Botched Abortion Sends Woman To Milwaukee Hospital

Milwaukee, WI — Missionaries to the Pre-born (MTTP) are reporting that an ambulance was summoned Tuesday to Affiliated Medical Services in Milwaukee and later transported a woman to the hospital suffering from what witnesses believed was a perforated uterus.

“Missionaries Jim Soderna and John Stambaugh were outside the death camp speaking up for the preborn and offering help to the moms, when at about 2:15 p.m., a Milwaukee Firefighter Paramedic ambulance approached with lights flashing and siren roaring,” said Pastor Matt Trewhella, who heads MTTP. “The paramedics entered the facility and emerged about 10 minutes later with a woman on the stretcher. The ambulance pulled around to the back door in the alley to remove the woman from the abortion clinic.”

The alert sidewalk counselors photographed the ambulance as emergency workers were preparing the victim for transport.

The abortion injury seemed to have little impact on the abortion workers. According to Trewhella, “Clinic workers were later filmed laughing and joking outside the abortuary.”

MTTP hopes this incident will help close Affiliated Medical Services, one of only two remaining abortion mills in Milwaukee.

“Thank God these faithful men were on hand to witness and expose this abortion injury,” said Operation Rescue President Troy Newman. “The public needs to understand that abortion is not safe, simply because it is legal. It is always fatal for the baby, and, as we have seen across the country, abortion leaves a devestating mark on women that often includes damaged bodies and broken lives.”

“We join with Missionaries to the Pre-born in praying for this incident to lead to the closure of this abortion mill,” said Newman.

OR is urging the public to contact the Milwaukee Health Department and ask for an investigation into unsafe practices at Affiliated Medical Services.

Milwaukee Health Department
Bevan K. Baker, Commissioner of Health
Telephone (414) 286-3521
Fax (414) 286-599
E-Mail: Contact Raquel M. Filmanowicz and ask that she deliver your message to Mr. Baker

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  • This is what happens when people go messing around with something that God DID NOT intend to have messed with.The dark skies and the rain were very fitting. Dear God I pray that people will wake up and the killing will stop!

  • Steven

    As tragic as this is, I am grateful for the publicity ORW is giving to this. More people need to see the dark side of the abortion scene. I believe images like these will do a lot to change public opinion.

  • Robert

    Another great example of why taking pictures at an abortuary is a good tactic. These pictures should be placed in many places on the web. I to am thankful for ORW posting them. is a website that is looking for antiabortion activists with cameras. They will post each and every picture you take at an abortuary, in any state. Look for yourself. See if your state has an abortion cam.

    I am even more thankful to Missionaries to the Preborn for being there, at the abortuary taking the pictures. Matt Truewella is a great man with a long track record of various types of tactics to stop abortion. His views should be listened and adhered to.

  • I went to another site for pro-life stories/info. They posted story after heartbreaking story of post abortive women that were guilt ridden and sorry for their abortions. It stated @ the top From the womb to the tomb.It also included another segment that listed many deaths from “safe” and legal abortions called cemetery of choice.A real eye opener indeed.It listed the names,pictures,and details about women that had died from various abortion related complications. I never realized how many deaths there were. I just never heard about it. I hope that women considering an abortion will see this site or others like them so that they will know the truth.ABORTION KILLS!

  • What a shame.When will these women realize that these abortion clinics are not safe or good places?Shame on these pro-choice murdering women and mothers.I was reading a letter from a pro-life doctor and he urged us to start saying and calling abortion Child Murder.He asked that we stop being so sensative toward women that say”Well,I’m going to have an abortion tomorrow”rather look @ her and say “Oh so you are going to kill your baby tomorrow.” I have always said that abortion was just a clean word for murder.