Apology Demanded from NJ Sen. Lautenberg for Saying Pro-life Citizens Do Not Deserve Freedoms of Constitution

Englewood, NJ — Speaking at a rally in support of Planned Parenthood on March 22, 2011, New Jersey Sen. Frank Lautenberg told the group that pro-life people “do not deserve the freedoms of in the Constitution.”

Operation Rescue makes the following statement in response, attributable to Troy Newman, President, Operation Rescue.

Sen. Lautenberg wishes that he could disenfranchise pro-life supporters, which comprise the majority of the American people, and turn them into second-class citizens based on their deeply held religious and moral convictions. His remarks are unconscionable and offensive, not to mention extremely inappropriate for a United States Senator who has been entrusted with looking to the best interests of the people.

We find Lautenberg’s remarks highly hypocritical since his state of New Jersey is home to the notorious illegal late-term abortionist Steven Chase Brigham, who recently had his license to practice medicine suspended after he was caught operating an illegal bi-state late-term abortion racket. Let us not forget that the bodies of 35 late-term babies were discovered at Brigham’s illegal abortion clinic and that he remains the subject of a murder investigation. New Jersey is also the home of the Planned Parenthood office where an employee was recently caught on tape aiding and abetting the concealment of sex trafficking.

Perhaps Lautenberg should spend more time actually protecting the public from predatory abortionists in his home state instead of wishing to strip precious Constitutional rights from those who do work to protect women and their innocent babies. While Lautenberg prattles on in support of those who exploit women at tax-payer expense, women and their babies remain at risk in Lautenberg’s state from unscrupulous abortion clinics like Brigham’s and Planned Parenthood.

We demand that Sen. Lautenberg apologize for his bigoted and hateful remarks immediately and publicly.

Video below by Marie Tazy of New Jersey Right to Life.

  • Linda H

    Shame on him! Apparently on those that believe it’s ok to murder innocent unborn children should be afforded all the rights and protections afforded in our constitution, at least in his opinion. Only one problem, it’s a tricky little thing, how about the rights of the children that are born alive from some of these abortions, the ones the murdered time after time in NJ, and Philly????

  • John Scherer PSU 1974

    Sen. Lautenberg needs to repent, for his support of child killing!

    I fear what a Holy God will do to those unrepentant souls that come into His final judgment!Does Sen. Lautenberg fear this?

  • So he doesn’t believe that pro-life people deserve the protections of the constitution, eh? Well, that reflects a very facist mind set. It’s obvious that he doesn’t believe in the constitution, period!

    Question Mr. Lautenberg: This idea of yours is great for your side right now. But what happens when the other side gets in power? Don’t you see the constitution protects everybody, even those you disagree with, or it protects nobody.

  • Rev. Msgr. John N. Paddack


  • Rene

    Anybody have his email address?

  • Judy

    All I can think to say, is SHAME, SHAME ON HIM! It blows my mind when I see ANYONE, who is MY ELDER, who can think ANY abortion is ok. UNBELIEVABLE!!!

  • Katie

    Typical Democrat. The only persons deserving of Constitutional protections are those in agreement with them. That makes Democrats a repressive regime, not unlike those of Stalin, Khadaffi, Hitler to name only a few. Be careful of the company you keep.

  • Michael

    A typical response from a DemoNcrat. If you are not 100% for God you are 100% for the devil. God won’t recognize those who straddle the fence or support the devils work and say it’s right to do so just because of some man made law!

  • Brad

    Lois! It’s Brad. Email me at livemiles70@hotmail.com