Abortionist Places Bizarre 911 Call With Shocking Ending

By Cheryl Sullenger

Salem, Oregon – Operation Rescue has received an audio file through a Freedom of Information Act request containing a bizarre 911 call placed by a Planned Parenthood abortionist in Salem, Oregon, who appears to have actually further endangered an injured 21-year old abortion patient by trying to hide the seriousness of her injuries.

Abortionist Valerie J. King, 55, placed the call at 1:03 pm on November 14, 2014, from the Salem Planned Parenthood abortion facility, with which the dispatcher seemed to be well familiar.

King’s odd behavior and unusual drawl raised speculation that she may have been chemically or otherwise impaired at the time of the abortion. She spent most of three-minute call trying to persuade the dispatcher that the patient was “really fine” and just needed to go to the hospital for an exploratory laparoscopy.

That comment alone raised red flags. Usually abortion patients do not require an exploratory laparoscopy unless the abortionist is trying to determine the extent of internal injuries.

King volunteered to the dispatcher, “So she’s conscious, she’s alert, she’s breathing. She’s fine. She’s really fine. She’s ambulatory. She’s – everything!”

King declined Advanced Life Support assistance, and asked only for a Basic Life Support response. Basic Life Support is used for injuries that do not require invasive medical intervention.

It wasn’t until the last seconds of the call when King shockingly defined her understanding of the words “really fine.”

After the dispatcher asked if there was anything else she should know, King blurted out, “Uh — I don’t — She’s immediately post abortion and had a perforation of her uterus.”

In reality, a perforated uterus represents a life-threatening medical emergency.

Women have died from such injuries suffered during abortions. A case in point is Tonya Reaves, 24, who died at a Planned Parenthood abortion clinic in Chicago in July, 2012. Reaves’ abortionist, Mandy Gittler, perforated her uterus then left her bleeding internally for over 5 hours before calling an ambulance to transport her to the hospital. By then it was too late, and Reaves died from massive blood loss.

Fortunately, Operation Rescue was able to confirm that King’s injured abortion patient somehow survived her injuries.

“This woman was very lucky not to end up on a cold slab in the morgue, but we know that there are a long list of other abortion patients who were not so fortunate,” said Newman. “It appears that King was trying to conceal the truth about how serious her patient’s injuries really were, but by downplaying them, she may have delayed her patient in getting the emergency care she needed. That is completely unacceptable conduct, and we will be forwarding our concerns about King and Planned Parenthood to the Oregon Medical Board.”

  • helensatmary

    This butchering of babies and would have been mothers has got to stop it is INHUMAN!!!

  • This woman needs to be held to account for this and investigated as to what other ‘routine’ thiings she does at her lovely abortion chambers. Praying this leads to another death-mill closing soon. Thank God the patient did not die at the hands of this evil butcher.

  • Nancy Cosgrove

    hmmm… this abortionist clearly has a huge problem… think I’ll make a call to the clinic and warn the staff….

  • Jeanne

    I don’t think the doctor sounded impaired. However, she was clearly downplaying the patient’s injuries and that girl could have died as a result. And you know, it’s entirely possible that due to the scar tissue from her injury that girl will never be able to conceive again. She thinks a baby is an inconvenience now; but later, she very well may be quite sorry about this choice that she made.

  • Carol

    Yeah, she’s really fine. Just needs an exploratory laparoscopy. I just perforated her uterus, that’s all. No biggie. (Seriously?)

  • Vivavox

    The abortionist sounded detached. While still being professional, I can tell my personal physician at least cares. This woman is like “ho hum” this patient needs to be transferred.

  • di from Oregon

    Exactly, please Lord Jesus, fight this horrific evil!

  • ABOLISHabortionNOW

    He’s already won. Now, it’s up to us to do(ABOLISH the killing of unborn human beings)with the time we’re given.