Chula Vista Abortionist Suspended

Dr. Phillip Rand Had Butchered Another Woman

On September 15, 2004 the California Office of Administrative Hearings issued an order suspending the license of abortionist Philip Rand. Rand worked for a chain of abortion clinics, Clinica Medica para La Mujer de Hoy, that spanned from San Diego to the Los Angeles area. All of the clinics were located in working class Latino neighborhoods.

Rand had been accused of harming women for years until the Medical Board of California decided that the last abortion he botched was so egregious he was considered a public threat. While pro-lifers are rejoicing over the news that he can no longer legally perform abortions, some are wondering why it took so long for the medical board to act against a man who has a long history of medical malpractice lawsuits against him.

Greg Anthony, a lawyer who has litigated against Rand responded to the news saying, “Rand has had a lot of evil around him. The guy has a career of malfeasance.”

“Hallelujah” was Operation Rescue West president Troy Newman’s reaction. Newman, who for years picketed the Chula Vista clinic where Rand worked, was elated to hear the news. “That guy was such scum,” Newman said in a telephone interview from his home in Wichita, Kansas. “Almost ten years ago, I was at the Chula Vista clinic and I was yelling at him ‘you’re too old to kill babies.’ He slowly turned around, raised his shaky right arm, and flipped me off.”

Newman added that pro-lifers have being praying for a long time that Rand would stop performing abortions. “But,” he said, “sometimes I think the devil had a grip on him.”

Cheryl Sullenger, another former San Diego pro-lifer who protested outside of the Chula Vista location of Clinica Medica said she was “Ecstatic” when told that Rand had lost his license. Sullenger said she had made a flyer outlining how many times Rand had botched abortions and had included medical board records. “We showed them to women who came to the clinic. Often times the woman would be horrified. Some of the women turned away because of the flyers.”

Included in Sullenger’s flyer was mention of a July 16, 1999 “Dateline NBC” segment about Rand. According to the flyer, which cites the segment’s transcript, Pamela Battle was awarded four million dollars because of Rand’s negligence. In April of 1978, Battle was eight months pregnant. She called Rand in the middle of the night because she was experiencing heavy bleeding. Battle told the “Dateline” reporter that Rand had told her to go back to sleep. When Battle continued to bleed she rushed to the hospital. When Rand arrived at the hospital he told her that she did not need an emergency cesarean section to deliver the baby. According to Battle, Rand argued against medical intervention for an hour which severely damaged her baby. After Battle sued Rand for damages, he filed for bankruptcy. Rand had dropped his medical malpractice insurance years before; saying it was too expensive. In spite of the judgment against Rand, Battle could not collect any money. The segment notes that Battle ended up living on public assistance in a one-bedroom apartment with her brain-damaged son. “He never apologized. He just said, ‘These things’ happen,'” Battle told “Dateline.”

Tim Rutherford, the lawyer who, with his law partner, secured a 31 million dollar judgment against Rand in the Battle case, said, “I’m surprised it took this long,” when told of Rand’s suspension.

Sullenger’s flyer also outlined the story of Marcia Lattimore. After going to Sharp Cabrillo because of an incomplete abortion in May of 1990, Rand attempted to complete the abortion. In the process, Rand perforated Lattimore’s uterus. “He lied to me,” Lattimore said at the time. “When he discharged me, Dr. Rand told me my uterus had not been perforated.”

Lattimore went on to say that she knew he had perforated her uterus. “My lips were purple (from internal bleeding), and I was crying and telling him that I should not go home. But I did. And I kept going back every other day, because of the pain. But he kept telling me that nothing was wrong with me.”

Lattimore added that Rand told her that until she received a medical degree she should let him decide what was wrong. Lattimore was later admitted to Sharp Cabrillo and saw another doctor. After undergoing emergency surgery, Lattimore recovered although she lost two and a half feet of her intestine. Doctors told her that it was surprising that she survived as long as she did considering her injuries.”

The last abortion that Rand botched was on a woman whom California Medical Board documents list as A.P. Last August, the documents state, A.P. went to the Santa Ana Clinica Medica Para La Mujer de Hoy to undergo a second trimester abortion. In spite of not having the proper facilities to perform a second trimester abortion, Rand attempted the procedure. Medical board records show that Rand did not administer any anesthesia or painkillers, both standard in the procedure. Upon completion of the procedure, Rand left the clinic. When A.P. became ill, the two unlicensed medical assistants who had assisted Rand called Rand. En route to his San Diego home, he told them to call 911. When the paramedics from the Santa Ana Fire department arrived at the clinic, they found A.P. in a pool of blood. One paramedic was so incensed by how he found A.P. that he reported Rand to his supervisor who in turn notified the medical board. A signed declaration from the paramedic noted, “This was the worst post partum patient situation at a medical clinic I have ever encountered during my time as a paramedic.”

According to Santa Ana Fire Agency records, abortionist Nicholas Braemer, M.D., made the call to 911. At the time of the call, Braemer’s license had been suspended.

In his suspension order, Office of Administrative Hearings judge Steven Adler said that “serious injury will result to the public before the noticed hearing (March 2005) can be heard” if Rand were allowed to practice in the interim. Rand was granted a hearing on September 28 to defend himself against the suspension order. But, although he has successfully defended his license in the past – despite numerous lawsuits, investigations, and reprimands by the California Medical Board – he decided not to challenge the order and allow the suspension to stand.

  • lime5

    Hi, guys!

    Just got to the computer after several hours of picketing here…interesting morning; one guy spat on Malachi after a mouthful of convoluted idiology (yes, spelt idiology, not to be confused with ideology), and another chap revealed to us the depths of his personality and intelligence by mooning us. A number of women went past us into one of the local death camps, but at least not without seeing what they were purchasing, and being offered more information and real assistance. And about 20 or so passersby received accurate information about abortion…which somehow brings me to Rand and the recent relief of his medical “duties”…

    I love it when a plan comes together…well, if it’s a good plan! Exposing serial killers for what they really are and stripping them of their medical guise is always a good plan, especially for pregnant women in crisis and their innocent children. One wonders how many women have to die to discourage one abortionist…we just learned of another death here, but are awaiting some expert testimony as to whether the dead woman’s survivors will be able to pursue justice in this matter through the courts.

    We found out about this, incidentally, because one of our group displays the sign “Women Killed by Legal Abortion” very publically at least twice a week; and a friend of the dead woman saw that sign and struck up a conversation with its owner…Interested parties may obtain copies of that poster via…

    Another helpful sign to display as often as possible would read something like, “ABORTION INJURY? Consent does not excuse malpractice.
    For legal help, call 1-800-U CAN SUE” The second line of that is a mouthful, but it is very important to include because many women will otherwise blow your message off because the death camp staff will have convinced them that, having signed the consent/liability release/ indemnification forms usually required to have a child killed, she has no legal recourse if she is injured, maimed, incapacitated, etc., nor her survivors if she dies. This is not true, but lots of women believe it and this is one reason why more abortion-related deaths and injuries are not reported.

    It is also helpful to be sure and instruct post-abortive women leaving the killing chamber to go straight to the nearest Emergency Room WITH A TRAUMA UNIT. Any woman who has just had an abortion has just endured one of the worst traumas, bodily and emotionally, that any woman can; further, the people who work those units, particularly, see the devastated aftermath of abortions regularly and will know what to look for, the better to save her life.

    One woman died about a year ago, I understand, within 10 hours of her “safe, legal” abortion at a Birmingham, AL area abortion mill; her uterus was perforated and she hemorrhaged to death on her way to the E.R…once she finally got an ambulance. Her husband, observing her in bad condition called the “clinic”, and reported to them that her temperature had dropped to 94 degrees. They told him not to worry, everything was normal and would be fine…the standard line.
    Fortunately, he called the ambulance despite their “expert” badvice…unfortunately, it was much too late then.


    LIME 5 savannah

  • steve

    Well, if a physician is putting at risk the health and/or life of women, he or she should be sanctioned. The fact that the physician is an abortion provider makes no difference. Sadly, doctors of all types are allowed to harm patients with little or no punishment.

  • jerry


    it’s really a stretch to call an abortionist a ‘physician’. physicians are healers, by definition, and their credo is “do no harm”. but an abortionist is a hired killer, basically.

    secondly, thanks to the intense lobbying efforts of proabortionists and radical feminists, abortion is largely unregulated. and that is an absolute disgrace. but you see, to require regulation would drive up the costs of baby killing, which would in turn, discourage many women from choosing death for their babies. also, the people who kill babies for a living and make money promoting it want as many abortions as possible – especially for poor people. that is consistent with margaret sanger’s philosophy of making sure that ‘poor’ and ‘undesirable’ people would choose to abort their children, rather than put an undue burden on society as a whole. she, of course, was the founder of planned parenthood, one of the most evil organizations on the planet. take a look, and you’ll see that the majority of killing centers are located in poor neighborhoods.

    and so, the abortion industry would rather provide ‘cheap’ abortions without real regulation, and for those women who are maimed or die – oh well….guess that’s the one of the costs of making sure that ‘choice’ remains the law of the land.

    as far as other malpractice cases, i beg to differ. malpractice insurance is required of legitimate medical practitioners, and is outrageously high, due to trial lawyers who can’t wait to sue. that doesn’t mean mistakes aren’t made, or that doctors should get off the hook if they’ve genuinely screwed up.

    but abortionists, in more ways than one, are in a class all by themselves, because they don’t heal for a living, they kill.

  • James

    Anybody who performs, aids or otherwise contributes to abortion is just as guilty as the abortionists themselves. They are MURDERERS!
    Women who receive abortions are MURDERERS!
    The feminists and other freaks of this society who condone and approve this “legal” killing are MURDERERS!
    They will all face their maker and may they rot in hell.

  • estan

    any guy who lies to a women then nearly kills her doesn’t desreve a suspension, he deserves to be put in jail!

  • janice spiak

    Dear Fellow Soldiers, I call us soldiers , because that is what all who boldly stand up to protect the unborn are. When my husband and I went picketing at a local Abortion Mill several years , an off-duty police officer tried to intimitate us by demanding we show him ID,since we were within our legal rights we ignored him,realising that he was attempting to pick a fight. Thank God for finnally putting this Rand guy out of Business. He should be in jail for all the horrible things he has done. God Bless you guys for being front line soldier for the portection of women and the unborn. Keep up the good work, you will have a great reward awaiting for you in heaven. God Bless You, Janice Spiak

  • susan horton

    Dr. Rand was my physician for the last 23 yrs. He delivered both my children c-section, one was 6 wks premature and both healthy as can be. MY son just turned 18 yrs. old last week. My most precios memory of his birth was one morning 6:00 a.m. I had my new son laying on my bed in between my legs, as I sat there starring down at this tiny miracle of life, I looked up to see Dr. Rand quietly watching me from my hospital room door. If you could see the look on his face, I knew and still believe he dedicated his life to all the millions of women and babies Dr. Rand has had as patients.
    With abortion there is always a risk of danger and possibly death, that is why abortion is so controversial. That is also why they have you sign the consent form.
    Dr. Rand has repaired many other doctors mistakes, most emergency room care for me in the past. I went to him for all my medical issues from severe respitory infection, preventative breast cancer, chemical inbalance and hyperglocimia, etc.
    I never would of gone to him for an abortion because I thought he would get angry with me. Heb loved bringing life into the world I saw it on his face that morning at the hospital when my son was born.
    If you were to call Dr. Rand service at midnight on New Years eve, not even 5 mins. later you would recieve a call back from him. He is the only doctor who has never once mentioned payment even when I had no insurance. He didn’t care if you had money or not or a new patient or walk in off the street.
    Dr. Rand worked 24/7 and was the most well known as the best baby doctor in San Diego County, he delivered my friend and 20 yrs. later delivered her baby. He was everyones doctor generations. I’m sorry to those women, but no one is perfect. All the successful procedures Dr. Rand has performed I’m sure in the millions, if one was to count, there are going to be a few unsuccessful ones.
    So I speak for all the thousands of women who have been fortunate enough to have found a competent doctor as Dr. Rand I will miss you and Thank you for 23 yrs. of excellent care!!

  • Deann

    Susan, you are lucky to be alive. That man was a butcher and a screwup, as evidenced by over 40 malpractice suits and numerous disciplinary actions by the Medical Board. You may have deceived yourself into thinking that he “loved bringing life into the world” but the reality is that loved more the taking of it, which he did almost daily the final two decades of his so-called practice. I lived in San Diego and I know for a fact he had a horrible reputation and was far from the “best baby doctor” unless you call him the”best baby butcher” and even at that, he apparently wan’t very good at it. Nice try at rewriting history, but those of us who know the truth won’t let that bilge you wrote go unchallenged!

  • Anthony

    Lime5 speaking of “Serial Killers” … thank heavens that pro life activist/extremist James Kopp in Amherst, NY will never be titled as one. This is because he only managed to kill one human being defending his “creator.” He was sentenced to 25 years to life for his act of MURDER “James”…..holy rubbish is all I can say to that. People who hide behind God and defend as a man/woman will do not represent the Lord. They represent their own regime that has false pretenses wrtten all over it. These are people that should have never been born in the first place.

  • Pam

    It is so sad that people go on what they hear and not what they know. Many of you are speaking on what you don’t know. Philip Rand had been in practice for over 40 years and had some malpractice suits against him. Of course being a doctor is practice, he is not perfect. He was the “The Best Baby Doctor of all times. He delivered two of my children and his office was always packed. He had compassion for his patients and never allowed anyone to treat them bad even if they did not have the ability to pay. Stop judging others. As it says in the bible “he who is without sin, cast the first stone” this leaves all of us open. We are not perfect and neither is he, I am sure he never meant to cause harm to anyone. Because of his age it probably was not a good choice for him to continue practing medicine. The board should have made him give up his license when he reached a certain age. For me I have nothing but good things to say abour Philip Rand” The greatest doctor ever”.

  • P.B.

    I know for a fact what kind of Dr. Philip Rand is. I have a 31 year old son who cannot walk ,talk and will need 24 hour care for the rest of his life. Even though it was proven in court that Rand was at fault. He has never said I am sorry. So what kind of Dr. do you think he is?

  • Lorraine

    WoW this all blows me away. This man Dr. Rand deliverd both my baby’s in 1981 & 1982 I had just turned 19 with my 1st baby. I do remember him asking me if I want an abortion & I said absoluty not so thank god he never brought it uo again to me. Not even 2weeks after my 2nd baby I hemriged 3 times. I called him the first time & he told me to put my legs up of course it did not stop went to the E.R. well they got it to stop so they sent me home the next day it happend again I almost died that time. Dr Rand had to remove my utris I was only 20 my heart was broken, BUT I thank god I had 2 beautiful kids a girl & a boy I felt very blessed & they had there mommy. At that time I felt he saved my life and I felt very lucky. Now I wonder if he could have saved my Uteris if he could have done somthing differnt? I’m just glad I am alive, I got to see my kids growup & now I’m watching my grandkids growup : ) But to think what Dr Rand did to all those little unborn baby’s make’s me so sick to my stomach. Shame on him, only he will know if god can forgive him. I’m not sure all the little lost babys can :(

  • Regina Smith

    He’s one of those mad doctor why
    do they give license to them for medical reason I wandering?

  • Regina Smith

    Dr.Rand told me that I need a hystertomy for my uterus because I was bleeding heavy he suggested a removal of my ovaries. But I was seeing another Dr. Matthews who said he would just clean off my walls of my uterus and did’t need to let the butcher hurt me. But on night Dr. Rand call me and said that the surgery I told him about was going to stop because Molina wasn’t going to pay for it. I not thinking I run to sharp Cabrillo hospital he put me in a empty closet with two standing light and performed a surgery and he keeped coming back asking me to sign more paper for more surgery I wasn’t ever drug I woke up in the middle of the surgery the nurse was so scare she called me and asks if I wanted to sue him for what he done and I was so sick I couldn’t believe he had destroy me for no reason at all his as wicket as wicket as it gets I want to now sue that man for everything he got I struck with living with my cervis all bleeding all the time and he call me right when I got out of the hosipal to inform he no longer take my Molina and I have to go to Dr. Matthew for hormones injection cruel as evil go to hell Dr. Phipp Rand

  • Regina Smith

    Do only one know if he alive? So I can voodoo him