Abortionist Who Killed Christin Gilbert Attacks Man With Car

Belleview, NE — Abortionist LeRoy Carhart was caught on video on Sunday, February 11, 2007, after he drove his car over a curb to attack a sidewalk counselor who was peacefully and legally standing on the public sidewalk outside his Bellevue, Nebraska, abortion mill.

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Sidewalk counselor Joe McDaniel said, “Entering his abortion clinic this morning, Dr. Carhart deliberately drove over the curb and public sidewalk and into me. We waited ten minutes for Bellevue police officer Jarvis to arrive. Leroy and his wife took lots of photos, advised me I was breaking FACE act by standing on public sidewalk three to four feet from [the] drive entrance. Officer Jarvis asked me to move upon arrival, and Dr. Carhart continued over curb and sidewalk, through snow bank, in to garage. Officer Jarvis advised me Carhart could drive in to his property any way he chose and I should stay out of his way.”

“It is outrageous that any person could deliberately attack someone with a motor vehicle, then have the police intentionally look the other way,” said Operation Rescue President Troy Newman. “We urge the public to contact the Bellevue Police Department and ask them to file charges against Carhart. If he is not held accountable for his actions, he might just kill someone next time.”

If that were to happen, it would not be the first time Carhart was responsible for someone’s death. In 2005, Carhart killed 19-year old Christin Gilbert during a botched 3rd trimester abortion at George R. Tiller’s late-term abortion mill in Wichita, KS. He avoided testifying before a grand jury that investigated the death by dodging a Kansas subpoena. Tiller is currently under suspiscion of having committed illegal late-term abortions.

Carhart is perhaps best known for his rabid defense of the live partial-birth abortion procedure. His grisly testimony coldly describing the brutal deaths of still squirming, partially delivered babies stands as a horrific low-water mark in the moral history of our nation.

Bellevue Police Department Contact Information:

Sergeant Matt Jarvis

John W. Stacey, Chief of Police

  • Reese

    Simply unbelievable. I’m emailing John Stacey this very moment.

  • Mike

    Evidently Carhart thinks he can kill anyone he wants now that he has gotten away with killing babies.

    He’ll probably go scott free on this , too.

  • Steven

    I will gladly contact the police department. But I did not understand from the story whether the sidewalk counselor filed an assault charge or something of the like? Isn’t he entitled to do that himself?

  • 4life

    I really can’t stand Carhart[less] I have seen him in a few interviews, and I find him repulsive. Everything about him makes my skin crawl. This video comes as no surprise,but the frustration is when law enforcement allowes this to continue.He had 15 women waiting to have abortions this day,and I’m sure he killed every last baby. Why do these abortionists get a free pass to break laws time and time again? Is it because if they were to be arrested the town wouldn’t have a scuz bag abortionist? Where would the murdering mom’s turn? I think this man is already coming apart mentally-[remember when he left an abortion patient on the operating table to go and throw stones at his own office windows?] I wish the cops would charge him in the above incident,but sadly I think it will be swept under the rug.

  • Robert

    Illegal abuse is not neccessarily an attribute of righteous meekness.

    The SWC should have filed his own citizen’s arrest charges- if the police refuse to accept the charges, file on the police as well. Not accepting a citizen’s arrest is a crime.

    If sidewalk ministers do not stand up to this sort of attack- you will only see them escalate in severity and frequency.

    I pray this SWC is not such a pink skirted Pharasee. I cannot say for sure.

    Too many Christians misunderstand the ‘turn the other cheek’ scripture to think we must be abused over and over.

    I have seen many Catholic sidewalk counselors and Protestant sidewalk proclaimers improperly thinking their attacks are a prophetic event demonstarting the blessing of God. They may or may not be. But too many allow and even take joy and comfort in what could be a result of their own pacifism in filling legal charges to prevent them instead of an actual result of their work for the Lord.

    This form of religious hypocracy is seen on many abortuary sidewalks daily, as irrate fathers force (their)women, like property, to abort their children- these fallacious matyers accept unneccessary illegal abuse.

    I encourage all front line proclaimers to afford themselves all legal remedy and all moral protection and defense when attacked with a lethal weapon such as a car.

  • Ray Parker

    Carhart violated the FACE act with this violent assault at an abortion mill entrance, and has jeopardized freedom of speech for us all, a federal civil rights violation. Where’s the FBI and federal warrant?

  • C. Doe

    First abortionist Carhart is an abortionist. Please don’t call him a ‘dr.’ as this insults all real doctors.

    SWC should file a complaint with the state motor vehicle agency.

    SWC should go to their personal dr. and get it documented.

    SWC should write the police departments Internal Affairs department and ask for an investigation of the police no response.

    Good idea from other person on citizen’s arrest complaint too!

  • As they say, these babykilling abortionists get away with murder. If there was justice Abortionist LeRoy Carhart would be on death row because of his crimes against humanity. What a corrupt police department.

  • Dawn

    I’m glad I don’t live in NE. With police like this!

  • Robert Ferguson

    Federal warrant? Don’t hold your breathe.

    This government is like that of Sudan who has enacted laws to protect and defend bloodthirsty man killing tigers with all their power and might.

    In 1991, I saw Federal Marshalls, FBI and BATF agents at Tiller’s- defending the US equivalant of the bloodthirsty tiger by arresting peaceful Catholics and Christians who dared rescue women and children from the teeth of the baby killer.

    Rev -Joseph Foreman, of American Coalition of Life Activists, and Operation Rescue National, shared an interesting comparison in a WVCY radio broadcast, January 27, 1993, that I will always remember. Rev Foreman said:

    “[A] tiger in India…starts attacking and killing and eating human beings, you have to go and take it out…Well, what you have in the case of an abortionist is somebody who is in the midst of a very complex medical field, and they’ve just gotten a taste of human blood, that’s all…”

  • All_Life_IS_Precious

    Sounds like he should have been ticketed for wreckless driving (Carhart.)

    I really hate having him abort babies just an hour away from me :(

  • Robert Ferguson

    Wreckless driving? get real. If this were a prolifer driving into a baby killer all hell would break loose to put him in jail. I know.

    I was arrested and charged with Assault with a Deadly Weapon” and “Terrorist Acts” when a proabort rent a cop of abortionist Edward Allred purgured himslef with a false police report about me running into him with my car. Charges were dropped but not until 5 days in jail had past without a court hearing.

  • 4life

    Speaking of Allred,What another low life dirt bag.This guy will do discount and free abortions. He has made it quite clear that he isn’t very fond of minorities,and he referres to his patients as “dogs”

  • Craig Holthus

    From the pictures, it does NOT look like the road was icy, or wet, or snow packed, which indicates this is a clear assualt, on the pedestrian. Also, if he is a “Doctor”, by the oath, shouldn’t he have gotten out of said car to render assistance?
    I feel that this is a violation of state law, & will forward this to the State Attorney, John Bruning.
    Capitol building Lincoln, Ne.68509

  • Robert Ferguson

    4 life,

    you are right about scum bag “Fast Eddie”

    It would be great to see OR post an article listing the over 150 malpractice lawsuits that we have record of for Allred and Familiy Planning Associates abortuaries and a list of several dead woman at the hands of FPA abortuaries. He even tried to bury one victim before she was reported dead to anyone…..

    I know that they have the info as Cheryl was very aquianted with his practices in San Diego, Orange County and LA area… prior to Wichita and Tiller.

  • 4life

    Abortion is a nice cleaned up word for legalized baby killing and legalized criminal activity. I really want to know how these so called ”doctors” are able to maintain a medical license. Where is the medical board? Aren’t these abortionists being investigated? Anyone keeping tabs on them? Isn’t anyone questioning these deaths? The truth is,Dr. Allred has killed lots of women. I hear that he’s able to get his botched abortion deaths away from the coroner and right to the morgue.I believe that many worry about a shortage of abortionists for the future.There was another abortionist Brian L.Finkle. He was raping,stalking and molesting patients. It took YEARS to put him behind bars. How many chances do these guys get? Now Carhart is running over people with cars? Where is the NE.medical state board?It’s funny that it’s usually the pro-choice people that are so quick to say that pro-lifers are the ones to be feared.Uh I believe it’s the other way around.

  • Mary

    C. Doe and others make an excellent point. Theis SWC doesn’t have to stand with his hat in his hand playing the victim. This SWC can follow the excellent advise of C.Doe and others about filing charges and taking action. The SWC should also consult an attorney.
    You’re a victim only when you allow yourself to be one.

  • From the New International Version of Bible:
    “A man tormented by the guilt of murder will be a fugitive till death; let noone support him.”

    LeRoy Carhart is a man of few friends who most likely lives in fear and mental misery and anguish because of his own deeds. He know his end will not be with God. The babies Carhart has killed, the shattered and torn bodies are made whole by the Master’s own hand, held closely, tenderly rocked and loved eternally, united with the Father who will always care for them. The scorn of Heaven is upon the abortionist! He is a tool of the devil and he knows his days are numbered. He has hardened his heart to the voice of God and his profound hatred for the sanctity of life has jaded his conscience. His only hope is in the forgiveness of Jesus. Pray that his eyes may be opened! Caring people can make a change! “Let us not be weary in well doing; for in due season we shall reap!” Galations 6:9 Evil will prevail if good men do nothing! If you feel that Carhart is guilty; if you feel that abortion is wrong-
    make your voice heard! If enough people complain about these issues, someone will listen and changes will be made! Support Operation Rescue!
    “Mothers Against Abortion”
    Alayna Staggers (Nurse)

  • Mary

    Whatever Carhart’s mental state, it is essential the SWC take legal action and fast. If someone attacks you with a lethal weapon of any kind, are you performing a service by being a good and understanding victim? Not in my book!
    This is a person very capable of performing the same crime again, and may very well seriously injure or kill the next victim. You have a moral responsibility to take whatever action is needed to imprison this person or get them the psychiatric help they may need.
    You never take assault with a deadly weapon lightly or assume it will never happen again.

  • Mike

    What is the current status of this whole thing? Does anyone know?

  • Louis

    I dont know what I am saying that ticks the administrators off so much that they refuse to post my comments. I am a PRO-Life South African that proudly wears my baby feet on my shirt and joins all pro-life protests in Cape Town! All I said yesterday was, that trying to run someone over with a motor vehicle constitutes deadly force and you are entitled to defend yourself in the said manner!

    If you Americans are going to be limp-wristed about this, these murderers are going to flatten you, without a fight! The next step will be to kill babies one week old, then one month and so on. Get the picture!

  • Kristina

    Please correct the name of city immediately after the title. Bellevue, Nebraska is “Bellevue” not “Belleview.” I was able to understand because I live in the area, but other people might be thrown off by the misspelling.

    Also, I found this update from April 5, 2007 on http://deaconforlife.blogspot.com/2007/04/omaha-courts-become-abortion.html. I will post other updates if I find them.

    A final Omaha case that remains in limbo is that of Joe McDaniel, who was struck by Carhart’s car as the abortionist jumped the curb and ran up onto the public sidewalk. A police officer that responded to the scene refused to take McDaniel’s complaint, telling him to get out of the way, even though he was legally standing on a public sidewalk McDaniel had filed a complaint against Carhart. He has since been informed that an internal affairs investigation is currently proceeding against the officer, and an investigation in underway regarding Carhart’s attack on McDaniel.