethesda, Maryland, along with an announcement that it would be “Offering advanced gestation abortion care in Maryland Starting Tuesday, October 17th!”

“There is no way Carhart could get the Bethesda location licensed by next Tuesday. It looks like he thought he could sneak some abortions in under the radar without having to comply with licensing laws,” said Troy Newman, President of Operation Rescue. “This is just another example of how much disregard Carhart has for the law and for the safety of his patients.”

Operation Rescue researchers uncovered the location of Carhart’s unlicensed abortion business through a successful undercover investigation.

Today, two complaints were filed by Operation Rescue with the Maryland Department of Health and Mental Hygiene and with the Maryland Board of Physicians.

“We trust that any effort to open that Bethesda facility without a valid license will be met with swift action on the part of Maryland authorities, who are already aware of the situation,” said Newman.

Meanwhile, local and national pro-life leaders plan to hold a press conference outside the illegal Bethesda abortion office on October 17, 2017, to announce further plans to oppose the dangerous new facility. Details to follow.

  • dje3

    The AG of that state should file charges for conspiracy to violate medical licensing laws and conspiracy to illegally perform an abortion (if they took a single appointment schedule about an abortion (Conspiracy to commit a felony). They need to arrest the Doctor and the nurses and any owners of the facility as co-conspirators.

    As soon as it was known that they didnt have license any one working for or with that group should have RESIGNED in writing and stated reasons….i.e. failure to disclose that this was an unlicensed facility, causing professional harm to (employee name).

    If they do NOT resign in writing and state cause that means that they KNEW or SHOULD have known and were therefore involved in the criminal act.

    Lastly, in EVERY other major industry if one has a license revoked by one state they can not get a license in any state or federal jurisdiction. Just try and get a driver’s license if yours was revoked. Attorneys and Doctors are about the ONLY ones that this does not happen to. It is time to FORCE congress to assure full faith and credit between jurisdictions for revocation of license in medical and in law services.

  • Vivavox

    The other medical tenants should not want anything to do with such ill repute in their vicinity. Put up a united front against Carhart and pressure the owner to rescind the lease. They will probably lose business otherwise. Who wants to go to the dentist or podiatrist with viable babies being destroyed next door?

  • Carol

    Great job, Operation Rescue!

  • patcarlson1

    That’s why he didn’t bother with the license. Too many people would have been notified. He probably figures he will start killing and stop when they make him – who knows how long that might take. Then, he will move on to the next unlicensed location where he’d do it all over again.

    So much for “safe and legal.” Carhart is neither.

  • marlene.langert

    God bless you and your work , Operation Rescue. You have saved many babies and I hope that new laws will put you out of business soon as there will not be more abortions due to your work.