Abortion Mill Closed Temporarily After Botched Abortion

Englewood, NJ — A New Jersey abortion mill, Metropolitan Medical Associates, has been closed by the state for “deficient care…including but not limited to infection control, instruments, equipment used for sterilization of patient care use items and the processing of equipment.” The order to close indicated that the mill posed an “immediate and serious risk of harm to patients.”

Unsafe conditions at Metropolitan, one of New Jersey’s largest abortion mills, came to the attention of the New Jersey State Department of Health and Senior Services when employees of a Newark hospital reported them after treating a woman with a botched abortion.

Closures of this nature are extremely rare in New Jersey, but even so, this is the second time this clinic has been closed for health violations. The first time was in 1993.

“Women need to be warned about this abortion chop-shop,” said Operation Rescue President Troy Newman. “But they also need to understand that the problem of unsafe conditions is a systemic problem in the abortion industry. If every abortion mill in the U.S. was inspected and required to meet the same minimum safety standards that every other outpatient surgical center must meet, very, very few abortion mills would be able to stay in business.”

The clinic is referring patients to a Hackensack abortion mill owned by the same people. The receptionist is telling callers that they plan to reopen on Tuesday after “renovations.”

“The reopening will depend on the Department of Health not the abortion mill,” said Newman. “Every day that mill is closed is a day of reprieve for hundreds of innocent children.

“We pray it will never reopen. To allow them back in business would be akin to swabbing out the hold of a slave ship, then placing the state’s stamp of approval on it so it could continue to inflict more human misery. The Metropolitan mill is a proven danger to women and babies, and should be permanently closed.”

  • All_Life_IS_Precious

    I hope it stays closed. And I pray that any potential ‘patients’ see this article in their paper and decide NOT to have an abortion.

  • Maybe this clinic gets away with being sloppy because the abortion issue makes it taboo, which gives women less options. I don’t know.

  • Robert Ferguson

    Hmmm Let’s review… Closure is extreemey rare yet this place has been closed twice

    and they are refering to their sister abortuary with the same abortionist.

    Sounds like a half hearted attempt for the protection of women by New Jersey’s State Department of Health.

  • Kelly

    We had an abortuary close in Ohio in October for the same reason. It did not open its doors again. Dr.Ruddock didn’t even have emergency hospital transfer agreements with local hospitals. When he botched an abortion he panicked and yelled to 911 that he wanted the woman “Out of here!!”

  • Mary

    I understand that this place did a large number of partial birth abortions. By the estimates of the abortionists working there, approximately 3,000 abortions were performed yearly on women 20-24 weeks pregnant.
    Abortion advocates tried to claim that partial birth abortion was rare and only used for maternal health or fetal deformity. Abortionists at Metropolitan Medical exposed this fallacy by admitting the above mentioned statistic.
    Scott, this place gets away with being sloppy because abortion advocates have fought tooth and nail against regulations of any kind. This is certainly not a first. Abortion mills remain unregulated and unlicensed and have been for years. Personnel with no formal training, much less licensing, are permitted to perform procedures and tasks that would be unthinkable in regulated medical clinics.
    Don’t blame taboos, blame the people who promised women that legal meant “safe”, and then fought abortion clinic regulation and licensing of any kind.

  • Tim

    Wow! I thought the idea was to keep abortions “SAFE” and legal. Well it seems that is not working. This clinic needs to be closed. The person’s responsible for the near death of this woman needs to be prosecuted and jailed.

    It is about time the Abortion clinics get put under a microscope.

  • all lives are specail

    yes tim your right we need to down on our knees parying this house of death and it`s sister home need to be closed for good!this victim should not have to go through the pain and loss alone.these unlicensed people should be brought on attempted murder charge of her life&murder for her child.
    please pray the the federal department of health with wake up and start inspecting these places as the do our hospitals,foodstores,drug making factories,along with our slartting homes of beef,poltury.
    i have asked for this from them as well as the department of agirculture in washington.
    every one reading this whom loves thier mom please on behalf of our victims/moms/dad/granddads/grandmas
    write your congreess and senate to get changes made.while you wrtie these write to the federal department of health as well.

  • Bluey Zarsoff

    Maybe they have a Russian manager…..

    To Russia with love:

    Russia is the only nation in the world where abortions consistently outnumbered live births by a ratio of about 2 to 1.

    In 1970, for example, there were 1.9 million births and 4.8 million abortions.

    Today, with more access to real contraceptives, that number has decreased:

    For every live birth there are between 1.3 and 1.5 abortions, depending on the statistics you look at.

    Two million abortions are performed in Russia every year, with only 1.5 million children actually being born.

    The quality of abortions performed is often very low and the women’s health is often at risk.

    Moreover, badly performed surgeries kill every third patient and leave many infertile for the rest of their lives.

    There are more than 6.5 million infertile women in Russia today.

    More than 650,000 women die trying to abort each year.

    In 1970 around 1.6 million woman died trying to abort.

  • Louis

    No wonder Russia is a has been super entity.

  • Gloria Mozas

    These places fly under the radar. The pro-choice people help to keep these places unchecked. What I found in MMA is that no one cares about following state procedures. They do not process labs in a timely manner. They do not keep records as state laws dictate. They do not even process your labs until after you are done having an abortion. Some people go through an a abortion and they are not even pregnant. There bloodwork gets done hours later. This place is a dirty place, unorganized, uncaring, and I have to add that anyone who has been through those doors should go ,and have aids tests, hepatitis ,and STD tests right away.

  • 4life

    Wow Gloria,that’s a shock.This was the case with an abortion clinic in my state.CLOSED!

  • Ks

    I was going to go there in 3/07 the abortion clinic called me to reschedule and I never went I have a beautiful girl thats 6yrs old now!!!!