Carhart Will Kill Again Unless You Take Action Now!

UPDATE: The MDBP snubbed delivery of 5,000 letters telling us that public opinion doesn’t count! Our concerns are valid and deserve to be heard. We have decided to flood the Board with even more signatures in support of the complaint against Carhart to keep the Board accountable and keep it from being swept under the rug! New signing deadline is April 4. Read more about this here.

Germantown, MD – National Pro-Life groups are seeking signatures on a letter in support of an already-filed complaint asking the Maryland Board of Physicians (MDBP) to investigate and discipline LeRoy Carhart’s for the abortion-related death of one of his patients.

Jennifer Morbelli and her pre-born daughter Madison died from a 33-week abortion done by Carhart at his Germantown, MD abortion clinic on February 7.

The letter supporting the formal complaint already filed by Operation Rescue will be hand-delivered to the Board in the following weeks.

Operation Rescue, Students for Life in America,, Live Action,, and The Survivors are inviting concerned citizens across the country to sign the letter online asking for an immediate emergency suspension of Carhart’s Maryland Medical License until his disciplinary case can be fully adjudicated and his license permanently revoked.

“This is an opportunity for us all to step up to the plate and join together in an effort to stop Carhart’s dangerous abortion business through peaceful, legal means,” said Troy Newman, president of Operation Rescue.

“Unless the Board hears from us, it could very well sweep this case under the rug. If Board members and staff know that America is watching them and will hold them publicly accountable, it might help them do the right thing.”

A special website, has been set up to gather signatures for the letter. Deadline to sign is April 4. [UPDATE: Deadline extended through March 18!]

Please click here to sign the petition and add your name to the list of those who want to protect women and babies by demanding that the MDBP put Carhart out of the abortion business for good!

  • Lisa

    I am very confused as to why Morbeli was seeking an abortion at 33 weeks if, as her mother-in-law stated, the baby, Madison, was a wanted baby. That has not been addressed by any of the articles concerning her and her baby’s deaths.

  • Operation Rescue

    Lisa, Jennifer had been told her baby had some health issues including some kind of seizure syndrome. That’s what motivated her to get an abortion at 33 weeks.

  • Catherine Burke

    I’m so glad to see the pro life groups staying on top of this situation. I am so saddened every time I pray at his clinic as to why anyone would even think that a late term abortion is an option. If you have already carried a child through more than half of a pregnancy than surely you have enough heart to the child a chance, but apparently not.

  • Mona Seaward

    Abortion is murder of innocent children in what should be safest place in the world, a place where they should be safe and loved. Please have mercy on humanity and let these little children live.
    Thank you,
    Mona Seaward

  • it is discusting that this is even done, babies arn’t asked to be born, you know what it takes to keep from getting pregnant, don’t take it out on innocent babies, if concieved they have the right to live, i just wonder how many of us were not planned, did we get aborted ? no it is murder