BREAKING: Medical Examiner Says Abortion Complications Caused Morbelli Death

Baltimore, MD – The chief medical examiner’s office has released the cause and manner of death for Jennifer Morbelli, the 29-year old kindergarten teacher who died after receiving a 33-week abortion by LeRoy Carhart.

The medical examiner has listed two causes of death. The first cause listed is an “amniotic fluid embolism following termination of pregnancy.” That means amniotic fluid surrounding the pre-born baby entered the patient’s bloodstream, causing a life-threatening condition.

The second cause of death was listed as “disseminated intravascular coagulation,” or DIC, a condition where small blood clots form and absorb the clotting agents in the blood to the point where profuse bleeding can occur.

The DIC determination is consistent with information provided by a confidential source that Morbelli suffered profuse internal bleeding and hematocrit levels that were “incompatible with life.”

The medical examiner listed the manner of death for Morbelli as “natural.” Other options for manner of death in Maryland are “accidental,” “homicide” and “suicide.” Natural manner of death would not exclude medical malpractice.

The Montgomery County Police Department has opened an investigation into Morbelli’s abortion-related death. According to, police are waiting for the full autopsy report to make any final decisions concerning their investigation.

“There can be no doubt now that Jennifer died an avoidable death from abortion complications at the hands of LeRoy Carhart. This is a now case of malpractice and negligence,” said Troy Newman, President of Operation Rescue. “We will be announcing our full response to this new information soon.”

  • Mer

    Well, she developed life threatening complications and nobody was around to help her. She went to the clinic on at least 2 more occasions after aborting her child and nobody recognized the symptoms of an amniotic embolism (Can happen with 48 hours-she aborted the baby on Monday and went back on Tuesday and Wednesday)? So much for the safe and legal argument huh! It was legal for Carhart to do what he did to this little baby in Maryland yet his patient ended up dying anyway.

    Safe and legal my foot! It may be legal(God help us) but it sure as hell isn’t safe. Well, it’s never safe for the baby anyway(like the pro aborts would ever let themselves care about that part of it). But isn’t that what the left uses as a selling point for this madness. If you don’t make it legal, women will die. Well, a woman has died. Now what exactly are the liberals going to do about it? Crickets chirping!

  • nicole

    sickening. Apparently, The Lord thought it was sickening as well, enough to punish her justly and immediately for her crime.

  • Mer

    How can this kind of abortion be legal? Not that I believe that it should be legal at any stage mind you, but 33 weeks! How can this even be offered as a choice? I guess they get around it by killing the baby in utero. It really is sick beyond belief.

  • Alice

    This is just plain murder on the baby and the mother!!! Let’s talk about the mother! Your a kindergarden teacher and around these beautiful little people all day and your 33 weeks into your pregnancy and decide to kill your child!!! This is a little child at this stage of the game and when they delivered a dead baby it didn’t look like a blob of cells like they tell you it was a baby! This was a child who could live outside the womb and probably weighted 5pounds at least! Give me a break!! You knew you were going to have problems when you waited so long! The baby has no rights so lets just kill it in the womb so we don’t have to hear it scream outside the womb when we kill it!!! Whats the difference it’s still a child! It looks like one, feel like one, and is one!!! We need to take this case to the press and tell the people of our nation what is going on each day each hour in our country!!!! This makes me sick and they threw the baby is the trash!!! I would of taken that little one and raised it as my own. Why can’t we have a form for patience to fill out in the third trimester that give birth to these babies and we take them to good home and the mother doesn’t have to kill anything and the child lives! DON’T KILL IT! You still have to go thru labor for these late term abortions so have it and give it up! THIS way it’s A WIN WIN!

  • Brooke

    Alice, they baby wouldnt have made it too far past birth BUT she couldve birthed this little angel and gave her a proper burial(when that time came) the fact is yes he killed a woman and her umborn child. I cannot see @ 33 weeks doing this. My 2 children were born at 33 ad 34 weeks!!! I was born prematurely only weighing 2 pounds, 2 ounces and I have only one issue, I was born with only one kidney. This monster needs to pay for what he does and I have a feeling that with the verdict of “natural” causes of death, Carhart will once again get away scott free! I’m praying I am wrong but hes beat so many cases, they will let him beat this one too…..ugh.

  • It remains to be seen if the death is Carhart’s fault. AFE and DIC are known complications of abortions and Carhart should have been attentive to the risk. This isn’t as clear-cut a thing as sending her home with, say, a uterine rupture. I’ll have to look into what they’re supposed to do to prevent these deaths and whether or not Carhart followed those guidelines.

  • Marideth

    Of course, this so-called-doctor is a murderer, but why are we making this woman out to be a victim? She went in to have her child murdered. So, she died. Maybe she shouldn’t have considered being a murderer herself.

  • Shay

    Oh…Jennifer looks like such a sweet lady. She could have had a wonderful life ahead of her. I’m so sorry for any of her family. My condolences. You lost a child and an grandchild.

    Abortion kills. In this case, it killed two people.

    Life should never be taken into our own hands, whether we think the reasons are acceptable, justifiable or reasonable.

    To the people who loved Jennifer, I am sorry for your double loss.

  • Jessica

    Some of you are mentioning God and the Lord. As sad as this story is,
    “Judge not, that you be not judged. For with the judgment you pronounce you will be judged, and with the measure you use it will be measured to you. ”
    Matthew 7:1
    Nobody is worthy of speaking for God. Is one sin worse than another in God’s eyes??

  • Vashra Araeshkigal

    You are either a very badly miseducated Christian, or not Christian at all, if you can so *horribly* misapply that lone verse.

    First and foremost, I (and most others who freely speak the truth about the disgusting abomination of abortion) am *completely* willing to judge abortion to be the murder it is in fact, and I’m also completely willing to be judged by God as worthy to go to straight to Hell if I ever have or perform one.

    But so what?

    I an every other human being on the planet was *already* headed straight to Hell. If not for abortion, then for some other sin. As you point out, one sin isn’t any worse than any other. This sick mockery of a doctor is headed to Hell for murdering unborn children (and now this woman) with his medical malpractice, the mother was headed to Hell for seeking to murder her child, and if *nothing* else (and trust me, the list of “else” is long and creative), I’m headed to Hell for failing to honor the Sabbath, or for coveting, and *definitely* for putting any of a bazillion things “before God” in my life.

    Having said that, I understand that Christ’s perfect sacrifice atones for *every* sin….and for *all* of our sins. I understand that I will be *spared* my *deserved* sentence to Hell by His Grace and Mercy. If this doctor comes to the Lord, he too, will be spared, no matter what he has done or will still do. This poor woman is dead, and she may have died in her fallen state, but even she will be resurrected in the Last Day (call it 11:59 of that proverbial “eleventh hour”) to make her choice to accept the Mercy of the Savior…or…not. There are five separate moment of judgement listed in Revelation…we’re all going to be at one of them.

    Study up, because that verse comes nowhere *near* meaning what you think it does, and if you’re “Christian” yet enabling the sin in this world by refusing to label it as such, you are very much on the wrong path. If you aren’t Christian…then *please* study up, because that verse still doesn’t mean what you think it does, and you would do well to properly get to know your God before He gets here and you’re standing there looking stupid.