California Democrats Go All Out to Attack the First Amendment & Protect Planned Parenthood


By Cheryl Sullenger

Sacramento, CA — In a hefty blow to the First Amendment, California Gov. Jerry Brown signed state legislation last Friday that will make it illegal to distribute recordings of conversations with Planned Parenthood other abortion businesses in California.

This is in direct response to undercover videos released last year by the Center for Medical Progress that exposed Planned Parenthood executives haggling over the price of aborted baby body parts even though it is illegal to sell aborted baby tissue for profit.

Beginning in January 2017, AB 1671 will make it a crime to publish such recordings, even if they show evidence of a crime, as the Center for Medical Progress videos so obviously do.

“Who would have ever thought that a law would be passed anywhere in America making it illegal to expose evidence of criminal conduct? This is so unconstitutional that it’s hard to believe that a state legislature and governor all agreed to it,” said Operation Rescue President Troy Newman, who served as a founding member of the Center for Medical Progress. “This just goes to show how much influence Planned Parenthood wields over the Democratic Party, especially in California. If Hillary Clinton, who is endorsed by Planned Parenthood CEO Cecile Richards, becomes president, attacks like this on pro-life investigators and free speech will only get worse.”

Newman has been sued by Planned Parenthood and the National Abortion Federation in a California Federal Court to keep any additional recordings from being made public.

It appears that the California Democrats will stoop to any lengths to stop pro-life investigators from documenting any other illegal or unsafe activity that may involve abortionists – including attacking First Amendment freedoms that have protected Free Speech and a Free Press for over two centuries.

“California’s new anti-recording law was passed by a Democrat-controlled legislature for the sole purpose of insulating Planned Parenthood from any consequences of their own words and actions,” said Newman. “The videos now in the public domain show Planned Parenthood executives acting like ghouls attempting to squeeze every last time out of the remains of babies they abort. Exposing that appalling conduct was a public service. It is only because of Planned Parenthood’s vast political influence within the Democratic Party that its executives aren’t in prison right now.”

The fallout from the CMP videos has been powerful. In addition to several states taking immediate action to block tax-funding to the abortion giant, the U.S. House charged the Select Panel on Infant Lives with the investigation of Planned Parenthood’s involvement in the illegal trafficking of aborted baby remains.

Don’t believe it when the news media says no evidence of wrongdoing on the part of Planned Parenthood has been uncovered.

Already the Select Panel has issued two letters to the Department of Health and Human Services recommending prosecution of Planned Parenthood and Stem Express, an organ procurement company that contracted with Planned Parenthood for aborted baby remains for HIPAA privacy violations and fraud. The Select Panel also expressed concern that coercion may have been involved in obtaining consents from vulnerable pregnant women for the donation of their aborted babies’ remains.

The abortion businesses at issue in Rep. Blackburn’s letters are all located in California. They include Planned Parenthood abortion facilities in San Jose and Concord.

This is strong motivation for the Planned Parenthood supporters within the California Democratic Party — undoubtedly recipients of Planned Parenthood campaign cash — to attack pro-life investigators.

Nearly 80 pages of documents were submitted as evidence against Planned Parenthood and Stem Express by the Select Panel. An independent forensic analysis that confirmed the CMP videos are authentic and present the speakers’ conversations in an accurate manner.

Despite this, liberal media outlets continue to portray the CMP videos as “deceptive.” Such untruthful reporting no doubt provided fodder for Democrats in the passage of California’s clearly unconstitutional anti-recording law.

“The CMP recordings and subsequent House investigative documents are solid proof that Planned Parenthood and Stem Express engaged in a business arrangement that broke the law,” said Newman. “Now the Planned Parenthood’s friends in the Democratic Party have found a way to make the whistle-blowers the criminals by trashing our precious First Amendment freedoms. We pray that this law will not be allowed to stand.”

  • william g munson

    Should not Jerry Brown be considered as a Domestic Enemy? going against the Constatution Which says we have first amendment rights

  • gerald Hughes

    We can’t coexist with these life forms,. eject them from the UNION,.

  • Rev Donald Spitz

    The Democrats and Planned Parenthood obviously are controlled by Satan and his demons. I pray out God makes you and the Center for Medical Progress victorious in this fight for the lives of unborn children.

  • Luciano Beltran

    Operation Rescue should continue to record and when arrested for this specific violation it will not be held constitutional

  • Andrew

    That Jerry Brown should be impeached.

  • I think that any intelligent person understands that California is a state of full of cranks and nuts; they violate the very principles under which this nation was founded – with impunity. Ignorance is the keystone of California politics. Insanity is a bi-word which accurately describes lack of mental acuity in their political decisions … common sense in California is replete in its absence.

  • Aint So

    Even if the law is allowed to stand, Christians have a duty to refuse to obey it in the instance where innocent children are being slaughtered and butchered at whatever cost is imposed. One thing I came to understand over 50 years ago when I first became involved with a huge abortion provider operating outside the law with impunity is that nothing will ever change until Christians and other pro life individuals are willing to surrender their fortune, fill the jails, and clog the courts with their refusal to submit to the tyranny of Satan. This is why 50 years after Rowe v. Wade we still have abortion upon demand. It’s that simple. Complain all you want, this refusal is what continues to enable this curse upon humanity.

  • madgrandma


  • PMurphy

    And to add insult to grave injury, our tax dollars fund the abomination that is Planned Parenthood–our own dollars are used against us. It is an outrage!

  • gypsy314

    Sad democrats what so much to kill babys and quite the right. I say to all Americans what if your parents would have decide to kill you ? In a way maybe the world would have been better of then have you here now killing unborn children

  • Andrew


  • pappy450

    I hate to inform this a-hole brown, but “‘governor” or not this so-called “law” is unconstitutional and null and void before it was even signed. I guess he thinks he is like OSCUMBAG the dictator, and can do anything he damn well pleases.Going against the Constitution is TREASON…THAT too is why oscumbag and his MUSLIME minions should be tried, convicted,, and punished accordingly per the LAWS of the United States.

  • AllenBarclayAllen

    Jerry Brown you ain’t my governer ! Get ready to get sewed ! I will distribute the that video to anyone I damn well please you jerk ! Wow ,really a new stupid law in a Hillary defence no law country ! Jerry Brown the people with the white coats are COMMING after your mentaly I’ll ass !

  • Joseph Nicholas Toth Jr.

    I would think the Constitution would make what Jerry Brown has done null and void.. But apparently there’s not enough decent people in California to come forward and fight.

  • phred01

    he is not different than the gnome running No. Korea

  • dino digger

    Rev Donald Spitz is right on the money. Judging by their actions, Satan seems to have a firm grip on the Demoncrats, and Media!!!

  • eddiestardust

    Brown used to be a great guy but I guess somewhere along the line he sold his soul to be Governor again….

  • Mindy Robinson

    There is only one to put an end to the tyranny , our gov must be re-established. We are no longer a constitutional republic and obama has shredded any illusion that we still have gov. Most of those in gov are enemies of this nation and until the people realize this nation is now fighting a hostile force , there will be more of the same.

  • Carol

    So, California now has a “don’t ask, don’t tell” policy when it comes to criminal activity? Or is it ONLY criminal activity that occurs at Planned Parenthood?

  • Ga PT3

    Sometimes I feel like giving up. I have been in this since 84. Walked side by side with Terry and Lenox to the first sit down in mid-town Atlanta. Trump may not be what people want but I have learned a few things. PP bill got attached to Zika funding and lost which made it a joke with the attachment.

    I came to find out this about Chaffetz he could have found Hillary in contempt of congress. A charge that requires no DOJ or FBI and that makes grow criminals run in fear. I’ve had it watch this youtube by Judical Watch. The first minutes they will tell you how: They could have held her in contempt and had her impeached AS A FORMER public offical. The way the money went with her no one cares and it really makes you wonder.

  • Robert Green

    If you don’t already know it, California is the test State in many of the planned actions against the People. If they can make it happen, then you will see much worse actions against us, knowing they can get away with it! Babies are the first step. The elderly, the second. The rest as needed. This is truly a declared war against the human population by the existing governments, both federal and state!

  • Robert Green


  • Robert Green

    Too late for that. He leaves office this year. But the new one should be watched for similar actions. I suspect he will follow the path Brown leaves.

  • Robert Green

    This State has been controlled by the Liberals within the Assembly and Senate. Though some cities and counties may have a large liberal population, It is incumbent that we find and elect people who value the lives and concerns of their constituents. California needs a major overhaul as does the alleged federal government. We have that opportunity this year. Let’s change the makeup of our State Government!

  • Robert Green

    We have not had a government of, by, or for the People since about 1871. That is when the, then, Congress sold America out due to monies owed Great Britain for the Civil War for the North. They “gave” Washington DC to them as payment. It is my belief that the existing government there today is not of the People and has not been for a long time. It is my belief that we are being manipulated by THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA CORPORATION; a private corporation! That they are determining our fate rather than we doing so. It is also my belief that Congress since then are nothing more than window dressing to make us believe we still have a say in our lives and future. The Constitution For the united States of America was the one our forefathers created. Now I see and have read the Constitution OF The United States of America. There are distinctive differences. I suggest everyone take a look at both to see what the differences are for yourselves.

  • Andrew

    Many thanks Mr. Green.

  • Andrew

    Many thanks Mr. Green.