Australia High Court Ignores Facts, Orders Newman Deported


Melbourne, Australia – The Australian High Court has ruled that the Ministry of Immigration was justified in withdrawing Troy Newman’s visa and has ordered him deported. Newman will also have to pay court costs.

Newman had appealed the decision to cancel his visa, which was down while he was enroute and without proper notification sought to enjoin the government from deporting him.

Mary Collier of Australia Right to Life, which had invited Newman to Australia for a speaking tour, read the following statement at a press conference after the hearing:

The judge accepted there was a serious question to be tried about whether the decision to cancel Troy’s visa was valid, having regard for the implied freedom of political communication. However, the judge found that the balance of convenience did not favor the grant of interlocutory injunction to prevent his removal from Australia while that serious question is tried. On this basis, the application for an interlocutory injunction was refused. Any final determination of the matter will occur at some later date.

“In order to reach this decision, the Court had to ignore Troy’s 25-year record of peaceful, law-abiding advocacy on behalf of the most vulnerable call of human beings, the pre-born. It is a sad day when downright lies and twisted words triumphs over truth, but that is exactly what happened today,” said Cheryl Sullenger, Senior Policy Advisor for Operation Rescue. “I’m sorry that the Minister of Immigration was so worried about covering up his judgement lapse that he forgot to be concerned about the consequences of his actions not only on Troy but on innocent bystanders involved in Troy’s life.”

Sullenger earlier in the day lodged a formal complaint with Minister Peter Dutton objecting to the poor treatment given Newman, which included holding him in solitary confinement, denying him access to his attorney, and banning any communication with his wife until just minutes before his final hearing.

Newman was in Australia with his wife, Mellissa, for a speaking tour sponsored by Australia Right to Life.

Mellissa was allowed a brief visit with her husband who was moved from the airport holding cell earlier today and is being incarcerated in solitary confinement on a military facility.

Newman penned a two-page hand-written note that his wife photographed for publication. He begins his letter with the heading “Political Prisoner 1-5BVUG6N.”

Troy Newman's Letter From Melbourne 10022015

Dear Friends,

I’m being held as a political prisoner in Melbourne, AU by Minister Peter Dutton. My visa was revoked as I was in the air. I was scheduled to speak on a national tour on the issue of life.

My 1st “charge is I believe “abortion is a savage act of violence.” Also, they know I’m associated w/CMP. They feel that if I speak on that issue I will have an “adverse” public reaction. My words are bad for the “public order.”

I’m being held in solitary confinement indefinitely.

Please pray for me.

Troy, Prisoner 1-5BVUG6N

Troy and Mellissa are set to return home to the U.S. on the first flight in the morning, Melbourne time. Meanwhile, Troy remains incarcerated until his flight.

“We are disappointed that Troy cannot continue on with Australia Right to Life, but we will be glad to have Troy and Melissa safe at home soon. We will then consider our next step to set right this injustice,” Sullenger said.

On behalf of Troy and Mellissa and Operation Rescue, Sullenger thanks everyone at Australia Right to Life for working so hard to get Troy released and for taking such great care of Mellissa after the authorities turned her out into the airport with nothing but the clothes on her back.

“I understand that they were many, many people working behind the scenes for Troy’s release, and I am thankful for each and every one of them,” Sullenger continued. “During the last few days, thousands of pro-life supporters from every walk of life took to social media in support of Troy and his live-saving work and wrote messages on his behalf to Minister Dutton hoping that he would see reason, but unfortunately, we must to leave reason for another day.”

Sullenger encouraged everyone not to feel disappointed at the adverse ruling.

“We may have lost this round, but overall we are winning. Abortion clinics are closing. Abortion numbers are dropping. Hearts and minds are changing to embrace life. In the end, we will prevail.”

  • Joyce Jenkins

    Why does this sound like a place called china, Russia, Iran.. You get the picture. People the world over have lost their minds to Satan. Come Lord Jesus.

  • Crosseyedone

    As a Christian and as an Australian, I am disgusted that this government has taken this action against Mr Newman. I have written to the Minister for Immigration and the Prime Minister and I would encourage others to do likewise. Unfortunately, the Australian Parliament has a significant Militant Feminist faction. They and the pro-abortion industry called in favors for this one. Blessings and thanks to all those that tried to get the Newman’s into Australia. Is it feasible for Mr Newman to ‘attend’ the conferences via multi media, over the internet? I would like to see them try to stop that.

  • Nulligravida

    MINISTER for Immigration, not “Ministry” you drongoes. “military facility” ?What rubbish!

    You can’t even get the most basic your facts right. I bet you can’t even find Australia on a map!

  • Sonja Davidson

    And if RTLA were so concerned about Australia funding Planned Parenthood why is a function at our Parliament House in Canberra not part of the Troy Newman tour itinerary. I know of many pro life members of parliament who would have gladly hosted him while both houses of our Federal Parliament are sitting. RTLA have lost the plot here in Australia and the babies keep dying.

  • graycoles50

    I live in China, and often protests are shut down and potential visitors to China banned from coming because of the excuse of being “bad for public order”. But China is a Communist country, so you expect that kind of thing. I didn’t expect it in the just and fair Australia that I’ve always known. I no longer know my own country.

  • graycoles50

    The crazy inconsistency about it all is that they are still allowing a militant Muslim speaker in, one who has advocated spousal abuse and other forms of violence and intolerance against non-Muslims! What skewed values our nation has developed!

  • Aidun Ramjini

    Mr. Newman must bring suit against this rash action by the Australian authorities. Hope he would be able to find a court of equity instead of a court of law in Australia. Or, he has to bring suit in an Australian Tribal Court because under the Mabo and Wik decisions, Mr. Newman is treading foot on Aboriginal land, not terra nullius that the settlers claimed and are still claiming as no-man’s land.

  • Sonja Davidson

    My first comment which seems to have disappeared asked who gave Troy advice to enter the country after the visa was revoked ? We know by Troy’s phone video clip that he was aware of the revoking of the visa in Denver.

    RTLA are very incompetent these days. I would expect this type of outcome from one of their events. Troy was not even billed to take part in our March for the Babies coming up this weekend.

    His treatment here seems to be harsh but I also commented that if I were to enter your country without a legal visa would I not also be treated the same way there ?

    The silver lining however is that abortion is in the news and that is news in itself.

  • Eric B.

    good point, God can bring something good out of this. It seems pretty obvious to me why he continued on to Australia. He did have a visa to go to Australia. He learned of it being revoked while he was enroute, not well in advance. He learned of it not from their government but a US airline. The reasoning he was given was a flat out lie, so he had good reason to think reasonable people would reverse that decision when confronted with the truth. And in order for him to make his tour and be there when the decision was reversed was to continue on.

  • Lydia

    As a pro-life colleague, Twitter follower and (best of all) sister in Christ of Mr. Newman, may I gently suggest that the Australian government was put in a tight corner by the slanderous pro aborts. Truly, there was not enough time for their courts to make a decision in time to allow Mr. Newman to stay there even on a “temporary” visa. So, Newman was not able to meet with and share with the Prolifers of Australia (bless them) this time around.

    By God’s grace, however, Mr. Newman will be able will to do that next time.

    Truly there was not enough time for their courts to make a decision soon enough in order to allow Mr. Newman to stay in Australia even on a temporary visa. Now they’ll have time to look over his record and, hopefully, they will realize that Troy Newman is a good man and has had a good, peaceful record for at least 25 years.

    Australia is a wonderful nation with it’s good and it’s bad and has always been an ally for us, the states. Almighty God saw what the pro-aborts did to Mr. Truman. Somehow, I believe that Australia will come through for us again, this time.

  • Nelson Lemon

    It’s too bad that the Australian Authorities are not familiar with Matthew 12:36 & 37. There is a Higher Court awaiting!