Another One Bites the Dust

Abortionist accused of cannibalism has license revoked only because of public pressure

Topeka, KS — The Kansas State Board of Healing Arts moved Saturday, June 11, to permanently revoke the medical license of Krishna Rajanna, the Kansas City abortionist accused of cannibalism in his filthy, rat-infested abortion mill. Rajanna’s abortion clinic has been closed for the past three months.

Photographs obtained by pro-lifers revealed appalling conditions that included blood-soaked carpeting in procedure rooms and improperly sterilized surgical instruments, which were stored next to a blood-stained open toilet where aborted baby parts were allegedly flushed. Clinic employees told a Kansas City Police Detective that Rajanna had been seen mixing aborted baby parts into his lunch.

In February, the KSBHA fined Rajanna a mere $1,000 after considering the case for nearly two years. Pressure brought by pro-life groups, including Operation Rescue, during debate on a bill that would have required abortion mills be regulated spurred the KSBHA to suspend Rajanna’s medical license in March. Rajanna’s abortion mill closed soon after.

The decision to revoke Rajanna’s license came after the Board determined that Rajanna could not practice medicine unsupervised.

“This decision is a long time coming,” said Operation Rescue President Troy Newman. “But it is important to note that if public pressure had not been brought to bear, nothing would have happened to this man and his filthy abortion mill would still be in operation.”

“The Kansas Board of Healing Arts has shown that it has far too many political ties to the abortion lobby and that these political arrangements are crippling the Board’s ability to act swiftly to protect the public,” said Newman. “Making Rajanna the ‘sacrificial lamb’ to show they are capable of doing their jobs only emphasizes how corrupt the system has become. They have shown that they will cover their backsides, but will do nothing more. Meanwhile unsafe conditions continue to exist at other Kansas abortion mills and the responsibility for this lies directly at the feet of the KSBHA and abortion lackey Gov. Sebelius.”

Newman challenged the Kansas Board of Healing Arts to revoke he license of abortionist George Tiller during the investigation of a January 13, 2005, death of an abortion patient. “If the KBHA is truly dedicated to securing excellent health care in Kansas, then they should ban Tiller from practicing medicine until they can determine the true cause of death for the January 13 patient.”

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  • Most likely Krishna Rajanna is demon possessed and/or demon oppressed, and is in dire need of the Lord Jesus Christ!!!

  • Congrats to Troy and the staff at Operation Rescue, we hope to close down the Albany Medical Surgical Center/at Elston in Chicago soon!

  • lime5

    You have to be demon-controlled to some extent in order to deliberately kill babies. To whom you yield your members as servants…possesses you to that extent; that is why Christ came for all of us.

    I am glad to hear that KBHA is taking some steps to at least regulate this blatantly NON-healing sector of “medicine”…and do hope and pray that Tiller is the next one to be dealt with, and soon.

    Keep up the good work, ORW

  • I still cannot believe, at one level, that this guy actually put the aborted babies in his lunch. I wonder if the employees made that up. As I recall, detective report said the police were called by the doctor on the employees, for alleged stealing from him. But then, when you consider the depravity of man and his sinful nature, I guess even something this gross, or much worse, is indeed possible. It is still utterly bizarre.

  • Praise God for closing this one down. As much as we all want to hate this guy, Ann Mcdonald ( message above )was right… Rajanna needs to know The Lord.

    The mill is closed… which is most important. As for us… we are called by Christ to Love our enemies. Here’s a lesson / test for us all.


  • Man, IRC still has not closed one abortion Facility in Chicagoland yet.
    We r focusing on the “Aid for Women” Abortion Clinic on Touhy and Cicero in Lincolnwood, IL , because other Pro-Lifer’s at Albany didn’t want us on their “Turf”.

    Ga-Goo ( Tagalog (Filipino Language) word 4 “crazy”)!!!!

    Please pray 4 IRC that we can close down this clinic in Lincolnwood, IL.

    Thanks, Remain Blessed,
    Ric Dugan, Director Infants Rights Campaign,
    Candidate 4 the 39th House District, State of Illinois, 2006 Elections, Pro-life Ticket, Independent Party
    web site: