Ambulances Transport Two Patients from Nation’s Largest Late-term Abortion Clinic in Albuquerque

By Cheryl Sullenger

Albuquerque, NM – Project Defending Life is reporting that an ambulance was called yesterday to Southwestern Women’s Options, the nation’s largest late-term abortion clinic. A woman was transported to the UNM Medical Center for emergency treatment. Her condition is unknown.

Tara Shaver of Project Defending Life told Operation Rescue that pro-life activists on the scene who photographed the incident indicated that police were the first on the scene and attempted to aggressively persuade activists to leave the clinic area. When they stood on their First Amendment rights, the police retreated to their squad car and observed them while the ambulance was at the clinic.

This is the 16th medical emergency documented at Southwestern Women’s Options since 2008. The clinic is one of the few in the nation to conduct abortions throughout all nine months of pregnancy and is staffed by California abortionists Shelley Sella and Susan Robinson, former associates of the notorious Kansas late-term abortionist George Tiller.

Another medical emergency that took place at Southwestern Women’s Options on February 13, 2014, also recently came to light. Again pro-life activists photographed the ambulance parked outside the abortion clinic as paramedics provide life-saving emergency care to a patient inside, who was later transported to the UNM Medical Center.

“Since the New Mexico Department of Health and the New Mexico Medical Board refuse to protect unsuspecting women seeking abortions we rely solely upon those who volunteer their time at local abortion clinics to document these injuries. It is long overdue that local and state authorities acknowledge and act on this serious crisis,” said Shaver.

New Mexico was chosen as the location for the late-term abortion business due to an absence of abortion laws that might provide oversight or even minimum safety regulations. Currently, New Mexico abortion clinics are completely unaccountable to any kind of oversight agency.

“Our prayers are with this woman and those like her who will continue to be injured at Southwestern Women’s Options. Those in authority in New Mexico who continue to turn a blind eye to the abortion crisis here in Albuquerque bear direct responsibility due to their inaction,” said Shaver.

[Photos provided by volunteers with Project Defending Life and the AHA/Abolitionist Society of Greater Albuquerque Area.]

  • jackson

    Hopefully the prolifers there followed the ambulance to the hospital and sat in the emergency room with the victim’s friend /relatives offering them true help.

  • di from Oregon

    Yes Jackson, that is the way of our Lord, to love at all times regardless. These poor women are true victims in so many ways. The world cannot and will not help them with any meaningful help, but we can and do.

  • Joanne

    Good for them for refusing to be bullied by the police. Keep on documenting.

  • Patrick Collier

    Thank you Tony N. & Operation Rescue; your reports, now more than ever during Lental 40 days for Life, are circulating // printed out to so many sites “religiously”. Here in Birmingham Alabama, the larget metro area in USA where NO abortions have been performed since Dec 18th,2013 ‘s closing of PP, rescues continue to the clients who know not of the closings, and HER CHOICE is overwhelmed with now expectant moms and resulting baby showers for newborns resulting from LAST years summer 40 Days 4 Life victories, thank God ! Even employee applicants at PP are guided to prolife counselors on the spot. Keep up the great work Tony & Co….donation on the way !

  • Robert Koomans

    Just posing a historical question: Wasn’t ABORTION LAWS originally made to prevent deaths and serious injury by “Backyard” abortionists, and place the women in far “safer” conditions? – OR, has that been replaced by genuine GENOCIDE, where they murder both baby and mama in a surgery? – Either way, rules should have been set up (in the absence of protection for a baby human) to ensure that surgical laws were applied just as in any other operation! BTW – how many people out there KNOW the doctors primary creed? “FIRST, thou shalt DO NO HARM”…??? – And is there any harm being DONE, or NOT? you ALL know that answer.