Abortionist Neuhaus Will Testify Against Tiller If Case Is Reinstated

How far will Tiller and his cohorts go to keep “smoking gun” from testifying?

Wichita, KS — When Kansas Attorney General Phill Kline filed 30 charges involving illegal late-term abortions and reporting violations, Kristin Neuhaus was on the witness list and her sealed statement was submitted as evidence to support the charges. Neuhaus is a former abortionist who has for months traveled to Tiller’s Wichita abortion mill to provide the second signature on his late-term abortions that is required under Kansas law.

Now she plans to testify against Tiller, if the case is allowed to move forward.

On Wednesday afternoon, Kline will ask Judge Paul W. Clark to reinstate the charges he dismissed at the request of District Attorney Nola Foulston last Friday, so Neuhaus will have the opportunity to tell a jury what she knows about alleged illegal activity on Tiller’s part.

Neuhaus’ role in Tiller’s abortion business came to light when a confidential source inside the grand jury that investigated Tiller in the abortion death of Christin Gilbert told Operation Rescue of her involvement earlier this year. According to the source, Neuhaus was asked before the Grand Jury if there was ever an abortion that she did not sign off on. At that time, she took the Fifth Amendment to avoid self-incrimination.

The grand jury requested the documents from Neuhaus that specified what condition of Gilbert’s would have qualified her for an exemption to the Kansas ban on post-viability abortions. Gilbert’s pregnancy was in the third trimester and her baby was considered viable.

Prosecutor Ann Swegle, an employee of Foulston’s, told the grand jury that it would take “an act of God” to get those documents. The documents were never produced, raising suspicions that Friday’s behind-the-back legal maneuver was not the first time Foulston has intervened in legal matters on behalf of Tiller.

“Tiller and his cohorts are fighting tooth and nail to keep Neuhaus off the stand because they know that her intimate involvement in Tiller’s late-term abortion business makes her an expert and very knowledgeable witness for the prosecution,” said Operation Rescue President Troy Newman. “Neuhaus is the ‘smoking gun’ that will convict Tiller, and they know it. That is why they will do almost anything to make sure that Neuhaus’ testimony never sees the light of day.”

“Corruption breeds in secrecy, but the truth thrives in the open. We urge anyone who can to come down to the County Courthouse at 2 PM to witness the hearing and thereby hold the officials accountable to do the right thing,” said Newman.

Operation Rescue is calling for continued prayer that the case against Tiller will be allowed to go forward and that justice will ultimately be done.

  • Killer Tiller,I really hope that Kristen Neuhaus blows the lid off of your shady corrupt baby killing operation.Someone out there must stop this mad man.He very well might be clinically insane at this point.He has even stated that when it comes to performing abortions” It’s worth burning in Hell .”That is not a sign of sanity to me.Yet he still holds a medical license.He has a lot of gall showing up in church.It just doesn’t work that way!!!

  • Heywood Jallison

    If the judge does not reinstate the charges — and I don’t believe for a second that he will — it’s time for another grand jury! The new grand jury will already have probable cause as a result of the complaint — which requires probable cause — already filed by General Kline.

    If Nola (Is she a woman, biologically?) interferes with an indictment, the voters will give her the boot.

  • Bill

    Heywood, with all due respect, we have to be above such comments (regarding Ms. Foulston’s gender). I know this is frustrating, but we must rise above those things. As to the voters, remember, they elected Morrison. Also, Foulston may not be up for reelection for a while.

  • Michelle

    God Bless America for groups such as Operation Rescue….People who show such humility and courage as Nehaus has in coming forward in Truth after being so heavily involved in something as horifice a slate term abortion deserve our prayers and support and gratitude. may God continue to touch the hearts of all those similarly involved so this industry is totally eradicated. My prayers and supplication go out almost every minute of every day for this cause. The battle has already been won through the precious blood of Our Lord Jesus Christ and these are merely skirmishes that are worthy of our full attention and energy.

  • I want to thank all of those involved with bringing Tiller
    to justice! I strongly believe that God is leading them to
    end this tragedy. God hears the cries and feels the pain
    of these tiny babies; how sad he must feel that they are
    rejected by their own mothers! Tiller must have a true hatred for motherhood and women in general. This act
    takes an extremely cruel and warped mind. How could you hold a precious child and delight in his death? His
    days are numbered. With Operation Rescue and all their support, he will be in jail! End of Tiller the Killer!

  • We need to be praying hard for Dr. Nehaus. Her willingness to testify against Tiller may be only self-preservation, but it’s still breaking the lockstep that the other Tillerites are marching in.

  • Mary

    Bill, an excellent point about being above certain kinds of comments. Thank you.

  • Julie Tymchuk

    We need to keep on praying that Tiller is brought to justice

  • Louis

    I am convinced there is a special place in hell for George Tiller. Thousands of slaughtered babies will be watching him from heaven as he begs for a drop of water and begs and begs and begs and begs……………get the picture!

  • I agree with you Louis.Also,how about these murdering mothers. I know of 3 women that all admit to numerous abortions. If they are sorry,they have not said so.One of them had to have a hysterectomy. [after her 7th abortion]She has one living child,however the hysterectomy depressed her very deeply.I feel that in all of these cases,the women were using the abortion clinic as a form of birth control.I also feel that they also will have some explaining to do on judgement day right along with the abortionists.

  • Robert


    Certainly I have seen many transvestites and homos who are proabortion in Hollywierd, LA, and San Fransisco over the years of rescue.

    When I was in Wichita in ’91 I saw many homos from Act Up, queer Nation and other radical pervertion groups. The mid west is not amune to such sexual degradation.

    I do not know if Nola is such a sexual reprobate, as well as being spiritual and morally depraved, but IF she is, it would allign with what I have seen with other queer sexual things- having a proabort leaning!