Abortionist Admits Dangers of Digoxin Abortions

Detroit, MI — A Michigan abortionist has adamantly denounced the safety of using the heart medication digoxin during abortions after 18 weeks gestation, yet continues to use the dangerous drug in spite of the increased risk of complications.

Alberto Hodari complained Monday to the Detroit News about abortionists’ increasing use of digoxin in order to keep from running afoul of the Federal Partial Birth Abortion Ban Act recently upheld by the U.S. Supreme Court.

Digoxin is a heart medication used in an off-label application by some abortionists to stop the heart of late-term babies as the first step of a multi-day abortion procedure in order to avoid an accidental live birth. Abortionist George R. Tiller* pioneered the abortion method where ultrasound is used to locate the baby’s heart, which is then injected with the powerful drug through the woman’s abdomen. Labor is then induced, or the baby is dismembered and removed from the womb.

Hodari prefers to abort babies as old as 24 weeks using a procedure that involves the dismemberment of a live fetus that can be done in one visit.

“It was much simpler and much less dangerous than what we are doing now,” Hodari said. “But this is now the law. It’s awful. It’s unnecessary. It’s dangerous. It’s more complicated. It makes the woman go through another procedure that’s not necessary. It impacts everything we do after 18 weeks.”

“If Hodari truly believes the digoxin abortions are more dangerous, why continue to do them?” asked Operation Rescue spokesperson Cheryl Sullenger. “Apparently Hodari would rather endanger women than turn away the money he makes doing the expensive late abortions that can cost in the thousands of dollars.”

Complications from the use of digoxin are well known to those who follow abortion news. In Orlando, Florida, the misuse of digoxin resulted in the live birth of Baby Rowan, who died after abortion clinic workers denied him medical care. In Wichita, Kansas, Tiller’s digoxin needle slipped, and Baby Sarah was injected in the head with the drug. She survived and was later adopted, but suffered a malady of medical problems. She died five years later from complications to the injuries she received as a result of the injection.

“But frankly, debate over digoxin/dead baby abortions versus live baby abortions is absurd. The result is still a dead baby. Both procedures are barbaric and hold serious risks to women,” Sullenger said. “The act of killing a pre-born baby is in itself immoral and until we can come to grips with that as a society, we never be able to value life as we should.”

* Tiller is currently facing 19 criminal charges of illegal late-term abortions in Kansas.

  • 4life

    Abortion must become illegal again!

  • Mike

    I’ve often wondered what goes through the minds of these women who have late term abortions that take 2, 3, or 4 days to complete.

    They undoubtedly feel the struggles and death of the child inside of them as the lethal dose is administered, and the labor pains which follow…resulting in a dead infant.

    Is it me, or do these late term abortionists (Tiller, Hern, Carhart, Hodari, etc) all LOOK as ugly as the work they do?

  • lime5

    There really is something about being, doing, and approving evil that tends to affects one’s appearance for the worse. It’s interesting that generally, a godly spirit can beautify the plainest features, and an evil one can mar and distort the handsomest. Read Oscar Wilde’s “Portrait of Dorian Gray” if you haven’t already…or just take a good look at the faces of people directly involved in abortion, especially women, whether they are deathscorts, directors, abortionists, or other staff; their faces do tend to reflect the hardening and degeneration of their souls.

    Now this Hodari “confession” is lie covering lie; he complains that the partial birth abortion “WAS” so much simpler and safer than the digoxin method when, in fact, the “ban” on it was, in reality, just a how-to primer with a very large loophole encoded into law. The biggest lie is, of course, this imagined imperative of killing and endangering women in crisis (or just selfish rebellion) and their children; the “population crisis” has long been disproven.

    But his whine is so typical of the extortion tactics of the left generally, and the abortion cartel in particular, to get what they want. “If you won’t accept artificial birth control, then we’ll huff and we’ll puff and kill babies and women with abortion” (never questioning why innocent babies should not be born, or why the folks who find the planet too crowded don’t just leave themselves, rather than forcing their view on others who haven’t even had the chance to check it out for themselves) “If we can’t do partial birth abortions, then we’ll huff and we’ll puff and we’ll kill you and your kids with digoxin.” “If we can’t murder children legally, then we’ll huff and we’ll puff and women will die by the thousands from illegal, self-induced coathanger abortions”….etc., ad nauseam. The goal? lowering the bar of medical safety/responsibility, to kill as many as possible with impunity. I don’t doubt that digoxin is unsafe for women as well as children; there is yet to be a right way to do a wrong thing, nor a constructive way to do a destructive thing; the core problem is the essence of the act, not the technique. But I have yet to meet a coathanger brandishing proabort who can name for me ONE woman whose death is documented to be the result of a non-chemical self-induced abortion. And if the large numbers they claim died in the few years prior to Roe, this should not pose a problem. You’d think NARAL, especially, would have this sort of information on file…but it was NARAL’s co-founder, Dr. Bernard Nathanson, who confessed (after a conversion to pro-life ethics made an honest enough person out of him to do so) that the numbers they claimed died from illegal abortion were deliberately and knowingly exaggerated. That is because most illegal abortions were NOT self-induced. They were done then, as now, in subpar medical offices by the washouts of the medical profession or, in some cases, by people with no medical training or certification. And now, as then, some ignorant, desperate women who cannot afford the abortionists’ fees still try the doityourselfathome thing with coathangers…and some of them still die. Before Roe, incidentally, the self-induced abortion weapon of choice was a darning needle. Not a smart thing to do, and no more or less fraught with danger to both mother and child as digoxin, partial birth, the curette, etc. We know one prolife activist whose rather liberal sister gave herself an abortion, at age 18, with a darning needle. The baby died almost instantly; mom died later…in her seventies.

    Cheryl is absolutely right in that society must come to terms with the fundamental issue here; that it is morally wrong to kill an innocent human being. Even a guilty one should be proven guilty beyond reasonable doubt before punishment of any kind is meted out. But now it seems that the only clear-cut capital offense is being unwanted by someone willing to pay the hitman…ironically, this is championed most by people who claim to oppose capital punishment…and, worse, they have co-opted the medical profession, the guardians of human life and health, to do much of the killing and to legitimize the rest of it.

    Yes, something is VERY wrong with this picture…

  • Killary Clottin’

    This one’s for you, Miriam.