Clerk Fired for “Tweet-Attacking” Kline During Abortion/Ethics Case

Topeka, KS – The Kansas Supreme Court Chief Justice Lawton Nuss announced late yesterday that the Court has fired Sarah Peterson Herr, the Appeals Court Research Attorney that tweet-attacked Phill Kline during his ethics hearing on Thursday. He said her case has been “referred to other offices for possible ethics violations.”

Herr had tweeted from what appeared to be the court room, calling Kline a “douche bag” and indicating she had insider knowledge on how some of the judges would rule. She predicted that Kline would be disbarred for “not less than 7 years.”

Read Herr’s full comments on Twitter.

Operation Rescue was the first to publicly call for her firing on Thursday evening. Operation Rescue staff member Deborah Myers immediately e-mailed the court, reporting Herr’s inappropriate tweets and pointing out their prejudicial nature. After a brief e-mail exchange between Ms. Myers and the Court on Friday, Herr was suspended with pay. On Monday, she was fired.

“We join with Phill Kline’s attorney, Tom Condit, in demanding a full and independent investigation into the apparent political bias that has infected the Court,” said Troy Newman, President of Operation Rescue and Pro-Life Nation.

Court bias surfaced in a dramatic way when five out of seven Supreme Court justices recused themselves from hearing oral arguments in Kline’s ethics case wherein he stands accused of mishandling criminal investigations into abortion clinics while he served as State Attorney General and Johnson County District Attorney. Bias against Kline and in favor of abortion clinics has riddled previous Supreme Court abortion rulings, especially those penned by radical feminist Carol Beier. Beier was one of the justices that recused.

Two Appeals Court judges and three District Attorneys replaced the recused Supreme Court justices for Kline’s hearing. Herr’s involvement with the Appeals Court judges added to concerns of court bias.

Many familiar with the case believe that Kline’s prosecution is a politically motivated effort to destroy his career and to ensure abortion clinics are never again investigated in Kansas.

Research attorneys such as Herr can heavily influence a judge’s decisions. Job duties include “ascertaining facts from a record of legal pleadings and trial transcripts, researching applicable law, and providing comprehensive legal analysis from an objective viewpoint.”

“Obviously, Ms. Herr was not objective in the extreme and dismissal from her position was appropriate. This begs the question of how her bias many have influenced other cases and if her attitudes are pervasive throughout the rest of the Court’s employees,” said Newman. “An independent investigation is necessary to ensure an unbiased judiciary.”

Court spokesman Ron Keefover indicated to reporters on Monday that the Court would attempt to seek an independent investigation into bias.

Herr has since locked her Twitter and Facebook accounts. The content of her blog,, has been removed and the site placed in “Maintenance Mode.”


  • ardvaark1965

    Glad they got rid of her. Now if she has a license to practice in any State, disbar her forever; her kind is not wanted in the legal profession! She is an insult to any Attorney!

  • Norma

    This is great news! Something to be thankful for right before Thanksgiving! Guess you could say she was aborted from that job!

  • Heywood Jalisson

    I wonder if this woman is really a Kansas attorney? She is not in the online attorney directory (link on

  • Heywood Jalisson

    I just found her in the online attorney directory. Her last name is given as “Peterson Herr.” “Peterson” is in the body of your story; the photo says “Patterson.” How is she named on her twitter account? How did you know it was she. Inquiring minds want to know!

  • russedav

    Except that the oxymoron of “abortion jurisprudence” where the usual rules of other jurisprudence can’t apply insures she will be a desirable asset to proabort lawless, fascist, immoral, degenerate monster obscenities like Sebellius et al.

  • russedav

    It says something profoundly vile about the KS SC that they’re so vile in their lawlessness as to allow Kline’s case at all when FIVE of its evil members are so depraved & corrupt as to have to recuse themselves. For centuries civilized societies knew that abortion is murder until the vile, lawless, fascist Roe v Wade useful idiots smeared Blackmun’s mindless, lawless excrement on paper and pretended the manifest derangement was a lawful act (not even proaborts will or can argue Roe v Wade has any rational basis whatsoever, merely the “raw judicial power” dissenting Justice White correctly labeled the vile monster), like fellow lawless, fascist, baby butcher obscenity (and later sodomite harlot as well) Kennedy did a bit later in PP v Casey and then Lawrence v TX.