Abortion Worker Called 911 During Medical Emergency — But Not for What You Might Think


By Cheryl Sullenger

Chicago, IL – Operation Rescue has learned that an ambulance arrived at Family Planning Associates Medical Group in Chicago, Illinois, on April 30, 2016, and transported an obviously injured abortion patient to a local hospital.

But when Operation Rescue received the 911 records related to this emergency through a public records request, it was discovered that no 911 call was placed to summon emergency medical help for the suffering patient.

Ambulance-Patient-05012016-2FPA opted instead to delay patient’s emergency care by calling private ambulance service for assistance instead of 911, which is the quickest way to get emergency help.

However, documents responsive to the public records request did show that an abortion worker placed an emergency call to report a non-existent altercation between one of the pro-life activists and a clinic escort as a form of harassing the pro-lifers who were attempting to offer help to women and document the medical emergency.

After the patient was loaded into the ambulance and rushed away, police arrived in response to the bogus call. Police informed the pro-life activists that they had committed no violations.

“The tactic of calling 911 on the peaceful pro-lifers is meant to deflect attention away from the fact that an abortion patient was just sent to the hospital. They know when police arrive, it will be harder for pro-lifers to document the emergency because they will be tied up dealing with the police,” said Troy Newman, President of Operation Rescue.

More and more, abortion facilities attempting to conceal the fact that they have injured abortion patients by avoiding 911.

“This way, there is no public record of the incident,” said Newman. “Without documentation, the Abortion Cartel can get away with saying abortion is safe, when incidents like this prove it is not.”

There is no reliable reporting of abortion complications, either nationally or by state, so there is no way to determine how many women are actually hurt or killed by abortion.

“The incidents documented by pro-life activists in front of abortion facilities are important to understanding the extent of patient care issues that currently exist,” said Newman. “But even so, through our research, we understand that we are only seeing a small fraction of the serious abortion complications that are inflicted on women every day. Conditions and practices at American abortion facilities are much worse than most people think.”

Operation Rescue archives documentation of known abortion-related emergencies or other complications by facility at AbortionDocs.org.

  • chthompson

    Thank you for everything you do Operation Rescue! Keep saving as many babies as you can and keep the heat on the butchers. We’re praying for you.

  • rnagel

    It would be interesting to know the amount of expense that goes into treating abortion patients with complications. Why should the public at large be required to pay for their treatment? if a construction company drops a piece of equipment on the highway, they have to pay to clean it up and repair any damage. Why is the abortion industry exempt?

  • Guillermo E. Ramos

    To estimate the number of abortion-related emergencies or other complications by facility in a period of time. One may use the following estimator. Assume that you have pro-life presence in the vicinity of the abortion facility for a total of 20 hours in a period of 6 meses, and assume that there was 2 abortion-related emergencies attested during this 20 hours. Then if we assume that the number of patiens arriving for abortion is uniformly distributed on time, an estimator of the total number of abortion-related emergencies would be: T = (hours of atention in the facility in six months)/ (total time of pro-life presence) x (number of abortion related emergencies occured) = (6x30x8) /(20) x (2) = 144 on a period of six month on this facility.

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  • bert shaw

    Heres my OBOZO type double-speak Iam pro choice YEA YOU HAVE A CHOICE BEFORE YOU GET YOUR SLUTTY AZZZ KNOCKED UP. Whth all the different forms of birth control out there, there is no reason for a unwanted pregnancy , except in cases of rape or incest And make it worst, want hard working tax payers to foot the bill to kill your baby

  • Willard Weems

    I believe, that all life is sacred, therefore I only believe that abortion should only be legal if the mother’s life is in danger or the person was raped. However, that is a personal opinion, a person should have the right to determine what does or does not happen to their body so long as those who believe as I do, don’t have to pay for the abortion thru the taxes we pay

  • Momma

    What else goes on that we don’t know?

  • Kathie


  • redneck4Christ

    Thank you OR for your diligence and your efforts to end this murder of babies.

  • scragsma

    I’m curious. How do you reconcile ‘all life is sacred’ with ‘[except if the mother] was raped’? Do the circumstances of conception make the life of the child non-sacred?

  • Ken

    Someone needs to be held accountable for these botched abortions. Both the doctors (butchers) and the clinic should be sued for millions in every case.

  • Nathan Marley

    The bible says in the end times 200 million demons will be loosed from the babylon area( funny that Saddam was unburrying the old babylonian city under baghdad) I think they went to work at abortion clinics , and for the democratic party.

  • Nathan Marley

    that’s a nasty formula, not Gerber approved

  • Mark

    I could not agree more. However, if that happened more people would be up in arms about it and that would probably lead to revolt.

  • Mys77

    It just boggles my mind that anyone working in an abortion clinic can do that day after day, and have it not bother them…knowing everyday they are murdering babies all day long….then go home and what? Talk about their day at the dinner table? Take pride? Enjoy the suffering they are apart of? And going shopping on the money from the blood of babies on their hands? Demonic slaves…a special place in hell for them.

  • Mys77

    Even with rape, conception is very, very rare to occur…but remember the baby is innocent, and half of that child is “hers”…. and that child has a right to live.

  • Justmom

    Are they exempt? They must carry liability and malpractice insurance.

  • Justmom

    I think they have a pretty high turnover of qualified employees judging by the job openings they post. The problem becomes people with the least competence cannot get hired elsewhere so they end up staying.

  • Patricia

    Probably PLENTY! This is just the tip of an iceberg!

  • Nellie McConnell

    Volunteer for drug and alcohol rehabilitation years ago. Met this young woman. She had 4 kids in foster care. She had been through drug treatment 4 times. She was pregnant with 5 child. Trying to get custody of the other 4. Welfare and social workers got her I. 3 bedroom apartment with new baby. 2 weeks before court date they checked apartment and found drugs, she tested positive for heroin. SHe didn’t get her kids and baby went into foster care. She wasn’t allowed to come back to the rehabilitation. About 6 months later she was in line for free food and she came to me crying. Showed me the track marks on her arms and legs. Very sad case but they have a choice. Don’t know how many abortions she may have had. It is just a birth control to these women. Babies born addicted. Good part is seeing people getting off drugs or alcohol and moving on to a better life for the family. Lots of prayer needed for this Mission. I still volunteer. I don’t know what would happen with these women! I am against abortions! Lots of fraud. This affects the women as they feel guilty for killing there baby but just use more drugs. AlAnon very good program.