Botched Abortion Victim from Tiller’s Late-Term Mill Rushed to Hospital Via Ambulance

WICHITA, KS — With sirens blaring and emergency lights flashing, an ambulance rushed an injured woman to Wesley Medical Center in Wichita, KS at approximately 9:30 AM today, (Thursday, January 13, 2005), after an apparent botched abortion at Women’s Health Care Services, a late-term abortion mill run by the notorious George Tiller.

“They almost caused an accident at the intersection,” said witness Brenna Sullenger, who filmed the arrival of the ambulance at Wesley. “They were in a big hurry.”

First to arrive at the hospital was Tiller employee Edna Roach, a nurse’s assistant who often escorts injured women to the hospital from the mill. She was observed to carry medical files into the Emergency Room in an apparent effort to expedite the intake process.

The ambulance arrived a few moments later. Another witness Cheryl Sullenger noted, “As I pulled into the hospital parking lot, the EMTs were unloading the woman from the ambulance. I drove right past them and they appeared very grim and in a very big rush to get the woman inside. She was covered with a blanket.”

Tiller arrived a few minutes later in his armored Jeep, driven by another employee, Sara Phares. Pro-lifers on the scene asked Tiller, “How many more women have to be injured before you stop, George?”

Meanwhile, back at the abortion mill, Pro-life witnesses observed one of Tiller’s security guards expelling a KNSS (radio) reporter from their parking lot in an effort to institute a media blackout of this story.

“We are here to uncover and report the truth: Babies are dying and women are being maimed. As we near the 32nd memorial of Roe v. Wade, we must ask ourselves how much more human tragedy must we endure before we will take action to stop abortion now.” -Troy Newman, President, Operation Rescue

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Another story of a botched abortion at Tiller’s mill

  • Rachael

    How many women have to be injured or killed by George Tiller before his practice is closed? Why isn’t there more outrage at the blantant medical practice? Where is NOW’s outrage at the harm done to this woman and other women injured by “safe and legal” abortion?

  • steven

    I wrote the mayor of Wichita about this, telling him how awful it is that this outrage occurs in his city. Does anyone know if that is an effective way to voice concern?

  • Rachael

    Oops, my previous comment was missing a few words (what happens when one types too fast, LOL) and I didn’t quite get across what I wanted to say.

    How many women are going to be injured or killed by George Tiller before his practice is closed? Why isn’t there more public outrage at the blantant medical malpractice? I think abortion doctors can get away with malpractice and substandard clinics because of the politics surronding abortion. The substandard care and health conditions often seen in abortion clinics like Tiller’s wouldn’t dare be tolerated in hospitals. Where is NOW’s outrage at the harm done to this woman and other women injured by “safe and legal” abortion?

  • Rachael

    If I may make a suggestion when writing to a health board or mayor regarding the botched abortions, you might gain his attention moreso by focusing on the medical malpractice at the clinic rather than the politics of abortion. Many local and state politicians are uncomfortable talking about hot topics such as abortion and so may not take much notice to letters regarding the issue directly. But that is not to say we can’t shut down clinics by whistle-blowing on those with sub-standard care and medical malpractice :)

  • Rachael

    You still out there? Another women has been seriously injured by a so-called “safe and legal” abortion. George Tiller has a history of botching abortions, injuring, maiming, and killing women. It may be legal, but I wouldn’t call that “safe”. Butchers like George Tiller are able to keep operating because now they are provided santicty by Roe v Wade and abortion-rights activists push for abortion access over women’s safety. Check out the following links for the stories of individual women killed by abortion and accounts of medical malpractice.
    Real Choice
    Legal Action for Women

  • lime5

    Yes, Leon, and also check out the Blackmun Wall at…all of it…then go over and read

    Once again, everybody, that number to call for legal assistance re: abortion malpractice is 1-800-U CAN SUE; 1-800-U CAN SUE…and DON’T WAIT. The statute of limitations in some states is as little as a year…and remember, CONSENT DOES NOT EXCUSE MALPRACTICE. The consent and liablity release forms women are asked by killing chamber staff to fill out prior to getting a murdered baby are tools of the trade to intimidate her into believing that no matter what they do to her, no one can come against them in court…like the song says, though, “It Ain’t Necessarily So”…Abortion may be legal, but fraud, malpractice, injury, and wrongful death, etc., are not.

  • lime 5

    Hmmmm…now what would get a fine, upstanding, responsible physician like Tiller (Yes, read that with a symphony, not a note, of heavy sarcasm) stooping to such bottom-feeding behavior (at least, according to most proaborts) as AMBULANCE CHASING ??? You don’t show it, but I’m guessing the next scene would show him on his knees (figuratively, if not literally) doing his best to persuade this woman and any loved ones with her not to sue him. What bedside manner might he employ to that end? Maybe the one best known, the one that put her there in the first place…knife-brandishing?…just a thought…Or perhaps waving consent forms in her face…again, that number is 1-800-U CAN SUE…

  • lime5

    Oh, and Leon, et al,

    Don’t even think about weighing in with some tripe like “concern for the patient” as a possible motivating factor in Tiller’s ambulance chasing. Induced abortion does not cure, treat, or prevent any legitimately recognized medical ailment. PREGNANCY IS NOT A DISEASE; IT IS A NORMAL FUNCTION OF A HEALTHY REPRODUCTIVE SYSTEM. Humanity is not itself a disease, though it hosts a great many of them, not least of which is the inhumanity to man systematically and deliberately practiced and vaunted by the Tillers of the world.

    If Tiller is not aware of all the above, he is too stupid for a medical license; if he is and does not care, he is too calloused for one. Then, again, he may be both (if he knew he wouldn’t care)…but no way can anyone who has been killing children in utero, especially as long as he has, be seriously considered to be concerned for women’s well-being. It’s an oxymoron.

    The question as to the whereabouts of NOW’s outrage over legal abortion injuries/deaths is as timely now as it has been for the last 35 or so years. I think it left the building shortly after Larry Lader entered it and convinced the NOW leadership of the late 60’s that induced abortion rites were necessary for women to achieve equal socioeconomic status with men. It’s all Borax Solution, of course; a dead or injured woman is (what a concept!), as a rule, less, not more, competent than a whole one…and is it just me, or has anyone else ever wondered why women should want to be equal to the low-lifes groups like NOW invariably make all members of the male gender out to be…?

    A certain aversion to diabolical men (and women, for that matter) is a healthy thing; but a categorical aversion to good, healthy men and/or women is a diabolical thing…I think that’s been mentioned here before…As to weak or sick members of either gender (whatever their age/stage in life), the only humane, just attitude is compassion. Help their lives improve, not end. (Every life will end eventually anyway; even suicides don’t want theirs to end prematurely; they want the pain they are in to end, and just don’t see the end in sight.)

    If you can read this, you received life support from someone. Promote life support for others whenever, wherever, and however you can. It’s the least you can do.

    Once again, folks, that number to call for legal assistance with abortion injuries is 1-800-U CAN SUE; yes, that’s 1-800-U CAN SUE…And don’t forget, CONSENT DOES NOT EXCUSE MALPRACTICE.

    Happy New Year!

  • Jessica

    seriously…you people are ridiculous. open a science book rather than your bible once in a while and maybe you can adjust this distorted reality you all live in. Abortions…while controversial…are SAFE AND LEGAL. Period. You are distorting fact for religious reasons. Seriously…evolve already.

  • jerry


    your comments make it clear, beyond any doubt, that YOU are the one living in a distorted reality.

  • lime5

    Jessica, jessica, jessica…why not take your own advice and consult some verified medical literature (such as the blackmun wall at instead of your undeservedly trusted proabort playbook/”bible”…and open your mind to some facts about the safety of abortion?

    Should a passion for truth serious enough to fuel such an investigation chance to have betaken you already , or do so in the future, you might also want to check out

    All the best…

  • Casey

    I think what Dr. Tiller does is a service to women of Wichita. If he wasn’t here, then abortions would be happening in back alleys with coat hangers. He is doing a service to women in the city! I think he is a wonderful person, and should not be attacked for any services he provides, whether it be from a surgical abortion, the pill, or any other advice/procedures he gives!

  • Louise

    Dr. Tiller’s “service” is making him a rich man, enough for motive. The reason abortions were given the term “back alley” I am told is that they were (and still are) something to hide, something to be ashamed of. Dear God you pro-aborts are killing innocent children and don’t even care. What are you made of? Steel? A pregnancy is temporary, an abortion is forever (along with all the nightmares that go with it). How can people complain about those lost in a war when the numbers are so much higher for abortion? The military is voluntary, the unborn didn’t volunteer to have his/her life put at risk and to be killed. Be responsible! Pro lifers offer help to get through unplanned pregnancies. I wonder how much help comes from those pro abortion organizations when a woman dies from her abortion and they do, they just all lie about how many.

  • Casey

    Pro-lifer’s cry about wanting to FORCE women to keep unwanted pregnacies. People say that adoption is SUCH a loving alternative. Well, when there are sooo many children that need to be adopted that they’re advertised in the paper, then that’s a problem! Ultimately, I support any women that want to have an abortion, and have no intention in the world to try and change her mind. The Catholic Church says that abortion is an act against God. Sure, and so is a priest molesting kids. Hmmm, makes ya think!

  • Songbird77


    Of course sexual molestation, sexual violence and/or rape are abominable offenses – who among us has ever stated otherwise? In fact, those crimes are so immense – and their legacies are so devastating – that they deserve to be treated and discussed extensively – and they have been.

    And, candidly, they probably deserve to be examined by someone other than myself, as I was raped at age 16 and harbor a whole lot of residual anger about this. It is an enduring truth of most (if not all) religious faiths that God can and will forgive any sin, but my heart is colder than cold when it comes to pedophiles. I simply cannot imagine the lonely horror that must ensue when rape is perpetrated on the pre-pubescent individual – that is something that I cannot even envision. I was 16 – and that was still far too young – but I was certainly a post-pubescent and at least had some rudimentary awareness. I’d been taught sex education at a local Catholic high school, so I had some insight – well, sort of. Suffice it to say, I have a special empathy for victims of sex crimes, and I always will. In fact, I could write a book about it, but this is obviously not the proper forum for it.

    And, someone far wiser, far holier and far more forgiving will need to deal with sexual predators. My emotionality precludes it.

  • Rachael

    Did you even bother to check out the links I provided before spouting out your pro-abortion rhetoric? At those links are documented cases cases of women killed by “safe and legal” abortion? Operation rescue has has featured many news articles on Tiller’s patient’s(picture documention included) being transported to the local hospital for complications and Tiller following in suite. You’re lucky you got out of Tiller’s cliic alive. Oh, and the majority of illegal abortions were performed by licensed physicians in good standing. Women had to go through the “back-alley” to quietly enter the office after hours. The maternal mortality rate went down not because of legalizing abortion, but due to improved medical care and the use of newer and more effective anti-biotics such as penicillin. For more on that go to
    Legal or illegal, there are two victims of abortion, the mother and the child.

    If that was truly the right decision for you then why do you feel you must justify it to yourself and others? Just some food for a thought.

  • Casey

    some of you anti-choice members say that if a woman becomes pregnant, she should not have an abortion. There are methods of birth control-unless some of you oppose those as well-and an unintentional pregnancy should be carried to term. Basically, if she didn’t want to get pregnant, then she should have been more careful. Maybe you wouldn’t have gotten raped if YOU had been more careful.

  • b. mcnutt


    Welcome to reality 101!
    Actually, the vast majority of illegal abortions in the few decades prior to Roe were either done by licensed physicians in their offices, masked as D&C’s, or induced by various known abortifacient herbal concoctions; so go put your infamous coathanger back in your closet where it can perform the legitimate function for which it was designed, rather than weilding it as a weapon of extortion against women and their unborn children.

    And no, Casey, abortion is very rarely, strictly speaking, a woman’s choice in that
    a.) very few women get pregnant in order to obtain an abortion,
    b.) An abortion is usually a fear-based reaction; chosen like an animal caught in a trap “chooses” to chew off it’s hind leg, not thinking, in the passion of the moment, how freedom-limiting the self-maiming will prove in the long run…and an act of desperation is not a free choice, or a real choice.
    c.) Perhaps you’ve not cared to pay attention to it, but those of us who have can’t help observing how viciously proaborts (self-procliamed “champions of choice” have fought informed consent laws when and wherever these have been sponsored by state legislators…then, if they can’t stop them outright, get them so watered down that they are virtually meaningless and so they can continue to deprive women of an informed…an informed…ah, yes, here it is, and informed…ready for this?…and informed choice.

    As for your referencing prolifers as “anti-choice”, this is a farce; obviously, the more children are killed by abortion, the fewer wills there will be alive to do acts of volition — a.k.a. “choices”. Living people make so many more choices than dead ones; or hadn’t you noticed that, either?

    Then how is it that, because you recognize child molestation to be wrong, that murdering the child is somehow right? Certainly very callous of you to use one wrong to justify another, but that is the tendency among your camp…please wake up and turn around.

  • Casey

    I know that if I was pregnant, I would certainly want an abortion. Maybe I’ll become pregnant next week, tell my mom, and still go see Dr. Tiller! That means that I have a choice to go and do whatever I want with my body. I’m pleased to know that the Kathleen vetoed a bill for clinic requirements, and wish her the best of luck.
    Of course, should I become pregnant, maybe I will go find that coat hanger. Also, how OBVIOUS it should be to me that when a woman goes to have an abortion, she is informed about the procedure, after care, etc. So, all that information isn’t for an informed choice. That’s a lot of doublespeak; kind of like you’re ‘watering it down to be something meaningless…’
    As far as the child molesting comment goes, that’s comparing apples to oranges. I have not agreed with anything that the Catholic Church preaches, nor the Pope. I belive in abortion, birth control, sex before marriage, and think that gays should have the right to marry. How does any of this affect me personally? It doesn’t! My neighbor, the girl in my CJ class, my best friend could all have abortions tomorrow. Would that make me unable to sleep at night? Of course not! It’s not my place to make their decision for them, nor preach to them how ‘they will be damned, go to hell, and be unable to live with themselves’. I would think that they would be among friends-probably myself included, who knows?-and many, many, many of you. I just heard that wonderful Troy Newman was arrested this afternoon. Ha! That does make me giggle. So, mcnutt, people can preach, lecture, scream, argue all they want about abortion, but it is a woman’s choice. I know that there will be protests tomorrow at the homes of Dr. Tiller’s clinic workers. Shame that you people don’t know where I live. Perhaps I should get my coat hangers ready!

  • Songbird77


    I shall not even dignify your comment with a response. (Trust me, if you’re ever raped – whether you’re 16 or 60 – you’ll bite your tongue right off…..)

    Yes – I believe in non-abortifacient birth control. Yes, I was only sixteen in the waning days of 1974. Yes, I’ve been LOTS more careful since then – and that’s 30 years of “careful” – sweetcheeks. All that being said, I sincerely would not wish sexual assault – in any form – upon anyone.

    I’m no saint, though: you can take that comment of yours and tenderly place it where the sun don’t shine.

  • mcnutt


    Where are those requested forms? Until you are willing to have them compared with other sources of information on this – sources that don’t have Tiller’s clear vested interest in manipulating the truth (face it, dear, you had to deny a great deal of that to post your last rant) about the dangers of abortion to women – you don’t warrant a voice claiming any kind of validity here. Did you bother to check out and verify the sources listed by several others? I noticed that that question has already been asked once here, and that you did not answer it in your “responses”…
    At least your post proves one thing we suspected, and that is that you really don’t care at all about children, just you’re “right” to do whatever you want, when you want, without consequences. The real world doesn’t operate that way, and we still hope, however vainly, that you grow up and face it before conceiving another child…for your own sake as much as the child’s. Should you ever screw up the courage to face the Blackmun Wall, bear in mind that, while all the women remembered there died from legal induced abortions, not all of them were killed by their FIRST abortion…So go put your coathanger back in your closet where it belongs, wake up, and grow up.

    And no, contrary to what you’ve apparently been taught, IT’S NOT ALL ABOUT YOU.

  • Casey

    It’s not about me? Oh, darn!

  • mcnutt

    Ah, progress! Let’s hope that it becomes as real as it sounds phony!

  • reality 101


    Why not check out the meaning of words before you use them? The word rape, for instance, implies that the act was undesired, uninvited, and resisted. Certainly very ignorant and callous of you to blame the victim of a crime for the deed of the perp…but that’s the sort of twisted, cruel sentiment reasonable people expect from people who categorically support ripping innocent children limb from limb…

    If you were really concerned about curtailing rape, you would not be supporting abortion.
    Punishing the rapist is one proven way of making rape rarer, and that is easier to do if the star witness (you have heard of DNA, paternity tests, and the like, haven’t you?)is conveniently reduced to a little pile of chopped meat and flushed down a disposal somewhere, or cremated beyond recognition, even under a microscope…

  • r101

    read, “if the star witness is NOT conveniently reduced…”,etc., in last post. thanks.

  • amy


    Dr. Tiller is famous for “late term abortions” not quite the coathanger type. Any woman that doesn’t want to continue their pregnancy SHOULD HAVE THOUGHT ABOUT THAT PRIOR TO THE 2ND TRIMESTER! You should be happy your mom didn’t choose to have you aborted in the last trimester when you feel pain. You should be thankful you even have the option and the choice to speak and choose…so many babies weren’t so lucky.

  • arx axiom

    “I belive in abortion, birth control, sex before marriage, and think that gays should have the right to marry. How does any of this affect me personally? It doesn’t!”

    Do you honestly think that creating a society of people who consider themselves each a law unto him/herself won’t affect you personally, especially one in which it is legal for the strong to prey upon the weak with impunity…???

    A little history, Casey…

    “In Germany they came first for the Communists, and I didn’t speak up because I wasn’t a Communist. Then they came for the (Hebrews), and I didn’t speak up because I wasn’t a (Hebrew). Then they came for the trade unionists, and I didn’t speak up because I wasn’t a trade unionist. Then they came for the Catholics, and I didn’t speak up because I was a Protestant. Then they came for me, and by that time no one was left to speak up.” — Martin Niemoller…

    Still don’t think it’s relevant?

    Go at once and read

    Still don’t think it’s relevant? I know of some salesmen who specialize in swampland in Florida, bridges in New York, and the like who’d just LOVE to talk to you…

    Wachet Auf!

    Injustice anywhere is a threat to justice EVERYWHERE.

  • Boots


    Pedofiles become Priests. Priests don’t become pedofiles.

    And, until you’ve had an abortion and walked in the shoes – I gently suggest you keep your opinion quiet.

    If you’ve had one – then know that you there is help and you are not alone.

    Good Luck