Baby Chelsea

The story of a late-term baby aborted by George Tiller

[This is a reposting of a story we ran in 2001. It is still as relevant and heart-wrenching today as it was when it first appeared. -OR]

On June 12, 1998, a young couple aborted their 7-month old pre-born baby at George Tiller’s Women’s Health Care Services in Wichita, Kansas. They had been flown in from their home state of New York at the expense of their medical insurance carrier. Their baby, “Chelsea”, (not her true name), had been prenatally diagnosed with Cystic Fibrosis, a genetic disease that today is treatable, although not curable.

Chelsea’s mother, a professing Catholic, had been upset by the diagnosis and had resisted the doctor’s suggestion to abort. The father, however, did not want the inconvenience of raising a child with special medical needs and pressured his wife to abort their daughter.

Chelsea was aborted using a modified version of the partial birth abortion method that Tiller credits himself with inventing. The a few days before, Chelsea’s mother had undergone an ultrasound, where Tiller had located the baby’s heart and injected it with Dioxin, a drug that paralyzed Chelsea’s heart and caused her death. Later that week, Mom reported for the final “procedure.” Chelsea’s body was delivered intact, but marred from the grasping instruments used to locate her leg and bring her lower body down into the birth canal. Her skull was punctured and suctioned out, her head was crushed, and the remainder of Chelsea’s limp body was birthed.

Following the abortion, George Tiller baptized Chelsea, wrapped her in a blanket, and presented her to her parents for viewing, commenting that, “Your baby was a very efficient parasite.” Tiller then snapped Polaroid photos of the parents and their now-dead child. As the mother held her baby’s body, fluids and blood from the incision at the base of the skull began to leak down her arm. “I felt like my life was draining down my arm,” she remarked later.

The parents photographed themselves with the child they had just murdered, placing religious objects and toys around her lifeless body. In the photographs, one can clearly see the image of Jesus, representing the Catholic faith of the mother and a gold-colored cross, representing the Protestant faith of the father.

Chelsea’s remains lie in a Wichita grave marked with a stone engraved with her true name and the phrase, “Our Angel.” An obituary appeared in the hometown newspaper noting that Chelsea was “stillborn.”

Today, Chelsea’s parents deeply regret having aborted their daughter. They still struggle with the grief and guilt and live in an uneasy state of denial. They have since given birth to another daughter who has also been diagnosed with Cystic Fibrosis.

A sidewalk counselor who had spoken to the family originally gave the photographs of Chelsea and her parents to Operation Rescue in July, 2001. OR contacted Chelsea’s family and was granted permission to use the photos with the hope that the images of Chelsea would help to save others from her fate.

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  • Annette

    I’ve just read the wrenching story of “Baby Chelsea”, and it broke my heart. I simply do not understand how Dr. Tiller and others can routinely (and with untroubled conscience) inflict this sorrow on a near-term fetus and its parents.

    To “Chelsea’s” parents, I would encourage the following: 1) As you are Catholic, I would seek out a Rachel’s Vineyard retreat. These are 3-day retreats (and intensive retreats at that) that seek to heal and comfort the souls of persons like yourselves. And, since you are indeed Catholics, they would be able to avail themselves of the Sacraments, something that cannot be overemphasized. To the mother, I would gently remind her that, as she acted under coercion, I would hope and expect that she has received a measure of compassion from her priest(s) as well as her Pope for this tragedy.

    The word Tiller used (and which I cannot even repeat) is something I’ve heard others use (people for whom I still retain great affection), and it nearly staggers my soul to hear it.

    Six years have passed since 1998, and I sincerely hope that time has enacted a soothing balm of healing and God’s graces (as well as His enduring love) upon “Chelsea’s” parents. Let us all work to inform our lawmakers and politicians about the evils of disrespecting the sanctity of life – not only our own but of those like “Chelsea.” And let us hope that no other parents will be left the lonely horror of post-abortive sorrow, something I’m sure is anathema to Dr. Tiller.

  • Steven

    This is certainly a heart-renching story to say the least. I cannot imagine the anguish this family must be going through. As one who works daily with children with special needs, it baffles me to no end that an educated person like Tiller, and the doctors who endorse him, cannot see the fetus as being a real person. Or, how a person can call himself a ‘man’ and also encourage his wife to get an abortion. Only Christ can change our hearts and open our eyes to see children as he sees them. He also heals us in our brokenness, and that will be my prayer for this family.

  • Steven

    As a point of clarification, was it George Tiller, or George Gardner, who performed what they were calling the ‘baptism’?

  • Annette


    First of all, I certainly respect your vocation and your dedication to children who are faced with difficult challenges. Not many people are possessed of the requisite attributes to do so, and you deserve to be proud of your work and advocacy.

    I, too, am confused about the bizarre “funeral” for this aborted child. It had been my understanding that the chaplain performed the “service” and that the physician performed the abortion. (And there’s no ambiguity about the doctor’s intentions here.) Yet after reading the parents’ account of events – which has been reprinted here – one does not see a mention of Rev. Gardner or any other clergyman. And after speaking with a clergyman myself about this issue last week – or trying to do so, anyway – I was angrily rebuked and told I “didn’t have all the facts.”

    And I couldn’t ask what “the facts” entailed – because the gentleman wouldn’t tell me. So much for shedding light on an agonizing issue…….

    For obvious, deeply personal reasons, I must remain humble and prayerful for the parents involved in this case. About the procedure itself, though – I cannot remain silent. I am appalled by it – and even more horrified by the choice of words the abortionist used. Since when should an illness like cystic fibrosis provide an ample justification for a partial-birth abortion or any other kind of intentional abortion?

    Certainly, as a woman I can only imagine the agony I would experience if my child were afflicted with this or any crippling illness. It’s a mother’s (a woman’s) worst fear – and it’s something none of us would wish for her child. But I can’t help thinking of this fact: If every dime that’s been spent on abortion could have been funneled into research for preventing and/or curing this illness, perhaps “Chelsea’s” parents wouldn’t be suffering this loss today.

    And about the abortionist involved here: Well, it’s been two long months since the 8/19/04 issue of my favorite music magazine was released. Only 60 days, yet a lifetime for this devotee of the arts. And it’s not the insipid article on Lindsay Lohan that’s staying with me like a groove in the soul. As regards the abortionist involved here (and others like him), my heart is growing colder by the day. I will never condone violence against any clinic, abortion provider or clinic worker. It also seems antithetical to ORW’s policies as well, thank goodness.

    But these barbaric procedures need to cease – immediately. And I have a novel – albeit unrealistic, unfortunately – way to accomplish this. If we all conduct our lives in a way in which no abortions were sought – it would effectively end the bulk of Dr. Tiller’s services. (Adhering to my conscience, I’m excluding those for rape and incest victims, as well as medical emergencies. These cases should be handled in a hospital, anyway.) He’d be forced to re-examine his procedures and/or scruples. Well, let’s be honest here – he’d face a sharp drop in income – a distressing prospect for any physician habituated to prosperity.

    I imagine such a trauma would be difficult for the doctor. His head would be spinning faster than Linda Blair’s in “The Exorcist.” He’d be suffering acid flashbacks of old “Marcus Welby”, “Dr. Kildare” and “Medical Center” reruns – whether or not he’s ever taken illicit drugs. Yes, I know it would change his life. Maybe he’d even have a psychic breakdown and wind up like Rev. Jim of the late, lovable “Taxi” series – barely able to speak yet capable of staggering brilliance on the piano.

    If I sound bitter, I am. I spoke with my beautiful Mother on the phone last night, and her pain – and mine – hasn’t evaporated in nearly 30 years. No “funeral” services were ever offered in our case; with an early abortion, no one knows the gender of my child, nor if it would have developed any critical illnesses. But if it had, Steven, I would like to think that persons of integrity like yourself would have been available to assist – had I taken the correct choice of action. (Or, more importantly, if the adoptive parents I should I investigated had taken that action.)

    Let us send our thoughts, our love and our compassion to “Chelsea’s” parents today, and every day in the future.

  • Cheryl Sullenger

    To the point of clarification that was requested: According to this family, who we interviewed extensively, it was George Tiller who baptized Baby Chealsea. He is a member in “good standing” at Reformation Lutheran Church and has held leadership positions there. He apparently feels “qualified” to perform baptisms himself.

    A note about George Gardner: We request prayer for this apostate man. He is very sick and has isolated himself during his dying process. He seems to be seeking everywhere for peace and healing except from the Great Physician. He is finding neither. Please pray for his repentance and salvation, or at least, that God would be glorified, either in His mercy or His judgement.

  • Annette

    Ms. Sullenger: We live in a dichotomous world, it seems. Last week, I could not even address this subject with a local minister without being sharply disciplined – much like the harshness I mete out to street thugs spewing filth and/or confusing me with the 73rd virgin.

    Concurrently, your use of the word “apostate” – apt though it may derive from a strictly scriptural standpoint – hurts my heart very much indeed. Speaking with the humility of a woman who herself had an (early) abortion, I will admit that the situation (and a significant portion of the vocation of) this lovely man causes me great pain and sadness. By the attestations of everyone who knew him – and love him still – he was and is a kind, gentle man who has been a longtime peace activist and philanthropist – a man who truly loves others and has dedicated his life for them. It is this fact that is fueling the great pain I feel for him and his current suffering. And I will admit it forthrightly: I find the clinic “funerals” for recently aborted human life profoundly troubling in its innate premise.

    [This remainder of post was removed by the webmaster.]

  • Gottlob Frege

    One post mentions that George Tiller “apparently feels ‘qualified’ to perform baptisms himself.”

    I want to point two things out.

    (1) Tiller probably IS qualified to perform baptisms, since you do not have to be in the clergy to do so. In fact, according to Catholic doctrine, even a non-Christian can perform baptisms: “In the case of necessity, any person, even someone not baptized, can baptize, if he has the required intention.” (The Catechism of the Catholic Church (1995), section 1256.)

    (2) Nobody, neither Tiller nor the Pope, is qualified to perform a baptism on a dead body. Only a person can be baptized, and a corpse is not a person. So these “baptisms” are totally spurious — not because Tiller is unqualified, but because he is trying to baptize corpses.

  • Jean

    Excuse me….concerning Baptism in the Catholic church (or any church)…the rule is, you CAN Baptise an body up to ONE HOUR after death and it is still valid…because, we don’t know for certain exactly WHEN the SOUL leaves the body!
    Thank-you, Jean :)

  • jerry


    maybe so, but that doesn’t mitigate against the absolute obscenity of tiller and ‘reverend’ gardner participating in and condoning the killing of the very bodies they are then turning around and baptizing.

  • Jean

    Yes, I agree…it displays what terrible SICK MINDS they have!!! The devil certainly has his HOLD on them!!! :(

  • Jean

    In the first letter above, the expression “near- term fetus” was used, while actually & TRUELY it is a BABY….a near-term BABY or a pre-born BABY!!!!!

    ‘Fetus’ is a term used by the BABY KILLERS to try to FOOL society!! (So it don’t sound so BAD when encouraging mothers to get rid of their “fetus”!!)

    From the moment of conception (fertilization), it is already a BABY!! NOT a glob of tissue…NOT a ‘fetus’….but a REAL LIVE HUMAN BABY!!!!!

    I just wanted to clarify this……

  • jerry


    you are accurate in what you said, however, let me add that ‘fetus’ is actually latin for ‘little one’. it is true, however, that pro-aborts have used it to try and diminish the humanity of the unborn child.

    i prefer the term “unborn child” myself, but your point is well-taken.

  • Annette

    The tragic story of Baby “Chelsea” has caused my thoughts to drift back to the year 1974 – and for once it’s not my own history that’s at the fore here (mercifully). That spring, a local woman named “G” died of a heart attack. She, her husband and 11 children were driving from Hays to another Kansas enclave – I believe her husband was investigating moving the family for job-related reasons, if memory serves. Suddenly, she collapsed in the car and died on the way to the hospital. Any untimely death is a tragedy, but hers was an unspeakably painful loss……….

    I never knew “G” – but I was the same age as one of her sons. By the attestations of everyone who knew her, “G” was a rare woman indeed: Very sweet.kind..selfless..compassionate..the consummate mother – these were the adjectives most commonly used to describe her. After the 1973 Roe Vs. Wade decision, “G” and her husband were the founding members of Hays’ Right to Life group. Under her gentle tutelage, this group was dedicated to peaceful, prayerful opposition to abortion. After her death, it disintegrated into chaos.

    Her dedication to the anti-abortion movement could be seen by some as surprising. Years before Roe Vs. Wade, “G” had confided in one of her children’s kindergarten teachers – a woman who worked closely with my own Mother (a 2nd grade teacher at the same school). In a random burst of emotion and pain, “G” (who was pregnant at the time) said, “Our church won’t allow us to use birth control, and it’s so very stressful for us. My physician has ordered me not to become pregnant again, but the sympto-thermal-calendar method doesn’t work, and we don’t know what to do!”

    My mother’s colleague declared, “Now, normally I don’t allow myself to become unduly affected by my students’ parents, but this wonderful woman is different! She’s just so sweet and kind and lovely and I just found myself profoundly moved by her!”

    “G” had several more children, and it must be noted that she also had a loving, supportive husband. Unlike my own mother, she was not forced to work outside the home – nor was she a widow dealing with the aftermath of a risible marriage to an alcoholic (far from it). Yet, as a woman I was very moved by her pain and difficulties.

    However, when it came to abortion, “G” had no moral conflicts – she was unambiguously against it. Yes, I’m sure that some of her pregnancies were unplanned – but that did not mean she did not love her children. She did – deeply and eternally.

    So many years later, I mourn her death as a loss of epic tragedy: A loss for her, a loss for her family and friends………a loss for the human race, really. Because we need more people like her – whether she would have had 11 children, 1 child or no children at all. As one of her neighbors and longtime friends told me, “When ‘G’ died, my whole world collapsed!” One of her daughters, who worked with my brother, conveyed the following: “When my mother died, I had to spend much time in church. I was in so much pain; I missed her so much; I needed God’s help as never before.” She further declared that, “My mother was a saint. She’ll never be beatified, but that hardly matters. Her goodness, her heart and her kindness were such rare jewels; she was a saint, and no one will convince me otherwise.”

    I’m telling this story, obviously, to illustrate a salient point: One woman’s longing for non-abortifacient, effective family planning methods did not equate to acceptance of abortion. Quite the contrary, in fact. “G” dedicated her entire adult life to her family, but her death was a loss for us all – now and for always.

  • Johnny Thunders

    Everytime you masturbate god kills a kitten. Which brings me to a second point that all of you religious fanactics need to check yourself.

    Abortion is a woman’s choice. This is not a perfect society and women can’t always support another children. And if forced to do so, imagine the environment in which the child might grow up. Would a life of poverty, a broken home, or moving in and out of foster homes really be better? A fetus at that stage isn’t even concious of life, the same with a sperm.

    Guess what, condoms do break and sometimes and accidents occur. What do you have to say to that?

  • Annette

    Mr. Thunders:

    What in the hellola do the posts above (including my own) have to do with masturbation? Not even my former church made the analogy you cited.

    It is my view (and I’ve tried to express it respectfully) that abortion is a deeply and innately flawed premise for population regulation. I am not now – nor have I ever been – a religious “fanatic.” But I believe women and men need a better way. I vociferously reject the disregard for fathers’ rights implicit in Roe Vs. Wade. Having had an early abortion, and experiencing post-abortion-syndrome with absolutely no coercive factors, I can attest that abortion is not as unfettered as many people believe.

    Yes, I am aware that condoms break. If using this method, the woman should concurrently utilize a spermicide. Incidentally, I am also a staunch advocate of additional funding and research for natural family planning – for persons whose faith will not permit anything else. These natural methods are not tenable for me – but I respect the rights of others to utilize them. Besides these two methods, there are other non-abortifacient means to avoid pregnancy. It takes work – it takes responsibility – it takes patience. If Roe Vs. Wade is overturned, we will all be required to expend more care, diligence and dedication in managing our fertility.

    I would certainly need to do so – a second pregnancy (at this stage of my life) would likely be fatal. So I’m not off the hook here and never claimed to be. Finally, I believe in voluntary sterilization for individuals whose health precludes childbearing – or whose families are complete. This, in my view, is a much saner way to proceed than elective abortion. They are preventive – not aborting – measures. There’s a world of difference there, young man – and I can speak with a considerable degree of authority about that.

    I cannot concur with your equating of a fetus (including my own so many years ago) and a sperm. The sperm is autonomous – the fetus derives from conception. I do not know whether my child felt pain from the early abortion – but that is beside the point. No one will ever convince me that this wasn’t human life – and therein lies the sadness…a sadness which has nothing to do with “fanaticism” and everything to do with my own sexuality and certain qualities implicit in it.

    Bringing private dancing into it isn’t really appropriate.

  • R. Prout

    Mr. Thunders;

    How callous can you get?????

    Before consigning everyone who might at some point experience poverty, relational dysfunction, or some other affliction to death by torture as a pre-emptive measure, have you considered asking those of us who actually have experienced those things if we think we’d be better off dead? Or do you just want your philosophy imposed on us, with no thought to our preference…dare i say, “choice”???!!!

    And since you have no guarantee that you will not yourself face those very limitations, or other ones that you would find equally distressing, but have not taken yourself out as a pre-emptive measure against suffering, why should we give this sorry excuse for an excuse of yours to torture innocent children to death any more credence than any reasonable person would give an asylum escapee who claims to be Napoleon?

    History is replete with individuals who have overcome poverty, broken homes/parental bereavement (the chief tragedy of a broken home), etc. and managed to find lives that were meaningful to them, pleasing to God, and beneficial, in some way, to their fellow man.

    Do you propose that everyone with a limitation be killed? Careful; every one of us, yourself included, is limited, in some way, in comparison with others; it isn’t what we don’t have that counts here or hereafter, but what we do with what we do have.

    As to abortion being a woman’s choice…Puh-LEASE. It’s been posted elsewhere on this site, before, but bears repeating: Someone much more in touch with reality than yourself has stated that a woman does not want an abortion the way she wants an ice cream cone or a Porsche; she “choose” an abortion the way an animal caught in a trap “chooses” to gnaw off it’s arm or leg. Even those prime propagandists, Planned Parenthood, had to concede this one to her. An act of self-endangerment/mutilation in a time of desperation is not a free choice is not a real choice, and anyone with a fully developed brain stem knows it.

    Condoms break, “accidents” happen — which somehow reminds me, virtually no woman ever gets a positive pregnancy test result and says, “Oh, Goody! I’m pregnant! I can get an abortion!”
    They generally react to the news with a wail of “Oh, no! I’m trapped! What do I do?”…and then they easily fall prey wanting what they perceive to be the “quick way out”.

    No, it isn’t a perfect world or society, but one does not make a better, safer, more civil one by permitting the strong to prey upon the weak with impunity, as is the expressed purpose of Roe v. Wade & Doe v. Bolton. (Yes, i know…what a concept!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!)


    Time and space do not permit me to fully catalog the physical and emotional dangers of induced abortion to women; but should a heretofore unprecedented zeal for truth chance to betake you in the foreseeable future, do check out the following websites for some of that information: — read the entire Blackmun Wall.

    there are others, but this will get you started.

    I’m not sure how you define religion or fanaticism; true religion, in the sight of God, is to visit widows and orphans in their affliction, presumably with a view to alleviating their afflictions in a constructive way that does not destroy them. I expect that if you happened to be one such orphan or widow/widower needing such relief, you’d be fanatical enough about getting it.

    Fair enough?!


    Robin K. Prout

  • jerry


    good, solid points. i, too, have challenged proabortionists to do their homework, only to find that they prefer the dull, mindless reasoning that they started with. perhaps your thought-provoking and factually grounded post will produce better results – i hope so.

    God bless.

  • lime5

    “A most efficient parasite”…incredible!

    Here we have Tiller’s own admission that he is not qualified to practice medicine by reason of his ignorance of basic science!

    A parasite is, by definition, an organism dependent upon a host for its existence.

    This obviously does not apply to a being that can, given the chance, become an equal being WITH the “host”. It’s been a long time, but I think this was covered in my grade school science classes.

    So much for science; now let’s look at some history: Hitler, and other Nazi propagandists, repeatedly referred to the Jewish people as parasites; the better to dehumanize the victims, and desensitize their predators. Oh, and they burned theirs in ovens, too…and prided themselves on their efficiency.

    So much for history; now for a little applied psychology! A classic case of projection: does Tiller not see how his derogatory label applies much more to himself than to his victims, seeing how he sustains himself by draining innocent children of their lifeblood?! What, is that too harsh? Why? Can he yet become equal to one of his host? Innocent, guileless, and doing what he was created to do at this point in his development, as they? Will he?

    Let us hope so…as per Job 33:14-30, Isaiah 1:18, 55:7, Proverbs 28:13, etc. . .Tiller, are you listening?

  • Rene’

    Yes accidents happen, but what about personal responsibility. If you do not want to have a baby do not get pregnant. We are not animals that cannot control themselves. As far as bringing a baby into poverty, there are options. I was raped as a 21 year old woman. I have always believed abortion to be murdered. As I found myself in this desperate situation I very seriously considered abortion. I called a clinic to see what would be done. After the lady explained the proceedure I told her I would have to think about it. Then this “pro-choice” woman told me I did not have a choice, that I had to have an abortion. Well I gave birth to a beautiful baby and gave her up for adoption to a wonderful couple who could not have children. It was the hardest thing I have ever done, but each day I pray for my child and know that I did the right thing by not murdering her and giving her life. So I don’t want to hear that rape is an excuss to murder a child. Yes it is hard but years after the fact you will have peace and not torment. Nine months of inconvience is nothing. We live in a totally selfish world. I pray that God will have mercy on our land

  • Steven

    I am still confused about the comment by Mr Thunders, somehow tying together abortion and a kitten? Sigh.

  • jerry


    me, too, but i’m sure like most proaborts, mr thunders doesn’t care about the fact that his statements tend to confuse people who think logically.

    welcome to the wacky, warped world of a proabort, where nothing makes sense except the maniacal obsession with killing babies and calling it choice.

  • Mary Ann Nalbone

    My prayers go to Baby Chelsea, a gift that God created, only for mankind to destroy. Everything and everyone in life has a purpose.

    Chelsea’s sister will have to live her life without her. She will have to face the world alone with her disease. She will have to live with the fact that her parents murdered her sister. She will always wonder how it would be if she were the one who perished and what if she were also to have perished, as her sister did. She will go through life feeling overwhelmingly sorrowful that her sister is gone and she was spared. The reason she will go through this is because the devil got a hold of her parents and massacred her sister.

    The death doctor believes he can also perform baptism. The devil cannot perform a baptism, so he cannot either. He did devil’s work when he murdered that child. Now he is trying to justify what he did was right, by trying to make people believe that he is doing God’s work, when really he is not. It was a sin to murder, and a slap in God’s face to think he could baptise the baby after he murdered her.

    He took pictures of the murdered baby so everyone would think that she was a baby who was loved and will be remembered. A Christian who sees those photos sees that he is following the devil. The devil lures him into doing his work, and the man follows the devil. The parents saw the dead baby and had their picture taken with her because they didn’t want to admit that they sinned.

    When the parents and Tiller face God, they will know that they were wrong and made a grave mistake by murdering Chelsea.

    That poor baby lies there, for all to see as a massacre. That is proof that what they did was horrendous. It was satanic.

    Thunder, you are ignorant and crude. You are living in the world’s world. You are taking the easy way out. You have sex, and you know that a baby can come. If you don’t want a baby, don’t have sex.

    Know that a consequence to having sexual intercourse may be pregnancy. You refer to us as religious fanatics. We are compassionate people who love everyone, and we are doing God’s work. We love our neighbors and we care about others’ well being. If you want to call us that, it is your prerogative. We know who we, and we know who we want everyone else to be: loving people.

    In this world unfortunately, it is a women’s choice to have an abortion. It is also a women’s choice to have free-will, as God has told us. A Christian woman chooses what God wants her to choose, and when she dies, she finds she did the just thing. A woman who lives by the world’s rules, only finds herself doomed in the end.

    You said that a fetus isn’t even conscious of life, as well as the sperm. The sperm is in a different category as the fetus. It is in the same category as the [woman’s] egg. The fetus is the same thing as a baby. The fetus (baby) is conscious to feeling, hearing sounds, and so on, therefore the fetus (baby) is conscious to life. He/she is not aware of life in the world, because he/she has not been introduced to the world [yet], but the baby is very aware that he/she has feelings of love from his/her mother. Whether the fetus (baby) is conscious of life or not, is not the issue. The issue is that the baby was put on earth by God, and by God can only be taken away. When someone interferes with that concept, they are committing a sin.

    You said that this is not a perfect society and women can’t always support other children. If a baby is expected to enter the world, the baby shall come into the world. Having enough money or not having enough money is irrelevant to welcoming a baby, in the eyes of a Christian. You are undermining God’s work when you associate a child and his/her murder, and not having enough money to support him/her, to the fact that the baby is intended to be in this world.

    Mary Ann Nalbone

  • JMN

    I specifically asked not to have prenatal diagnostic tests when I was pregnant with my now 6 month old daughter, because knowing she had a birth defect wouldn’t have changed my opinion on pro life. This story broke my heart I can’t imagine what my life would be like without my daughter. I really hope that this story will open others eyes. I can’t even dream of what those parents felt, I had two miscarriages and I felt guilty. I am sickened by these murderous Dr.’s that call themselves human. How could anyone live knowing they’ve killed such innocent beings. All I have to say is God help them all.

  • Julie

    Oh the sick society we live in…we make the City of Babylon look like nothing!!!!!!! Tiller just takes advantage of all those women…they don’t even know whats happening!!!! Some of you just don’t get it. In Gods eyes aborted babies are equal to you and I. The innocent blood does flow beneath ours streets. What will you say to God when he asks you….Where were you when my children were being slaughtered???

  • Mary Ann Nalbone

    When I was 20 I became pregnant. I had been trying for a few months, and I was so happy to learn that I was pregnant. I was in the Air Force at the time, living on base in Wiesbaden, Germany. My Air Force doctor had advised me to get an Amniocentesis. I was very young and naive at that time, and to what this procedure was. My doctor informed me that she wanted me to take this test to see if the baby’s skull was healthy, and to see if the baby had a disease, such as Down’s Syndrome. She said that there is also a risk that while performing the Amniocentesis, the needle could slip, and the baby could die. But she assured me that the risk was very minimal. My fiancé at the time thought it was a good idea.
    But I thought about it for a minute, and then decided that I did not want this procedure done.
    My doctor kept trying to change my mind, telling me that it would be senseless to carry the baby to full term, if there was something wrong with him/her, or only to see the baby be stillborn. I repeatedly said No. I stormed out of the office. My fiancé ran after me, wondering why I was so upset.
    I told him that first of all, how do they really know that something could be wrong, and the test could be wrong? Then I would go through the pregnancy thinking my baby was in harm, make my stress level rise, and upsetting the baby’s stress level and well being; while all along the baby really was ok.
    Secondly, whether there was or wasn’t anything physically wrong with the baby, I was going to deliver him/her. I was going to pray to God that the baby would be all right. I had to believe that. If the baby did have a disease, then I would accept him/her and love him/her the same as I would a healthy baby.
    Thirdly, I was not going to put my baby at risk, just for my sense of well being and selfishness, only to find that if he/she would be healthy, then everyone would be satisfied; or if the baby was found to be unhealthy by this procedure, the doctor believed I should abort the baby. The baby could have died with a disease and by the procedure at the same time. The same doctor who believes I should have the Amniocentesis, and have an abortion if something is wrong, could decide to abort the baby as she is performing the procedure. I do not trust anyone who believes in abortion. An Obstetrician who believes in abortion should not be an Obstetrician. One cannot trust him/her with one’s life, or with one’s baby’s life. He/she has no regard for human life. He/she may think it is nice to have healthy babies come into the world, or babies living in “normal” living arrangements, such as with a mom and a dad, verses a young unmarried woman, or a woman who has been raped, but when you observe the doctor’s views in total, she is wrong in voicing her opinions, and especially trying to push them onto a young naive person, as I was.
    It appeared to me that the doctor only wanted a reputation as delivering healthy babies. In her implication, any other [unhealthy] baby could simply be discarded and not counted on the record as being born; for if a baby were to be aborted, then he/she would not be considered as delivered [in the hospital]. And if the baby was healthy and killed in the procedure of Amniocentesis, then that was just a negative incident. If the baby happened to survive the Amniocentesis, then it would have just been a positive incident. Positive plus negative equals neutral, in the minds of abortionists. They have no feeling on any topic, they simply observe. In the doctor’s case, she is more for a baby’s death, for reasons she has never told of course. When she sees a baby die, she is unfeelingly observing that baby as simply dying. I believe she was misguided by the under power.
    In Christians’ minds however, under power equals no power. So all of her reasonings have no relevance to the Christians in the world, and most importantly, have a negative effect on God.
    Concerning my decision to not get the Amniocentesis, my Christian instincts kicked in, and I did the just thing. I had minimal experience in the Amniocentesis topic, but something just didn’t seem right as the doctor was explaining it to me.
    As the weeks went on, I felt insecure about my baby being deformed and/or disease-laden, but I was as strong as I could be in spirit. Eventually my strength overrode my insecurities [that my doctor laid on me that day]. I was able to continue my pregnancy virtually unscathed by what had happened.
    Praise the Lord.
    Mary Ann Nalbone
    34 years old

  • Mary Ann Nalbone

    I would also like to iterate that the doctor told me that if something were found wrong with my baby, then it would be my choice as to if I wanted to keep the baby or abort him/her.
    That is more proof that the liberated abortionists do not have a clue what they are talking about, and how they continually contradict themselves. The doctor did not act like she knew if I was pro-life or not; but I believe in the back of all abortionists cunning minds, they spot us out from anywhere. We are a light in their eyes, and we are too bright for their little, narrow, and dull minds and eyes to handle.
    The doctor implied that it would have been legally valid to abort my baby if something were to be found wrong with him/her; but really it would also be legal to kill my baby for any reason.
    Instead of the doctor wasting everyone’s time, in her opinion, by having me get Amniocentesis, it would have been easier for her to just come out and tell me she wanted me to abort my baby right at that moment; since she believes in killing babies. But since she is cunning, and she knew she had to come up with a rational way, as she thought, to get me to think it was ok to kill my baby, she tried to use Amniocentesis as a means.
    If the doctor believes in abortion, then it was unnecessary to tell me that it was my choice to keep or abort the baby. She should have just said that if I believe in killing babies, then I should have gotten Amniocentesis; and if I did not want my baby dead, then I should not have gotten Amniocentesis. But the doctor is misguided, and she is using the procedure of Amniocentesis as a way to get me to kill my baby. It would become clear to me if she admitted that was the reason to get Amniocentesis, then that would mean that I would believe in abortion; so she would never do that, in her ideal thinking; because then she would know that she failed in getting me to do the procedure, because I do not believe in abortion. If I did believe in abortion, and if I told her from the start that I did, then she would have no problem trying to convince me to get the Amniocentesis, and she would not even have had to tell me it was my choice. But she probably would have told me that it was my choice, in order to clear her conscience, and believe she was doing the proper thing by clearing my conscious as well. Either way, she would have told me it was my choice, for herself.
    Abortionists have to try harder to convince Christians it is ok to kill babies, verses trying to convince other abortionists. This may seem to be a topic too obvious to discuss, but it isn’t; because even the most aware and intelligent Christians can be misguided, even on a whim, by say, someone else who is more easily misguided than themselves.
    The devil uses people in the most cunning ways to get them to kill their babies. You either believe in killing babies, or you do not. There is no, maybe or maybe not, about it. If you get an Amniocentesis, you know that you are risking your baby’s life, and therefore you are supporting the devil and his ways.
    Mary Ann Nalbone

  • Beth Williams

    I only wish that people who were so anti abortion were also pro welfare but they are usually not.

    Everyone loves the notion of a perfect world where everyone is moral and responsible. I am a responsibile adult and my husband and I take very careful measures to ensure we do not have a child until we can adequately care for one. HOWEVER, I am also a school teacher, and I can assure you that the problem with overpopulation in the ghettos is only getting worse. Please please come up with a solution. I challenge you. The same people who are pro-abortion are also typically against social programs, against welfare, and against sex education programs in the schools. It simply does not add up.
    Best Wishes,
    Beth Williams

  • Ron

    Dear Beth – your comments are heartfelt and you seem to be very compassionate. I would challenge you to take that passion and turn it to saving souls (if you don’t already). Because there you will see real reform – a true disciple of Christ will be personally responsible and will care for the needs of others to.

    Let me also add, the volunteers outside the abortion mills give much of their time and money – they are not content to just let the government programs take care of people. I don’t mean that to be as snippy as it reads, but it’s important to note killing children is never a fix to a screwed up welfare system. I think you can see that.

  • brandy

    I cannot begin to express how this makes me feel.I myself am 24 and a single mother and the thought of abortion NEVER crossed my mind.I work everyday and bust my a** for my daughter and would not have it any other way!!This is Murder thats just all it is.
    As for Mr. Thunders, everytime a woman has an abortion they kill a child of god instead of a kitten.So you need to check yourself.Im not a religious person and you dont have to be to know right from wrong and i do agree with you that a life of poverty, a broken home, or moving in and out of foster homes is not a way of life. i myself lived a life that way but I must say 24 years later I am glad that my mother did not kill me. I survived it just fine and have made a better life for myself and my daughter so these things are just lame a** excuses to me, been there done that!!A person knows they are in these situations then dont have sex!DUHHH.And a baby at that stage of LIFE may not be concious of it but the woman and man should be concious of that LIFE.
    But in all, I really just wanted to say if you do not want a child(and you know this can happen when you have sex)then keep your legs closed and your stuff in your pants!!

  • Sandy

    Beth Williams,

    It seems you are a caring and thoughtful person who notices the poverty of others and their circumstances. I agree and wish with all my heart the world was perfect and all people had enough at all times, but that will never be. I agree with you about that, and think we could be doing more for the poor, however, I dont equate that with taking innocent lives away. I don’t believe the two are two sides of a coin, i dont think that having alot of abortions will, ever, solve poverty, period. Abortion wont solve poverty, in fact it can fuel it in some ways by making people less apt to be responsible, and spend money on abortions! Anyways, i think we need to come up with more help for those in poverty and also keep our respect for not yet born. best regards…

  • Holly Dutton

    In 1973, when I was 17 and two months pregnant, my family doctor coerced my parents and me into an abortion for fear that my prescribed epilepsy medications “just might” induce birth defects. It was the WORST mistake we EVER made, and took OVER 20 years to recover from. My advice is NO to abortion, NO matter WHAT–EVEN birth defects and genetic diseases!

  • Tiller is like a terrorist he is obsessed with killing babies. “He Has to be Stopped”..!

  • Rene,I just read your post.What an unselfish choice you made to have your baby and give him/her to an adoptive family to love and care for.My hat goes off to you.

  • Also to Mary Ann,I also just recently allowed my hospital to perform an amniocentesis.I am seen at a teaching hospital,and I do not usually get the same Dr.twice.One Female OBGYN really pushed and pushed for me to have the test.I submitted,but never with the idea of a back up abortion.I just agreed to it ,and I told the hospital that I wanted to prepare for a special needs child if need be.Well,luckily everything went well,but looking back,I wonder why this OB[pregnant herself]would have kept insisting on it.Was she also hoping I would abort?I almost decided against the test but felt bullied into it.Anyway,just wanted to share that.I also DID find out that this hospital does perform abortions.

  • kayla

    hi im sorry to here that about your baby she looked like dhe was gonna be a cutie so sorry godd bless you!!R.I.P. chelsea

  • Sarah

    I am pro-choice and I have Cystic Fibrosis. So the above situation creates quite a bit of internal confusion for me.

  • This story broke my heart. Cystic Fibrosis is NO reason to commit murder. Far be it for me to judge someone elses choice, I am not God, and I am not the judge. I’m a step mom, I don’t have biological children, but I have had 2 miscarriages. The pain I felt when I found out my baby died inside me was monumental. I can not wrap my mind around someone who could consciously kill their child is far beyond me.

  • how in the world could a parent kill their only baby instead of letting her have a life of her own and fyi those pictures of her where so sad because she would have been an adorable little girl and even if you all did let her live and if you didnt want her me and my boyfriend would taken it if you guys were to put her up for adoption or just give her away but it just breaks my heart know that you get preganant and then find out that she would have had special needs and then just go right a head and let your nasty husband talk you in to killing her and that somewhere out there is so one who would have loved that little girl and that cant have any kids and knowing that you can and instead of keeping the first one who had cystic fibroisis and yet you killed this one but not the second one who had the same damn thing as your first little girl did and if it was illigal i wish that someone would just beat the holly crap out of both of the parents oh and yea if you have a problem with people who have special needs then you can take that up with me and oh my name is michelle jewell i go to north high school and i live at 8815west state road 45 and my zip code is 47403 now you all can take it up with me nasty ass parents

  • Anastasia Mcguire +1

    While reading this i wanted to cry i could never do that to mii child i am 17 Ill be 18 in march and i found out i was pregnant on december 16th i told the dad and he was happy but then he bailed im going to be a single teen mom and i do not agree with killing babies they were put there for a reason god chose you to bring life into the world and love the baby as much as you could love anything!!!! I wish people would talk and research before aborting their unborn children!!!! At 7 months the baby was almost full term too!!! I believe if you can get pregnant accident or not be thankful cause some people cant and they will be glad to adopt your child if you cant raise it!!!! issues or not!!!!

  • Ashley Rodgers

    Well first off this is a very sad because i have a lil nephew that was born a month ago and he has the cf and it really hurts that people would just do such things like this if i had a baby that was born with cf i would chairest it just like any of my own two i have no i love my brother n sister in law baby boy that was born with cf i am going to be doing a walk for the diesase n raise money for my lil angle and nephew I LOVE YOU KAIDEN