Columbia Planned Parenthood Gets Abortion License While Satanists Fight over 72 Hour Reflection Period

Three stunning new developments in the heated battle over abortions in Missouri

By Cheryl Sullenger

Columbia, MO – As the result of the Eighth Circuit’s reversal last week that halted enforcement of a Missouri licensing requirement that required abortionists to maintain hospital privileges near the abortion facilities where they work, the Columbia Health Center Planned Parenthood received an abortion license yesterday and reportedly began scheduling surgical and medication abortions immediately.

“We know that Missouri pro-life supporters have put their hearts and souls into protecting women and their babies from being targeted for abortions in Columbia. We feel their disappointment and grief at the loss of innocent human life that will now resume in their community,” said Troy Newman, President of Operation Rescue. “However, this isn’t over by any stretch. We know the state will continue to fight to defend their common-sense abortion safety laws, while dedicated pro-life activists will rise to meet the challenge to offer love, hope, and practical assistance to abortion-bound women at the doors of the abortion business.”

Satanists denounce Satanists

Meanwhile, in a bizarre turn of events, the Church of Satan has publicly denounced The Satanic Temple (TST), which is challenging Missouri’s 72-hour reflection period prior to abortions, calling them a “satire/activist group that uses satanic-themed imagery and language to get media and public attention.”

In a statement posted on the Church of Satan web site, a representative known as “Reverend Joel Ethan” wrote:

A little bit of research makes it clear that The Satanic Temple is self-acknowledged satire and an activist group, which pretends to be a religion when it suits their ends. . . We consider anyone claiming to be a Satanist and solely using TST membership as evidence as either being misinformed or as lying. The supposedly “sincerely held beliefs” of TST adherents are scanty, nebulous, and contradictory.

The statement was accompanied by a heavily documented fact sheet exposing the group’s origins and a series of leaders all using assumed names.

The Missouri Supreme Court recently agreed to hear The Satanic Temple’s claim that the 72-hour abortion reflection period violates their religious beliefs.

“If the Church of Satan’s information is true, it is clear that The Satanic Temple is a farce and not a religious group at all. Based on this new information, their challenge to the life-saving reflection period should be immediately dismissed,” said Newman.

One example of how the 72-hour abortion reflection period saves lives can be seen in reports from Kathy Forck, a Columbia pro-life leader that was on the scene at the newly licensed Kansas City Planned Parenthood during its first week of offering medication abortions. She noted that of the eleven women received the informed consent information, only four returned for abortions. One of those four women changed her mind at the last minute after speaking to pro-life activists who were praying on the street outside the abortion facility. That left only three out of eleven women who actually carried through with abortions.

“The reflection period, coupled with the prayer and offers of help from pro-life supporters on the street is a powerful combination that is effective at saving lives. If Planned Parenthood was really about respecting a woman’s choice, they should be completely supportive of the reflection period that gives women an opportunity to thoughtfully consider informed consent literature and all their options,” said Newman.

Planned Parenthood sues again

In one final development that proves the abortion businesses are selective about what information is given to their prospective abortion customers, Planned Parenthood Great Plains, Planned Parenthood of the Greater St. Louis Region, and the ACLU filed a lawsuit Tuesday in Jackson County Circuit Court challenging the state-mandated written informed consent aspect of a comprehensive abortion law that is set to take effect in two weeks. (Read the Petition)

The abortion businesses found several objectionable statements in the informed consent literature such as “life begins at conception” and the fact that an abortion “will terminate the life of a separate, unique, living human being.”

That lawsuit is expected to be defended by the state.

Newman asked for pro-life supporters to remember those engaged in this fierce battle for the lives of the innocent in Missouri. “We are asking supporters around the country to pray for Missouri and the efforts to protect women and babies from exploitation by Planned Parenthood,” said Newman. “I have every confidence that in the end, the cause of Life will prevail.”

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  • Jim

    Flipping Unreal.

  • Ross Blankert

    Planned Parenthood should be called Planned executions of babies in the Womb. Sale of body parts continues and there is no extra medical assistance provided for the women like health exams or anything of the sort. This is about killing as many non white babies as possible. Democrats get the money for their elections. Planned Parenthood gets taxpayer dollars to give to Democrats. Pay for executions and sale of body parts is part of the Democratic Party agenda. Believe it?

  • DrBarbara

    “We consider anyone claiming to be a Satanist and solely using TST membership as evidence as either being misinformed or as lying.”……. I would have thought that lying would be a prerequisite for being a satanist. After all, their god is the father of lies.

  • patcarlson1

    So, is the “Church” of Satan pro-life or just opposed to others “falsely” claiming to be Satanists? The enemy of my enemy is my friend. However, it is strangely surreal to believe that a Satanist would take moral umbrage about anything.

  • Soy Tenley

    I struggle with the facility that offers (and obviously profits from) killing baby humans being the true enemy. The true enemy (in my mind) is this concept that Abortion is a RIGHT. The Feminist Left has successfully combined the phrase “My Body” or “Your Body” with a RIGHT. So, let’s review this real quick: Do we all have free will, freedom and all the RIGHTS necessary to do essentially anything we want to OUR OWN Body? Well, sure I guess we do. I’ve never thought otherwise, except maybe when somebody is a kid (who may not know better and do something stupid) or maybe when somebody wants to commit suicide or something (which is likely to be a mental health issue), etc. However, there is one other fairly MAJOR EXCEPTION to that as well, for normal adults, and that is when one of them (who happens to be a woman in this case) has been JOINED by ANOTHER BODY within her. That OTHER BODY is instantly on a continuous journey to become what….? To become a HUMAN of course. So that OTHER BODY is in fact a “really tiny baby HUMAN” from the start and remains one until it becomes a BORN HUMAN / simply outside the womb. In the womb or out of the womb it is on the same course, the same path, the same inevitable label of an OTHER HUMAN. This is not a logic quiz, these are called FACTS. So, who ever and/or how ever all those FACTS got twisted into helping women join the political LEFT to encourage DEATH and KILLING of Baby Humans is clearly the true enemy.

  • Mindy Robinson

    Stop using the word “abortion”, this word is designed to obfuscate the truth, the torture and slaughter of infants still in the womb.

  • Original Anna

    I just don’t get why these courts and the judges don’t throw these lawsuits brought to them protecting planned parenthood out. There is no such thing as planned in parenthood organizations. It is stopping parenthood meaning a torturous death to an innocent baby who cannot protect or defend themselves against the pain of being tortured to death. The women regardless of the “law” are killing its unborn (now over 94 million), that’s allowing over half the population to commit legal murder. If women were meant to murder their young they would have been born with a button to push and their body would go about ridding itself of the baby within the body. Women have not been born with a murdering button. They were given the privilege of giving life to babies, giving life, not killing life.

  • Vivavox

    The plaintiff physicians in this lawsuit object to meeting with their patients 72 hours prior to an elective abortion because they are too busy being attending physicians, teaching at Washington University, and travelling to various other abortion facilities. Thus, they do not have time to develop a doctor – patient relationship beyond the few minutes it takes to dispense a pill or turn on a suction machine. I have news for them that is not good medical practice — the standard of care. Robert Crist found this out when he relied on Planned Parenthood to adequately screen his 13 year old patient.

    In my experience, other doctors and surgeons have just as many responsibilities but manage to meet their patients for consultations and examinations days or weeks prior to elective medical procedures. For patients, there is no substitution for meeting the actual doctor ahead of time and developing a rapport. If the woman does not click with the doctor at the abortion, it is hard to muster up the courage to walk out.

  • downs1

    Please tell me, what is the difference between sacrificing a live child on a pagan altar, and sacrificing a live baby in its mother’s womb? There is a day of judgment coming in the future, and each of these people will have to answer before The Judge concerning their actions! They will not be happy! Their arguments will not stand! They will have an eternity to consider their defiance and denial of the Commandment, “Thou shalt not kill”!

  • Cheryl Biermann

    Eighth circuit court, who is on it and how do we get rid of these morons?

  • Billy

    This is the definition of the word
    noun: abortion; plural noun: abortions
    the deliberate termination of a human pregnancy, most often performed during the first 28 weeks of pregnancy.
    synonyms: termination, miscarriage
    “her first pregnancy resulted in a spontaneous abortion”
    the expulsion of a fetus from the uterus by natural causes before it is able to survive independently.
    the arrest of the development of an organ, typically a seed or fruit.

    However, if the satanist temple were against anything, shouldn’t they be against abortion? After all, all the innocent lives that are being murdered are God’s children which are going to God.

    The acts carried out by these evil people should be enough to send them to the gas chamber or electric chair. It shouldn’t matter if the life was taken out of the womb or someone walking on the earth! It’s still MURDER!