Charges Reduced Against St. Louis Pro-Life Activist in False Planned Parenthood Case

By Cheryl Sullenger

St. Louis, MO – A felony case against pro-life activist John Ryan, who was falsely accused of making a terrorist threat to a Planned Parenthood worker, has been dropped, but a new misdemeanor case was filed in its place on April 6, 2017.

Ryan, a long-time pro-life advocate who regularly offered help to abortion-bound women at the Planned Parenthood abortion facility in St. Louis, Missouri, was arrested on December 31, 2016, after having a brief conversation with a clinic worker. He was released the following day.

In another development, a Planned Parenthood petition for an injunction to keep Ryan 150 feet away from Planned Parenthood offices in the St. Louis area was withdrawn in March.

Brad Blake, Ryan’s attorney, told the St. Louis Post-Dispatch that he was not told why the charge against his client was reduced. Blake told the newspaper that Ryan has always maintained his innocence and even passed a polygraph test.

Ryan believes the Planned Parenthood employee made a false report, accusing him of telling her there were bombs inside the abortion facility. The abortion facility was searched by police, but inexplicably was never evacuated during the search despite the seriousness of the accusations. In fact, Planned Parenthood continued to treat patients, who were allowed to come and go freely during the search.

Ryan’s brief conversation was witnessed by at least a half-dozen people, who deny he ever made any threatening remarks.

“It looks like prosecutors are having second thoughts about Planned Parenthood’s spurious accusations, as well they should,” said Troy Newman, President of Operation Rescue. “This case is an attempt by Planned Parenthood to punish an innocent citizen who was simply exercising his First Amendment Rights. Planned Parenthood’s accusations have no credibility, and we urge the City of St. Louis to completely drop this bogus case against Mr. Ryan in the interest of justice.”

  • Barbara Jean

    These cases are so similar, I wonder if PP has coached their staff to make such accusations to harass pro life witnesses.

  • Sheryl Forsha

    He should file a counter suit against the liar and his or her agent employer.

  • Clay Fitzgerald

    What are the new misdemeanor charges that replaced the making of a terrorist threat?

  • Same charge. It’s just a misdemeanor instead of a felony.

  • jjmcl431

    sounds and looks like the usual setup used by liberals to screw up anyone that disagrees with them.

  • False charges stop a “nuisance” for Planned Parenthood. But what about the false charges? Should they be ignored? Or should they be acted upon by ones who protest abortions performed by “Planned Parenthood”? Those who brought the false charges should be in jail.

  • Clay Fitzgerald

    So, how is that felony terrorist threats can be reduced to misdemeanor terrorist threats? I don’t get the difference and if they can’t get the original charges to stick how do they think that a similar but reduced charge will stick?

  • mjmaf

    I agree – sue them for a large dollar figure. The false reporter from the Death Chamber obviously told the insiders there were no bombs and henceforth – no evacuation. That should have been the clincher, Bearing False Witness also breaks a Commandment – hmmm. But alas, like the Anita Hill Clarence Thomas false accusations of sexual harassment to prevent him from getting on the superior Court Bench – it is the seriousness of the charges not whether they are true or false! Once again – SUE the Baby Killer Inc. Building out of business – so the wee ones may live! America must turn itself around from being purveyors of the Culture of Death to one of Life! Who knows – the next life saved may carry the cure for Cancer, Heart Disease, discover the next source of clean energy, one that makes sense on all fronts. LIFE – provides possibilities. We already knows what Death does – takes all those away!

  • rocky63

    The fact that PP did not have anyone leave the premises during the “bomb search” makes it pretty clear that they knew there was no bomb. The allegation of a bomb threat by Mr. Ryan is clearly a lie.

  • Marty Koval

    It should not be a surprise that an employee of Planned Parenthood would lie about what John Ryan said. Planned Parenthood has been in control by The Great Deceiver and Liar, Satan and lies and deceptions are being used to mask the fact that abortions are not murders. To protect their murder factory, some Planned Parenthood employees will lie to keep the truth from being exposed.

    The truth will always win over the lie, and John Ryan will be found not guilty.

  • liberaldisgust

    So … what are the reduced charges and who levied them the P P or the D A …. and about the false charges , sue the f*ck out of them for false imprisonment …

  • scragsma

    That’s dumb. If they couldn’t support it as a felony, how do they expect to succeed as a misdemeanor?

  • VoiceOfReason

    Pro-life advocates need to be smart and at a minimum make sure they have a hidden device with them recording audio at all times while engaging in any pro-life advocacy.

  • patcarlson1

    I am sure the prolifer is innocent, but the polygraph proves nothing. It is a pseudo-scientific device. Someone is out $500 for a “test” which means nothing.

  • Suzu M

    Anytime Planned Parenthood and political leaders come to mind, the books This Present Darkness and Piercing the Darkness by Frank Peretti ALSO come to mind.

  • Suzu M


  • Suzu M

    Yeah, Sue them and have the money sent to Pregnancy Support Centers or other pro-life organizations. :)

  • ADRoberts

    We know they are evil. They kill babies. So it is expected that they would LIE also.

  • Victoria Jean

    He was in the right. Abortions are wrong

  • Bampster

    If there are credible witnesses statements available to discount the allegations made by PP, then charges should filed against PP personnel for making a false accusation and providing false information to a law enforcement officer and… a civil lawsuit should begin against PP!

  • Bampster

    Just ensure when recording contacts with PP to protect yourself against potentially false criminal accusations by these unethical and morally bankrupt leftist individuals … that you are in a “public place” where no expectation of privacy is present or you could be charged with violation recording a private conversation without having advised the other party of your intent to record without their permission.