Baby Pictures

Baby Pictures

  • Jessica

    I am 19 and on my second baby. You really have something going here on this site! I am proud of you. People need to see this… I never knew that from a couple of weeks the baby has fingers and toes. I am currently 7 months and 1 week pregnant… and it gives a whole new meaning to every little kick and move I feel from my baby girl. Originally I thought, “hey! if you want to abort… it’s your choice” But this has drastically changed my opinion and I abhore the thought of abortion. IF YOU CANT TAKE CARE OF A BABY! sHUT YOUR LEGS! Thank you for putting this site up… your efforts will be blessed… your touching people one life at a time!

  • Sea

    To Whom it May Concern,

    While I wholeheartedly agree that education and knowledge is key to preventing abortions (and in this case, yes, the truth hurts)…and sometimes shocking people into the reality of what is truly going on, when they may not know or may not WANT to know, is an effective way to get your point across.


    The “Truth Truck” allows us as caring, loving and educated parents to have absolutely no control as to how to handle a situation where we may pull up next to the horrific photos. As a parent, I want control not only what my children are exposed to, but more importantly HOW and in what manner. That is MY RIGHT as a parent.

    Frankly, to blatantly force such graphic pictures for my children to see infuriates me to no end. For what it’s worth, I think it is totally appropriate to educate the masses and the “in your face” tactic again, can be greatly effective.

    However, when it’s “in my toddler’s or 5 year old’s face”, allow me to express to you that I am most disturbed and highly disgusted by your lack of empathy for my children and for me as a loving, Christian parent.

    What about serial killers? Would I want the results of their evil doings to be blatantly and forcefully shown on the side of a huge truck as I pull up next to it? As an adult, I could decipher the horror and know that there are some very sick-minded individuals in this world who will have to meet their maker like the rest of us.

    However, would I want my children to see these same photos? NO. They are too young, and too innocent to be exposed to such graphic content. It is most inappropriate to do so with the “Truth Truck”, and I believe your tactic to be highly insensitive to our children who ARE alive and ARE here on this earth.

    As a parent, I have the right to decide between a G rated or PG rated film for my children. I have absolutely no choice while in our automobile, if the Truth Truck pulls up next to us. My daughter was terrified and had nightmares for weeks over the photos she saw in Denver. I was furious about the fact that I had no control over what my very young children were exposed to.

    Yes, the photos are horrific. Yes, it gets a point across. Yes, that point is certainly important. However, just as I wouldn’t want my children to view a murder scene, I surely do not want them viewing the “Truth Truck” without my permission and without my consent. That takes my right away as a parent and to subject a younger, innocent audience to the horrific sights plastered on the side of your trucks is inexcusable.

    You want to protect the innocent? Be smart about it. Target your audience, at a rally, or somewhere where parents can make the decision as to what to expose their children to. It is my job as a parent to sensor the content of what they see, view, and experience in this world and if I think my toddler or 5 year old is too young to view the “Truth Truck”, then I should have that right. I don’t want to be forced to comfort her in the night for two weeks because she had nightmares over babies with no heads. Just as I wouldn’t want her to have nightmares over any other graphic content for which she is too young to be exposed to.

    Be sensible. Get your point across, but please…please please please target your audience. Keep in mind that the innocent babies you are trying to save, are some of the ones who are viewing these images before they are ready. Leave it to the parent to decide when, where and how to approach the subject….

    …not while they are strapped in their car seats in the back of a minivan as the “Truth Truck” pulls up aside of them.


  • carrie

    Would Jesus pass judgement? No, I don’t think so….Why don’t you stop judging others and focus on yourself. It’s a choice. Just like you choose to murder animals everyday as you sit down to dinner with your children. A soul is a soul.

  • Sam

    I cannot believe those of you out there saying ‘you will go to hell’ and ‘you are a murderer’ think that that is acceptable. I also think that NO-ONE has the right to think that of anyone until they have been through it themselves.

    I think that you all need to wake up to the real world. If you honestly think that a young girl that has been raped should go through 9 months of carrying a rapist’s baby and then having to look at it every day knowing where its come from then i think you should be the ones going to hell and adoption is just cruel – that child will not have a real family and when they grow up and finally decide they want to know who their parents are what happens then? You ruin their life by telling them that their father was a rapist and that their mother gave them away? Then you wonder there are kids out there that turn out as murderers, drug addicts, rapists etc. – Its a vicious circle.

  • sam

    I think that NO-ONE has the right to call someone who goes through an abortion a ‘Murderer’ until they have been through it themselves. I think alot of you need to wake up to the real world. If a young girl gets raped and falls pregnant – how can anyone expect her to go through 9 months of carrying a disgusting rapist’s baby inside of her and then look at it everyday when it is born – why should that baby go through being unloved and hated and why should that young girl go through that either? The baby being put up for adoption is just as cruel, not knowing its real family and finally growing up and finding out that their dad was a rapist and their mum gave them away? That would ruin that child’s life anyway. I think you would all feel very differently if it happened to any of you. Oh and if god is such a good ‘creator’ why is it that priests go around touching up little children and letting people like you go around telling people that have abortions that they are murderers when they obviously dont realise the true definition of one. Its quite sad to see that so many people think that everything happens through ‘God’ but i suppose everyone’s beliefs are different.

  • downunderprolifewoman

    I was a wanted baby – but I’ve still been absolutely hated and unloved by other people in this world. Life is hard and EVERYONE suffers – no matter what their parentage is – or how they were conceived. God has plans for every unborn child. It is not up to us to stop His plan.

  • kyra

    i’m a mother of two children. both unplanned pregnancies. everyday that i see my children is a gift from God. if you don’t want your baby, talk to somebody about other options. there are a lot of people who would adopt your baby even if he/she is of a different race or not perfectly healthy. please, think twice before making a decision. make one that you can live with for the rest of your life.

  • Corinne

    I want to know how many of you “pro-life” advocates are willing to adopt children? How many of you have experienced pregnancy after rape? with the exception of perhaps a handful of you, I can assume you aren’t familiar with rape or adoption. If you argue that there are women who aren’t able to have children who would gladly adopt, where are you getting your information? There are too many children in this world who have to face the horrors of the foster care systems. Why put a child through that? If you are unwilling to take these parentless children into your homes, you are in no place to say they would be loved. Many of you also say that if a woman is unwilling to get pregnant, don’t have sex. I agree. But there are sadly many cases of pregnancy due to rape and insest. What are these women to do? They didn’t willingly have sex, they didn’t ask to be violated. Should they have to face the consequences of their rape when they had no say in the matter?

    I agree that late term abortions are wrong, but that is in fact illegal. Until a child is able to live outside of the mother’s body, it is not a separate entity. It is a part of the mother’s body. Abortion is a difficult decision that women have to sometimes face. It’s difficult enough without them having someone screaming at them as they enter a medical facility. This website is censored, so I assume this comment will never be posted. But I think it’s a shame if you are unwilling to look at another perspective. I am on this sight to educate myself, I could only hope that you are all here for the same reason.

  • Rob

    Praise the lord, i have excersized my demons and no longer agree to abortions!
    I used to be an alcoholic and had a total of 3 abortions, my life was a mess and now ive found the lord my sins are clear!
    abortion is an evil wrong that god will punish you for!

  • sarah

    Abortion is murder…i dont care what anyone says. Do you not see a head, legs, arms, stomach, and facial features on these children that have been murdered. They are human beings. From the moment that an egg and a sperm meet, is it life; life that god planned and obviously wanted to happen. It might be your body but that living being inside you has a right too and it feels the pain whether it can speak up or not, you better believe it. If you didnt want children, you should have taken some responsibility and used some protection or dont have sex at all. As for the comment about saving a child from a parent who might do harm to them after they are born, thats ridiculous. There was a study done that said 98% of women who have had abortion deeply regret it with a 2% said they dont. Saying that not killing the child in the womb is setting them up for a bigger disappointment is horrible. This is not our call. Its Gods people! Who are we to say that the child would be better off. I too have two unplanned children and I couldnt imagine my life without them. I had people offer advice to me about abortion because I was a senior in highschool when I became pregnant with my first child, but I couldnt even think of abortion. My aunt had an abortion 18 years ago and when she heard I was pregnant ,she shared her story with me and said that if she had it to do all over , she would have kept the child and she regrets it everyday. She also told me to do everything in my power to keep this child and care for it and love it. Before she had gotten her abortion, family offered to help her with the child but she didnt listen. She now wishes she would have. My family has been there for me and my husband and it is has been hard, especially financially, but my children to me are worth the struggle. They are my LIFE.

  • Vero

    “O daughter of Babylon, who art to be destroyed; happy shall he be, that rewardeth thee as thou hast served us. HAPPY SHALL HE BE, THAT TAKETH AND DASHETH THY LITTLE ONES AGAINST THE STONES.” (Psalm 137:8-9)

    Happy. — Is this “pro-life”? This is one of numerous examples of god-ordained genocide. Even if you coldly feel there is justice in killing the innocent infants of people deemed “evil” by your religion, would you be happy to do it, as the bible declares? If this is not evil, then what is?

  • Tony

    I really love the fact that someone near the top said ‘who are we, mere mortals, to decide who is worthy of life’. Who are you all to tell me I can’t get an abortion? I love the hypocricy of it, I really do.
    Not to mention most of these arguments are based on ‘God’. As a pro-choice and atheist man I can honestly say, after seeing these pictures, it’s still your choice. Again, who are you people to tell someone they can’t abort, when this child could destroy their plans for the future? Do we not have a right to choice any more?

  • Tina

    Wow, how do I follow the comments, of the genius right before me? Yes, we can’t possibly destroy your plans of going off in the future and being a selfish person, since you are obviously above and beyond everybody else. You know, as an atheist, you weren’t created by “God”, since apparently you don’t think he exists and you are of a higher and more meaningful power, that none of us know anything about. So, where’d you evolve from? I’d like your theory on that. On second thought, I’ll pass on hearing about your alien ancestors.
    Anyway, I always found the argument of woman’s body, so funny because if it’s the woman’s body and her “choice” to do with it what she pleases and abortion is murder and she chooses abortion, then why don’t they just do it the right way, by say, letting her have the baby and then knocking her off instead. I mean, that truly is her body that she’s dealing with then.
    No, I’m not pro-suicide, to those people that fail to see the point of being pro-life. My point is that pro-choicers say that the woman has a right to make choices about her own body, but her and the baby aren’t the same person and that baby is not “her body”. A woman’s body is merely a shell- very important, but still two separate entities all together. Therefore, that pretty much kills the whole argument of doing what she wants with “her own body”. If that were truly a valid defense, abortion would consist of just killing the mother instead.
    Ok, pro-choicers who think it’s all still fine and good, I didn’t mention God in my argument, about why it’s murder, so what are you going to argue against me with? In what way, are you still going to validate this heinous crime?
    To those who are pro-life and truly understand the value of life, wish me luck, for I am about to be a mommy again on Friday! Tina :)

  • Dria

    Let me start by saying in my person life abption is wrong. I would not be able to knowingly end a pregancy. But I just wanted to add that I believe not every abortion is a terrible thing. I know someone(and this is not a friend of a friend, I know this woman) who was raped at the age of 16 and was forced to have the child who was severely brain damaged. James was in constant pain and my friend had to watch him suffer for 3 years until he died. 16, my friend was. Did God want her to be raped? I cannot believe that. I believe He worked that man’s sin into his perfect plan but I do not believe that He smiled down on that conception. And this was before Roe v. Wade. My friend was a virgin before this and was planning on saving herself. She should have had a choice. I am pro choice not because I am pro killing babies, I am simply anti coat hangers. To tell the truth we cannot force morality onto society, believe you me I wish society was perfect and beautiful but really we cannot say “This is wrong.” There are exceptions, individual descisions, and this is indeed a moral issue between each indivual and God. Please keep the government away from my uterus. This is a desicion between God and myself… not for anyone to condemn.

  • MC

    I had the urge to research abortion tonight after hearing a heated discussion earlier today.

    After finding this site, I must admit I am sick to my stomach with the gruesome reality that is abortion.

    I will not castigate those women who decide to have them, but I will shake my head in sorrow for them.

  • Ashley

    to me abortion is something i understand fully.ppl get pregnant and everything goes wrong sometimes aportion is better for the baby because honestly when ppl have babies they dont want there is usually abuse and neglect and sometime people end up murdering their own child or there put in foster homes and adoption centers and their emotional well being is horrible and again abuse happens so in a lot of was aportion is aa way better option ecpecialy considering that scientists have proven that the baby feels no pain during the time and the age when they are aborted

  • ashleyyyy

    i was readying mis’s comment and i was disguisted if you believe in god and read and believe whats in the bible that fantastic and your desition but you cannot basee your whole life uppon the bible or someones life it is selfish to a surten point to get an abortion but it all depends on the situation an insest baby should be aborted because it will be born sick and mentally ill and will stay that way for the rest of its life..and honestly ive heard people say that its horrible no matter what the situation but think of it in the perspected of a rape victum.could you honestly look your child in the eyes everyday know that thoughs are the eyes of he child of someone who hurt you soo tarribley i know i couldnt do that and see the persons face over and over again every day by doing that your trapping yourself in your own mind and when the child get older and askes who its father is what do you say “honey your father is someone who brudilly raped me years ago and got me pregnant and i havent seen him sence”. aportion just makes sence in a lot of ways it is a better option in a lot of situations.

  • I think that all the pictuers are by the government testing drugs on unborn childern so fight aginst government testing and stand up for whats right so say some thing to your government.P.S. I would stand up. would you?

  • Kevin C

    Jeremiah 1:5
    “Before I formed you in the womb I knew you, before you were born I set you apart; I appointed you as a prophet to the nations.”

    Someone asked for a bible verse, this one says it best. Which of you is God? Who decides who lives and dies? If you make yourself the arbitor of life, you have grave consequences to face on judgement day.

  • I strongly agree with a lot of you. However there are people out there that just didn’t understand, or should i say didn’t have the knowledge of what having an abortion really meant. I know that it’s not a good reason to aborde an unborn child, but mistakes does happen. Not trying to say that it is ok to go out and have abortions after abortions. Take time to get the information that you are looking for before you go through with the procedures. Because what ever choice you decide, you well have to live with it for the rest of your life. Be Safe… Be Wise… Be You..

  • just_me

    the bible was written thousands of years ago by MEN and it reflected the best thinking of the time. Whilst I respect your right to be pro-life and to feel the way you do but you have no right to condemn people who chose to have an abortion. I wouldn’t have one because I really want a child but if my life was in danger or the foetus would have no quality of life then yes I would have one.

    The god I believe in is forgiving and generous and thoughtful and would not condemn people for making what is a hard choice.

    Do you know what its like to be an unwanted child? I do because I was one so I know for a fact abortion sometimes is the only reasonable choice.

    I know the American Constitution protects the right to free speech but honestly there is a very fine line between free speech and hate speech and saying that if you have an abortion you will go to hell is crossing that line. You will never agree with me and I will never agree with you and thats fine but considering that America was founded on the principles of freedom and to stop religious beliefs from being oppressed, so I respect your right to hold you beliefs but there is not one person here who has the right to oppress women and the choices they make.

  • laina

    im an 18 year old girl and im about 3 months pregnant an not exactly sure who the father of my unborn child is but it has never even crossed my mind to have an abortion! i cant understand how someone could take life away an not think twice about it! i mean of course i was scared at first an didnt exactly know what to do…but i could never kill a part of me. i already have so much love for my baby and i cant wait till the day i get to hold him in my arms an just know that hes mine!! i think the least a person could do is give a child a chance at life an give it up for addoption!!

  • Gabby

    i am a 17 year old girl with a 4 month old baby boy and anther baby on the way i am a senior in high school and unmarried. the father of my children is 4 hours away at college and is home only once a month if that and i would never go through with an abortion i couldnt hurt such a beautiful gift. if god didnt want you to have a child than you wouldnt have gotten pregant. how could anybody do such a thing to such a beautiful gift

  • debbie

    This is to ‘Just_me’, i’m 17 years old and have made the dicision to remain pure until i’m married.But let’s just say i got pregnant and the doctor told me that my life was at risk.Would it be right for me to say, ‘alright, give me an abortion!… anything to save MY life!!!’ I hope that I would have the God-given grace and courage to risk my own life to bring that precious baby into the world…. And another thing…yes, God is forgiving and generous, but He’s also just…He hates sin (that’s why Jesus had to die!).You can’t use His love as an excuse to sin.

  • lee-lee

    look i am very young im 15 and i think it is wrong to do babies this way its not their fault!! i love kids i have some that i really care and love!

  • Lee-Lee


  • Claire

    I’m 19 in 12 days and my daughter is 7 months old and my partner and i have only been together for 2 years. My partner was dead set on getting me an abortion and i was the opposite i wanted to keep the baby, he booked me in for an abortion 3 times and i kept cancelling it. He reluctantly gave up and we went to get an ultrasound. 7 weeks old and i already loved her. The pregnancy was really hard for me as i was losing my figure, i wasn’t ready to be “fat”.

    I kept on struggling through my entire pregnancy and when her day fianally came (my partner was devastated) as it was on the 7th of Oct which was Bathurst Sunday, i was so scared but when they placed her in my arms i was…. words can’t describe how i really felt. I was excited, anxious, nervous and they’re only the tip of the iceberg. But i knew from that moment on i was never going to let her go, i do not encourage unsafe sex or young pregnancies 15yo and under but i suggest you really consider whether you can look after the baby and if not if you can give your baby up.

  • Since year now, I have been Pro-Life becuase I know Abortion is so wrong and it doesn’t solve any problems. I developed my own abortion site where all information that many women don’t know so the secrets about abortion is now out. I want every women to think twice and make a right choice for the baby becuase they are so innocent. I support this site becuase it had done so much for the community, keep the good work!

  • stephanie

    i think that who ever would even think about doing this to a baby is so damn stupid. and yes you are going to hell if you abourt because its MURDER!

  • tee

    Look at these poor innocent children. So many of them were developed enough to have lived. All deserved to have a life. Yet they were destroyed by murderers. Abortion is wrong. It is sick and terrible. I believe it should be abolished. Let’s pray that someday soon people will come to their senses and rid the world of this horrible act.

  • ROO

    All i have to say is that abortion doesn’t make you not a parent all it does is make you a parent of a dead child just like someone who’s child gets kidnapped and murdered… Either way there was still a heartbeat and that heartbeat got stopped by someone so it is virtually the same thing… so if you are looking for an anti-abortion argument without using God its still murder because there is a heartbeat and that heartbeat is stopped intintionally…Murder is a fellony and abortion should be as well!

  • MariKate

    I think abortion is bad over all. I’m only 14 and I might not know what I’m saying, but I can get an understanding.
    Rachel said that unprotected sex will most likely lead to a child. and that’s why I think abortion is bad, because “it only takes once, and it takes two [people]”- My mother.
    I know it’s not always meant like with rapes and suff, which I can understand an abortion for, but there are also cases were it is desguistful, and something I would call out of the question. I think abortion is a sinful thing and should never be forgivable. Abortion is murder, weather they can’t speak, or move, or anything else yet. They are alive from the first stage of development and on… and abortion takes away their life, and their agency. ROO says they have a heartbeat, and they do. stopping anyone else’s heart would be murder… why does something that can’t stand up for itself not get that kind of chance?
    The least you can do if you are thinking about abortion is adoption because at least then you’re giving a child a chance to live, and who knows! a set of parents who aren’t even lucky enough to have children would be overjoyed.

  • Too often do we argue over semantics…those that are “pro-choice” object to be called “pro-abortion.” But by doing so they taint the word choice. I’m all for choice, in all areas of life. However, the intentional taking of a life isn’t a choice. Is it murder? And if so, why do we use the word “abortion”? We use it because it’s more pleasant, because it offends a smaller number of people. But we should try to see past the words and see the issues as they are.

    There are several sites that describe the act of partial birth abortion. Wikipedia (a once unreliable but now improved source) describes intact dilation and extraction (a fancy term for partial-birth abortion) as “Under the Intact D&X method, the largest part of the fetus (the head) is reduced in diameter to allow vaginal passage. According to the American Medical Association, this procedure has four main elements.[8] First, the cervix is dilated. Second, the fetus is positioned for a footling breech. Third, the fetus is partially pulled out, starting with the feet, as far as the neck. Fourth, the brain and material inside the skull is evacuated, so that a dead but otherwise intact fetus can be delivered via the vagina.”

    It’s enough to make anyone sick, isn’t it?
    And it isn’t as rare as we’ve been led to believe (

    I have been sad over this fact, but now I am angry…angry that future civilizations will look back at ours and think how horrible it was that such a practice was allowed.

    Sometimes it seems that those who are pro-choice scoff at pro-lifers because they see them as religious fanatic and ignorant in general. This too is false ( There are both sacred and seculiar arguments regarding abortion, many of them highly scientific.

    There should be a home beside each clinic, a safe place for unwed or abused mothers, or those seeking an adoption agency. We shouldn’t just succeed inmaking abortion illegal, but making it utterly unnecessary. We will achieve this through love and support, not by harsh words and condemnation.

  • BEN

    when a woman is pregnant,all that will develope is a baby,not a train,parrot,dog,or anything else.God is the giver of life,so he created us to give life.he said,be fruitfull,go multiply so that my glory can fill the,abortion is to kill what God has is murder,and nothing else.
    think about scientist can produce , make , a baby.they can clone it,but then it is a identical not try to argue this away.satan is the destroyer of Godgiven life.Everything created in Gods image and likeness needs to be destroyed.Satanists also sacrifice babies to satan himself.

  • Mary Christine

    I was born in 1964. Abortion was not yet legal. Yet they still occurred. I call my mother every year on my birthday and thank her for chosing to give birth to me. She did not have to. I was child #5…She had 6 kids and two miscarriages in 8 years. When I was 13, she told us that she was pregnant and that her doctor told her that “she would not survive another pregnancy”. What he probably meant was her marriage might not survive another pregnancy.That decision changed my opinion of my mother forever.Looking back..that event formed my views on abortion and whether it was okay or not. By her agreeing to allow her own child to be killed…she told us all that it was okay. My views have changed but not without a heartache and death of innocent children.
    Please say the rosary.

  • J

    First off, I’m not religious, but I can see the point that the religous people who have posted are trying to make.

    Abortion is horrible.
    A few years ago, my sister got pregnant. She was only 14, yet she still kept the baby. Now, I have a lovely nephew called Alex, and a sister who has just passed all of her GSCE’s with an A*-B grade standard. Having a child when you are young, doesn’t ruin your life. Not if you don’t let it.
    As for women having an abortion for babies that have been concieved through rape/ sexual abuse, personally, I think that that is taking the cowards way out of it. The baby inside you didn’t ask to be concieved that way, and if you had met that man in any other circumstance, and fallen in love, you wouldn’t even think about aborting the baby!
    If you had carried that child to full term, and given birth, then murdered it after one day of it being alive, you would be put in prison. Abortion is exactly the same thing, murder, but everyday, women get babies aborted, and then walk away and carry on their lives. I think that that is a major miscarriage of justice, on the baby’s behalf. A baby is still a baby, born or unborn.
    I’m 14.
    14 years of life, all because my mum was brave enough to give birth to me.
    If you’ve ever aborted a baby, how old would it be now?
    Would he/ she be sitting here next to you, or in the next room in a crib, or maybe in preschool? Secondary school? Uni?
    Abortion is wrong, and thank god that there are people who are willing to speak out for those that can’t say it themselves.

  • Hello All ~ I have a story I’d like to share especially with those who might consider the abortion “choice”. As a young girl I went off in the wrong direction and became pregnant. The first time I became pregnant I was almost 16. I was a lonely little girl and I needed to be needed by someone and I needed to have someone to love. I kept that beautiful baby boy and today he is 40 years old…very smart and very productive. I love him so much. Then, at 17 years of age, I became pregnant again. I was then aware of the tremendous responsibility involved in caring for a child. Friends told me they would help me get an abortion. That was never an option for me. I distained the very idea. I got myself into trouble and I needed to face the consequences myself. I could not make the helpless baby growing inside me pay for my mistake. Two months after turning 18 years old, I gave birth to a beautiful baby girl. I knew I would do her no justice by keeping her myself. I already had one small child who had no father, I would not do that to a second child. I gave her up for adoption. My heart broke and it was by far the steepest mountain I ever had to climb but in my mind, there was no choice. A loving family adopted her. She just turned 39 last month and we write back and forth. She’s beautiful and has a wonderful husband and two beautiful children…a son and a daughter. Had I aborted this little girl, I would not only have murdered her, but the blood of those two children she now has, and any children/grandchildren that will be born to them would be on my hands as well. When someone aborts one child, down the line there’s an army of people that are also done away with. It wasn’t easy raising a baby at such a young age and it was even harder for me to give the other child up, but I’m so thankful today for the precious lives of both of them. Consider adoption as an alternative to abortion. That way, everyone has a chance to see what the future holds in store for them. Everyone wins!

  • One additional observance I have made in regard to the abortion issue. Of course, there are a myriad of terrible and sinful lifestyles going on in our world today. But, these things are not going unnoticed by the One true and Living God. We are beginning to reap the judgement that we so desperately are deserving of. In regards to the abortion issue, you may have noticed that for every innocent life that has been taken by this method, there is now an illegal alien present in this land to take the innocent’s place. God have mercy!!!

  • kelli