“Anna’s” Story

Victim of fatal abortion was loved by family, community

[A young lady died from complications arising from an abortion at George Tiller’s infamous late term abortion mill, Women’s Health Care Services, on January 13, 2005. As a memorial to her, we want to share with you some of the details of her all-too-short life, uncovered by Operation Rescue researchers. All information contained herein was obtained from public records and documents, however, out of courtesy to the grieving family, we have changed the young lady’s name and withheld the name of her hometown. -Operation Rescue]

Anna was born on May 30, 1985 in Austin, Texas, but spent most of her life in a small Texas town. Anna had Down’s Syndrome, but that did not stop her from embracing life and living it to the fullest. Anna was raised by her loving family, which consisted of her mother, father, and sister.

Anna became involved in sports early in her life to help her meet people and make friends. She became very involved in the Special Olympics and that involvement continued until her untimely death.

Anna graduated from the Special Education Program of her hometown high school in 2004. While in high school, Anna became the inspirational member of the girl’s soft-ball team, serving as their bat girl. Team members were never allowed to get down during a tough game because Anna would meet them at the dugout with hugs, telling them that she loved them. This kept spirits high and eventually Anna’s team won a state championship, something of which Anna and her family were especially proud.

In life, Anna was a joy to be around, and if you were near her, it meant that you would be the recipient of her many hugs. She was the center of attention when she walked into a room because of her outgoing and loving spirit.

Tragically, sometime in 2004, Anna was sexually assaulted. As a result, Anna became pregnant. She was taken to George Tiller’s Women’s Health Care Services in Wichita, Kansas, for an abortion in the late stages of her pregnancy. But something went wrong, and a 911 call was placed by Tiller employee Marguerite Reed, who was evasive with the dispatcher and placed him on hold for 45 critical seconds while she inquired about how much she should tell him. Upon arrival, the ambulance crew determined that Anna’s condition warranted emergency transport with all haste to Wesley Medical Center’s Emergency Room, where according to her obituary, she died of heart failure later that day. OR staffers photographed the ambulance and George Tiller’s arrival at the ER and broke the story of her death in the media.

A Grand Jury form the State of Texas is investigating crimes committed against Anna, and the Attorney General of the State of Kansas has launched an investigation into her death in Wichita.

She was loved by all who knew her and her death has left a void in the lives of her family and community.

Anna was buried on January 21, 2005, after a private funeral service held in her hometown. In her obituary, Anna was called “one of God’s angels.” The heartbreaking nature of Anna’s needless and untimely death compels Operation Rescue continue to work towards seeking justice for Anna and protection for other pregnant women and their pre-born babies so that Anna’s tragedy is not repeated.

  • The real Jade(D)

    “HEART FAILURE”…Stop looking fo reasons that arent there.

  • Ken Larson

    Hey, Jade:
    What does it matter if ‘Anna’ died of heart failure or blood loss due to hemmoraging? She’s dead and George Tiller KILLED her. Quit covering up for him. He doesn’t deserve it. The city of Wichita and everyone will be better off the day he is shut down for good!

  • The real Jade(D)


    Do you hear yourself?
    “What does it matter if ‘Anna’ died of heart failure or blood loss due to hemmoraging? She’s dead and George Tiller KILLED her.”…..
    If Anna died of heart failure OR Blood Loss, its noones fault, it was her body shutting down. Why is it Dr Tillers Fault? Because she was at his clinic?…. Tell me this if somone dropped dead in your living room of a heart attack or something similar, how would you feel about being called a KILLER…KEN THE KILLER!

  • Deann

    Of course she died of heart failure. When you die your heart stops. Do you really think the family is going to put “botched late term abortion” in the hometown news paper?? However, the circumstances leading to the stoppage of her heart was complications due to a late-term abortion, which may have also including massive blood loss. She died on a Thursday, in the middle of a dangerous late-term abortion that was begun two days earlier at an unregulated and uninspected “doctor’s office.” She just didn’t happen to walk into the wrong office by accident them fall down dead in lobby. Wake up.

  • sue

    It is a well known fact, that many downs babies are born with weaker hearts. Anesthesia could cause a complication in someone with a weak heart. Jade, it’s obbvious you like to stir the pot. I find your arguments very weak. Honestly, you sound like someone trying to justify a past mistake by attacking everyone who doesn’t see it your way. I come to this website because as a reminder. I pray everyday that women will not make the mistake that abortion solves their problems. Abortion is forever.

  • g


  • Lew Skannon

    This article should at least tell us WHO BROUGHT THIS GIRL TO TILLER THE KILLER? If it was a family member, then s/he didn’t “love” this girl.

    Also, why Tiller? Texas (and adjoining states) have plenty of abortuaries.

    Was she late-term? If so, why wait till late-term to kill the kid?

    Protect her “privacy”, but give us more info., please!

  • OR Staff

    The article does indeed indicate that Anna was in the late stages of pregnancy. We do not know who brought her to Kansas, only that she was brought here to Tiller’s abortion mill. It could be assumed that Anna did not receive an abortion in the first trimester because her condition was not immediatley discovered. Late term abortions are not readily available in the state of Texas. We see many, many vehicles with Texas plates bringing women with swollen bellies into Tiller’s mill, which is completely unregulated and is one of the very few mills in the nation that will abort throughout all 9 months of pregnancy.

  • AViewFromABroad

    40 years ago, my mother, a second grade teacher, was midway through the third year of her career. Although a relatively new member of the faculty, she had already earned a well-deserved reputation as an educator of integrity, unfailing decency and kindness, and moral constancy.

    One sunny afternoon in 1964 while conducting parent-teacher conferences, my mother found herself face-to-face with someone I shall call “Mrs. Smith.” Mrs. Smith was the parent of a disabled child, a young girl whom my mother was compelled to transfer to the school’s Special Education program. Mrs. Smith was less than euphoric at this news, and her exchange with my mother was memorable. After expressing her reluctance to see her daughter leave my mother’s tutelage (hard to argue with that logic, really), Mrs. Smith showed her true colors……

    “I don’t know why I had to be the parent of a child like this,” the poor, beleagured mother bellowed. “What did I do to deserve this?”

    Now, my mother is someone who follows every nuance of proper comportment, but she looked “Mrs. Smith” straight in the eye and declared, “Really, ma’am, we need to consider your daughter’s feelings. She did not choose her disability – nor should she suffer because of it.”

    I believe my mother went on to mention the special gifts our Lord frequently gives these individuals – attributes which your story above has admirably conveyed. It warms my soul…….

    and it breaks my heart. And anyone who has attained the age of sexual maturity and beyond cannot fail to understand why. Nor should we sublimate the magnitude of “Anna’s” tragedy.

    God commands us to “hate the sin – but love the sinner.” I respect this edict – but I’m having trouble living up to it right about now. Unfortunately, I am a rape victim myself. And if age brings wisdom (and it does), then it also frequently brings anger, too. As much as I loathe my own rapist (and I do) – magnify that several trillion-fold and that’s how much I despise crimes against the disabled.

    I don’t know what a fitting punishment for “Anna’s” attacker(s) would be, but I’m quite sure that no defense attorney would allow me on his or her jury. I have a profound and pervasive hatred for rape – and those who would seek to minimize it. (i.e., I have a profound and pervasive hatred for Father David Trosch’s treatise entitled “Is Date Rape Really Rape?” It’s quite breathtaking to hear someone attest that, had my rape occurred on November 10, 1974 instead of November 23, that it “probably wasn’t rape at all.” That’s likely one of the reasons why the errant priest was relieved of his parish. Not the only reason – but likely one of ’em. That and his propensity for violence…)

    Let us hope and pray that God will comfort Anna’s family at this time of grief and loss. Let us also pray for justice. Anna and others like her deserve no less.

  • prince henry

    very sad story for a younge girl with ambision
    to loos her life just like this.my condolence
    to the family, and the society for the great lost.
    pleas i will like to know who take her to the place for an abortion . the family or the person in conetion with her sex molestaion that cause her to be pregnant.if the family, the are to blame for it.my advice is that doctor should stope praticing abourtion,lagaly or illegaerl.
    to save a soul .the unburn child is inportant to GOD,as the pregnant woman is important to GOD let follow the GOD own standerd ,bible condems abortion.

  • jtm

    This calls to mind a story Dr. Jack Willke tells of a doctor in Austria who delivered two babies on the same day, decades ago. The first baby was a little girl and her parents were very saddened to learn that she was born with Downs Syndrome, then referred to as “Mongoloidism”. The parents of the other baby were delighted to learn that their baby was a strapping, healthy little boy with a strong cry and no defects. The obstetrician who delivered these two children followed their life journeys for some decades. The little girl grew up to nurse her aging mother through a long illness, though her name is forgotten by posterity. The little boy died in a bunker in East Berlin, his name – Adolf Hitler -remembered in infamy.

    Having listened to pro-abortion rants about “the survival of the fittest”, I can’t help thinking of this story and wondering, “fit for what?” There is no doubt in my mind that if any of these abortifiers were, themselves, ailing or injured, they would rightly want their health care in the hands of the little girl, with her sweet, caring heart, not the ‘little boy’ with his gas chambers and ghastly “experimentation labs”…yet it is Hitler that they praise, and the “weaker” that they despise, abuse, and treat like dirt.

    Truly amazing. I do look forward to seeing this young woman’s untimely, cruel death vindicated…the sooner the better for all who might “be next”.

    RIGHT ON, ORW & friends! Keep the governing feet to the fire on this…

  • Ashley

    wow, looks like Jade is a creep. Just as creepy as Tiller the Killer. If she thinks being support Mr. Pro-Death is so much fun, and so right…why does she even waste her time trying to make Operation Rescue look bad? Does she not know that shes the one looking like the idiot?…

    Lets pray for her.

  • Ashley

    oops..typeo..”if she thinks supporting Mr. Pro-Death” haha..sorry!

    NOTE: at the mill I SC today..we had a baby save!
    Praise the good lord!


  • Polly

    I have just found this web site. I, myself, had an abortion at the age of 18. When I finally accepted the fact and realized that I needed to make a difference in this sick world, I have spoke out in the community through tv, newspaper, and face to face, about the horrors of abortion. I cannot even imagine being disabled, raped, then thrown to the lions. I will pray for revelation for the family and the “person” that raped this innocent woman. May they have conviction and make a difference, and whoever did rape her confess and turn himself in, and recieve his punishment, like a man…. OR thanks and blessings goes to you for seeing the problem and doing something about it. There are too many people in this world that will sit back and say golly this is an aweful thing and not do anything about nothing. I thank God for people that do something. We have a voice that God gave us to use in times like these. GREAT JOB OR!!! Keep on keeping on.
    Polly Glover

  • dp

    Polly – God Bless you for speaking out!

    Ashley – Praise to God for the soul saved! Isn’t it a wonderful feeling?

    ORW, Anna and her family and everyone in the PRO-LIFE ministry are in my prayers!

  • Americans must give up their grip on comfort if they are going to fight this kind of thing.

    People have to get out of the churches and onto the streets.

    A belief in Jesus which is NOT on the move is called Christianity.

  • leticia velasquez

    At age 39, with two lovely daughters, and three tragic miscarriages, I was thrilled to be pregnant again, and determinied to care for this precious child. One Sunday, at Mass, I ‘heard’ a voice in my heart say “you’re going to have a child with Down Syndrome”. I was shocked, and tried to deny this voice was God,until He again spoke as I was on line for Communion, “I want you to accept this child as a gift from My Hand when you receive Me”. Now I was really moved, and tearfully replied “yes, Lord, I accept this child from You, but please bring my husband along with this plan”.
    I told him later that day, “God says we are going to have a child with Down Syndrome”. He thought I was crazy until Christina Maria was born three months later. She is the joy of our life at three years old, and she looks like Anna. She also lights up a room, and gives numerous hugs. What a joy these children are!
    This tragedy has inspired me to speak out in defense of all life, particularly the unborn and rejected, for they are gifts fronm the Hand of the Lord.

  • to The Real Jade: “Heart failure” simply means that her heart stopped beating. One reason people suffer heart failure is that they haven’t enough blood in their body for the heart to pump. (I learned this working as an Emergency Medical Technician.)

    BTW, where are you getting “Heart failure” from?

  • OR Staff

    “Heart Failure” was mentioned in “Anna’s” obituary, obtained by us, as her cause of death.

  • Charlotte

    I am 65. I became pregnant when I was about 19. My relationship was ongoing for about 4 years & was with the same young man. He relied on his uncle who was a doctor to free him from any responsibility. I refused to cooperate and was promised it was ‘just an exam’. The young man’s family never knew. He, himself, became a doctor and ended up by a twist of fate being the scape goat for a group of other doctors & losing his medical license! I, on the other hand, was given the grace 33 years ago to give birth to an adorable son, born with very severe mental & physical impairments, unable to do anything but love. My husband of almost 40 yrs.& I care for our ‘special’ child here at our home. God has never failed us. When people see the 3 of us, one in a wheelchair and 2 pushing, it gives them a chance to see what you can do if you LOVE what the world considers less than ‘perfect’. Our son is ‘perfect’ in every way! We wouldn’t change a thing!

  • Heather

    Just some food for thought here:

    If we’re pro-life, do we want to return to the days when hundreds of women died per year from illegal and unsafe abortions?

    What of the quarter a million women who die each year around the world from unsafe abortions? It’s not babies, but babies AND women dying.

    I became pro-choice out of compassion and the knowledge that God leads each of us in differing directions. I wish that the pro-life movement focused more on giving women the help they truly need: childcare, healthcare, etc. Even pro-choice people want the abortion numbers to go down. We’re working for things like a healthcare initiative to cover children…Such efforts will minimize abortion. A law, a mandate will not get rid of abortion, that’s a pipe-dream. Women who are desperate will go to desperate measures in times of utter trial. I can not personally speak to each woman’s issue because it is hers alone. I believe that God gave each of us the moral authority, as women, to decide when to bring forth life. Did he not give humankind dominion over all living creatures of the earth?

  • susan

    Why do you assume that pro life people never had an abortion? Many of us believed the feminist ideology that we were ending a “pregnancy” or removing a “blob of cells”. No one told us how we would feel when we decided to keep a “pregnancy” later on in life and allow a blob of cells to grow. We called these “blobs of cells” that we wanted our babies and learned the hard way when our babies were born what a miracle and a gift babies are. We learned too late that we made a mistake – a mistake that we could never revist and change. We now know we ended the life of an individual that is unlike any of the other individuals that we later decided to protect. We learned the heart wrenching pain that the date we ended the “pregnancy” would never be forgotten. We see our “blob of cells” peers and wonder who our little person would have been had we not given in to fear. My “blob of cells” would have been born in the summer of 1990. His or her life ended on Dec 2 1989. We now know the life we’re living is not the life we should be living had we not given in to our fear. I urge women, BASED ON FIRST HAND EXPERIENCE, DO NOT GIVE IN TO FEAR. Give your child life – it’s a choice you can LIVE with for the REST OF YOUR LIFE. (Which by the way, is a long time).

    P.S. My boyfriend after making sure I went through with it, broke up with me two days later.

  • susan

    An excerpt from Peggy Noonan’s latest article:

    Prolifer’s believe you should be on the side of life. They remind me of what Winston Churchill said once when he became home secretary in charge of England’s prisons. He was seated at dinner with a jabbery lady who said if she were ever given a life sentence she’d rather die than serve it. He reared back. “No”, he said, “Always choose life! Death’s the only thing you can’t get out of!”

  • jerry


    there is such a thing as Biblical illiteracy, and you suffer from a severe case of same.

    God did give dominion over “creatures”, but not the life of other humans, except when it comes to civil government. a government, ordained by God, does have the right to take the life of a criminal, but only after due process. individuals have no such right, nor do families, or churches. only government. abortion is murder, plain and simple. the ignorance you’ve shown in regards to the Author of life is pathetic. your god is not my God.

    as far as the post from susan, wow. a great testimony, and very powerful. keep up the good work.

  • Amy

    I live in Dallas, as as we speak a clinic here named “Aaron Women’s Clinic” off of 635 and Hillcrest Ave. is adding a surgical center so that they can start performing late term abortions. When will this disgrace end!?!

  • Louise

    Tiller did indeed murder this poor girl along with her unborn child. I wonder if he considers this a 2for1 then? He is an evil evil man and one day the Lord will have his way with him and he will kneel before the throne of Christ and be judged for all of the innocent lives he has taken.
    Also, who DID take poor Anna down to that horrible death chamber? Whomever it was does share the blame in her death, shame on them, just because she had downs syndrome? That baby could have been given up for adoption and then they would both be alive still instead of that murdering non human getting his hands on them and killing them both.



  • abz

    god bless

  • lauren

    Um, so…surely her parents had to consent to her getting an abortion in the first place?

    I’m not going to get into the implications of that–figure them out for yourselves, if you have the thought capacity.