Abortionist Tiller and Pro-abortion Play-goers, Challenged Over Abortion Death

WICHITA, KS — Operation Rescue challenged a small group of pro-abortion supporters who gathered Tuesday evening, (September 20, 2005), at the Unitarian Universalist Church of Wichita to celebrate child-killing by viewing a production called “Words of Choice.” A radical pro-abortion group that calls itself the Religious Coalition for Reproductive Choice, sponsored the program. Greeting the Rescuers was Carl Sweeney, a security guard at George Tiller’s abortion mill, Women’s Health Care Services. Sweeney was agitated and continually threatened Rescuers with arrest. Police were summoned, but simply stood by while Rescuers peacefully exercised their First Amendment rights.

Rescuers, who parked two Truth Truck in front of the program facility, recounted the timeline that led to Christin Gilbert’s death last January after a third-trimester abortion by George Tiller. To the dismay of the abortion supporters, OR President Troy Newman told them repeatedly, “According to the Sedgwick County Coroner’s report, the cause of death was complications of therapeutic abortion.”

“I thought they were visibly shaken,” said Newman. “These people want to be heroes, so it is hard for them to face the reality that their pet cause actually hurts women and destroys lives.”

Abortionist George Tiller arrived and mockingly blew two-handed kisses to the rescuers who were calling him into account for Gilbert’s tragic death. “I think he may have been quite drunk,” said Newman who chastened Tiller for misdiagnosing Gilbert’s condition as dehydration when in reality she was dying of sepsis. “I told her that Christin Gilbert’s name would forever haunt him,” Newman added, “But he was acting as if her death was a joke.”

In addition, Rescuers played a copy of the audio recording of the 911 call made by Tiller employee Marguerite Reed as Christin lay dying at Tiller’s mill on January 13, 2005. Newman supplied the commentary to recording for the group gathering for the abortion-promoting program.

Rescuers also recounted the stories of abortionists such as Suresh Gandotra and Bruce Steir, who both were responsible for killing abortion patients in California. Gandotra fled the country to avoid murder charges in the death of Magdalena Rodriguez, while Steir was jailed for taking the life of Sharon Hamptlon. “Tiller certainly deserves a similar fate,” said Newman.

As the program attendees filtered into the building, Rescuers repeatedly chanted, “Christin Gilbert! Christin Gilbert!” They ended their outreach with prayer for the repentance and salvation of Tiller and his cohorts.

  • Chelsey

    we’re praying for you tiller we really hope you’ll change your mind about abortion and will see the bad side of it and will stop killing inicent children!!!

  • Chelsey

    abortion is wrong and is not the way around your problems

  • Eileen

    Women would have abortions even if it wasn’t legal. Making it illegal just forces it underground. Just how complex is that concept?

  • tobra

    the reasoning to make abortion illegal shows our desire to do right by the unborn. of course some will violate the law and have abortions and should they be caught they would face the penalties.

  • bill

    People use heroin and crack cocaine should we make them legal?
    Pedophiles will seek children, should we relax those laws?
    You’re argument mocks the lack of complexity towards your argument, but not recognizing that same reasoning could apply to any behavior lacks intelectual thoroughness.

  • A girl who needed help

    Abortion is unregulated and clinics are not inspected. Veterinary clinics are subject to more laws than abortion clinics. And you don’t even need to be a physician to perform abortions, which means any half-wit can hang up a sign and advertise that they perform abortions. The only difference between todays “clinics” and the back alleys of 30 years ago is that abortionists can hang up signs and take credit cards.
    On another note, Tiller’s behavior after KNOWING that he killed Christen makes me sick. I feel so lucky to have left his “clinic” alive. Sometimes I really think he is beyond redemption.