Effort to Open Abortion Death Probe Gains Media Attention

Wichita, KS — Two articles have been published about the grassroots petition effort to convene a Kansas Grand Jury to investigate possible criminal wrong-doing by abortionist George Tiller and his staff in the death of 19-year old Christin Gilbert. One article appeared in the Wichita Eagle and the other was an Associated Press story with photo, which was published in a number of newspapers around the country.

These articles break what has essentially been a media black-out on this story.

Petitions will be submitted to Sedgwick County officials after a brief ceremony on Friday, April 7, at noon at the County Courthouse in Wichita, KS.

Operation Rescue broke the story that a young woman had died during a botched abortion on January 13, 2006. OR investigators uncovered the documentation that initiated the Grand Jury effort. That documentation will be submitted for presentation to the Grand Jury.

Read today’s news articles:
“Group wants probe into woman’s death” Wichita Eagle, April 5, 2006
“Petition effort seeks probe of abortion patient’s death” from the Lawrence Journal-World

Read more about Christin Gilbert and the Grand Jury effort

  • Y’all have photo editing capabilities. Can you make a banner linking to one of your articles? The banner should have a picture of Christin and of Tiller, and the question, “Who was legalization supposed to protect?”

  • Robert

    I wish I were registered in Kansas so I could have signed. Good job, OR
    You keep the consequenses and wickedness of abortion in front of the people through use of the media well.

  • I still want to see an ad campaign, with billboards, featuring a picture of Christin and a picture of Tiller, and asking, “Who was legalization supposed to protect?”

    We need to get people to stop thinking of abortion as being the rights of the mother versus the rights of the fetus, and start thinking more in terms of the well-being of women versus the well-being of abortionists.

    BTW, does anybody know what feeble “health” justification Tiller supposedly used to justify the abortion?

    Under what logic was it better for Christin’s “health” to terminate the pregnancy in an outpatient setting versus terminating the pregnancy in a fully equipped hospital? After all, if Christin had health problems that necessitated terminating the pregnancy, an emergency c-section could have been done close to home.

    What’s the deal with that?

    (I”m asking reporters that question. We all need to be asking reporters if they know the answer to that question.)

  • Lime5

    “Do you treat, care for, and help a sick or disabled person, or do you kill him? Do you measure the value of a person’s life in money? Or in utilitarian usefulness? The cost to society to care for all the physically and mentally handicapped among us is but a tiny fraction of the cost to society for the morally deformed among us. Professor Jerome Lejeune, discoverer of the chromosomal pattern of Down’s syndrome once related to us a story he had heard from a geneticist colleague which illustrates this well:

    “Many years ago, my father was a Jewish physician in Braunau, Austria. On one particular day, two babies had been delivered by one of his colleagues. One was a fine, healthy boy with a strong cry. His parents were extremely proud and happy. The other was a little girl, but her parents were extremely sad, for she was a Mongoloid baby. I followed them both for almost fifty years. The girl grew up, living at home, and was finally destined to be the one who nursed her mother through a very long and lingering illness after a stroke. I do not remember her name. I do, however, remember the boy’s name. He died in a bunker in Berlin. His name was Adolf Hitler.”
    — J.C. Willke, “Why Can’t We Love Them Both” (an excellent read on many aspects of induced abortion, available online at abortionfacts.com)

  • Thanks for getting this story out. I’ve set a ‘blog’ link to it on my site as noted above. Tiller has murdered many babies but this is an all time low, even for him.

    The governor and the corrupt Kansas courts have protected him here so far…

    Allen K Williams