UPDATE! Alive or Dead? What the Heck Happened To This Botched Abortion Victim?

UPDATE 11/29/2017: Thanks to our readers, we now have more answers. The position of the woman on the gurney has been clarified. She was actually laying on her right side in the fetal position with the restraint under her left arm. Her head cannot be seen in any of the photos. However, oxygen tubes are seen running to the area where her head would be. The conclusion is now that the patient was alive at the time of the transport, but in pain and in need of further care. We are thankful for the input from our readers and are grateful to have at least part of this mystery solved. As with any developing story, additional information has clarified this situation. The video description on YouTube.com has been edited to reflect this update. The article below has been edited to reflect this new information.

By Cheryl Sullenger

Hartford, CT – Disturbing photos have surfaced that show a woman bound at the neck to a gurney during a medical emergency at Hartford GYN Center on October 21, 2017.

The photos, which were taken by a pro-life activist who was on the scene when the emergency occurred, depicted a woman covered completely in white sheets. A sheet that covered her head appeared to be cinched at the neck. Update: However it was learned that the restraint was actually under the woman’s left arm. (See update above.)

Operation Rescue published a report about the incident last week that included a video featuring the actual 911 call placed by a Hartford GYN nurse. That call indicated that a patient was in the middle of an abortion procedure and was experiencing “excessive bleeding.” The abortion business requested an ambulance to transport the hemorrhaging woman to Hartford Hospital.

The troubling photos also showed the woman lying in the fetal position with her knees bent under the sheet.

“Is she alive or dead? Right now, we just don’t know, but it doesn’t look good,” said Operation Rescue President Troy Newman.

A search of recent obituaries in the Hartford area was inconclusive.

“We will keep researching this horrific incident until we get answers,” said Newman. “In the meantime, women should be warned that this abortion facility is not safe.”

Read previous report.

  • Elaine Blackman

    So sad.

  • Florence Millard

    I, for one, will never understand how a woman can intentionally kill her own baby! I would hate to be her standing before God, on Judgement Day, trying to explain that away. If you don’t want children, stop having sex or at least use birth control. I would also not want to be the one doing the killing of that baby! God sees all and knows all ! Now this is waiting for approval……………I guess it will not be allowed!

  • rocky63

    I revere women who feel as you do about abortion and are willing to say so openly. I think it’s likely that God will be very happy to see you someday.

  • Rita_S

    So much for abortion being safe.

  • maasj

    It kind of looks to me like she’s laying on her side and the straps are above and below her hips. So rather than being strapped at neck level, I think the upper straps are below the shoulders and over her arms which are against her side. I could be wrong though. Thanks for all that you do to uncover and share the truth about abortion!

  • But notice how the sheet is cinched under what would be her chin. something is pulling it tight. Otherwise it would fall from head to chest/shoulders without the cinching effect.

  • Karen

    If you are seriously looking for the answer to the question of “How could a woman intentionally kill her child?”, I would strongly suggest getting involved with a pregnancy care center. I took my child’s life over 40 years ago. I have made peace with God and my child. They have both forgiven me.

  • June Bennett

    Think maasj is correct. She is on her side. She’s got her legs up to her stomach and in pain.

  • Vivavox

    Ironically, she is in the fetal position probably due to extreme pain.

  • patcarlson1

    With all due respect, you do not know that your child has forgiven you. You can know that G-d has forgiven you and that His forgiveness is what ultimately matters. I am glad that you have made peace with G-d and your child.

  • Christopher O’Brien

    Maasj, you are correct!

    I am a paramedic, and you can see where the foot strap is- its NOT across her feet. Where are her legs?

    They’re bent at the knees, suggesting she is laying on and facing to her right. Follow the countor above the top strap – the sheet is rounded, and looks to me as the shape of a shoulder.

    So this puts the strap not anywhere near her neck, but across her upper arms, and then her chest – right where it should be.

    There’s nothing wrong here on the part of the Aetna Ambulance crew.

  • 2 Timothy 3:16-17

    Florence, your message made me almost as sad as the story you commented on. Obviously, you have been sheltered from the barrage of lies and pressure women in poor neighborhoods with no guidance or truth in their lives are subjected to in their homes, in their schools, in their streets, from their elected officials, and from the subhuman health care they receive. Condemnation will certainly not help anyone find the truth about the grace and love of the Lord. Have you done anything to show the love of the Lord to people who are staggering to the slaughter? I could suggest that you look into an organization called “Save the Storks” and at the very least make a donation to an organization which compassionately meets women who are lost and afraid with an opportunity to see a sonogram of their baby and be offered resources that they don’t even know exist. 80% of the women who encounter the loving, practical, excellent compassion of the Lord through Save the Storks accept the resources and love that they offer and find salvation for themselves and life for their babies.

  • Patty Harden

    Florence I am 100 percent in agreement with you it’s completely unbelievable how a woman could willingly kill her baby and be able to cope with that horrendous decision without going crazy. Iwouldnt care if I was homeless broke had zero support I am not capable of murder, let alone to my own child.

  • Patty Harden

    hmm I tried to watch video closely I cant tell what the heck is going on on that gurney. It’s just a bunch of huge lumps. but umm yeah that really looks like a head if so yeah she’s definitely dead.

  • Kelly Loper

    The issue here isn’t that the abortion facility isn’t safe. It’s that this facility kills children, and they just so happened to care about the woman enough to get her help when needed. Most likely so there wasn’t a lawsuit or trouble with her family. Otherwise, why not let her die? They don’t care about the child she was there to dismember.

    This place, and all abortion centers, kills children. They need to be shut down because they are murderers, not because they aren’t safe. We can make them the safest place in the world but they will STILL. KILL. CHILDREN.

    And why is it that we are outraged at the fact that a woman is leaving this place harmed? What about the countless babies who are in boxes being taken away by a waste company because their lives are actually gone? Where is the outrage about that? It’s a sad day when we consider this woman’s life more important or valuable than the babies who can’t help themselves. She made the choice to go to that plsce. The baby did not.

    My only hope is that this woman AND her child are saved, and she will see the value of her child and turn to Christ.

  • Florence Millard

    Yes, mam, I was, and am serious about my question! There is another alternative you know, It is called ADOPTION! I have adopted two babies myself (after having given birth to 2 of my own babies, and losing two others, one by a miscarriage and another one that was an ectopic pregnancy) and would still adopt more but my age (85) now, prevents it! So don’t get so damn smug with me! Maybe God did forgive you but how in the world do you know your child has? Sorry, but getting involved with a pregnancy care center is certainly NOT the answer! I could not bear to see all of those innocents being slaughtered!

  • Florence Millard

    We all have our crosses to bear, and God Himself promised that He would not give us more than we can handle.

  • A pregnancy center is not an abortion mill. They also provide post abortion counselling. Of course God can forgive you. And her child is with God right now. Chill.

  • I’m so glad you’ve repented and know God. Someday you and your child will be re-united. God Bless!

  • So no one sins after the age of 7? Even if you are saved? Of course we all do.
    No one is beyond redemption, regardless of age.
    Daniel and Moses were murderers, liars and adulterers. They repented. Certainly Karen has as well. It’s really not up to you to judge, just rejoice in the fact that she has come to know God. That is joyous news!

  • Florence Millard

    I beg your pardon but Planned Parenthood is an abortion mill. (As well as a counselling center.) Just check out some of the pictures of what is found in their trash cans! Parts of unborn fetuses with their limbs and heads ripped off! If you can live with that, so be it! I can’t! And, I won’t chill until this slaughtering is stopped!

  • Florence Millard

    Thank you and God bless you.

  • Florence Millard

    Re-read my last post, please. I never said no one sins after the age of 7. What I said was, “the age of reason ( knowing right from wrong) is 7 years of age. IF YOU DON’T KNOW RIGHT FROM WRONG BY THEN, I GUESS YOU NEVER WILL!”

  • “”Re-read my last post, please. I never said no one sins after the age of 7.””

    duh. I never said that you did. REREAD MY RESPONSE. Perhaps more slowly, so that you get it.

    Yep, nuance escapes you.

    And I also stated that your post is not true, even if you don’t know right from wrong by the age of 7, you can still learn at a later age.

    Many people turn their lives around, and leave lives of crime to become judges and productive citizens.

    So actual life experience and history are staring you in the face and proving you wrong. Never say “never.” giggles.

    Catch up, please.

  • I beg YOUR parden, but pregnancy centers are NOT planned parenthood abortion mills.

    Pregnancy centers are pro life centers that offer an alternative to murdering your baby.

    You really are slow. And obnoxious.

  • Planned Parenthood does not provide counseling. Try and get some “counseling” from planned murderhood. All you’ll get is pressured to get an abortion because these murder mills have quotas.

    What the hell is wrong with you? A pregnancy center is pro life and does not ever provide abortions.

  • Remember

    The nurse’s name that called 911 is Madeline Aviles. Abortionist Carol Watson is the Medical Director.

  • Florence Millard

    Google it. “Roughly 10% of their patients (Planned Parenthood) have received abortions!”

  • Florence Millard

    I guess you did not ‘re-read’ my post. I can’t fix stupid.

  • Nope. Your post was uninformed and stupid, and there is no fixing it.

  • Actually, more like 99% of planned murderhoods patients receive abortions.

    ZERO % of pregnancy centers patients receive abortions because they PRO LIFE ALTERNATIVES to planned murderhood.

    What is it that you don’t understand? wow.

  • David Cole

    learning to temper judgment while learning to love and forgive, is not just good personal relations but necessary for any helpful posts on these message boards.

  • David Cole

    A loving and beautiful as well as truthful reply. Kudos for your caring and faith.

  • paulette barrow


  • Florence Millard

    Isn’t that what I posted above your reply? ? ? Read it again………it says “Planned Parenthood IS an abortion mill.”