Aborted Baby Graveyard Discovered In Kansas

Abortionist’s “handiwork” buried in landfill near his home

WICHITA, KS — Operation Rescue has learned that the remains of pre-born babies aborted at Wichita’s lesser-known abortion mill, Central Women’s Services, are being dumped in the Johnson County Landfill near Kansas City, turning the private dump site into a graveyard for perhaps hundreds of pre-born children.

Sidewalk Counselor Jennifer McCoy encountered couriers from Engineered Recovery Systems, Inc. (ERS) on Monday, July 18, 2005. She has told Operation Rescue that she witnessed one of the couriers removing a box labeled as infectious waste from the abortion mill. The courier indicated to Mrs. McCoy that he understood the contents of the box to be the remains of aborted babies.

Mrs. McCoy believes that the container could have held approximately 24 aborted children. “There were about 24 abortions last Wednesday at Central,” she said.

Abortionist Sherman Zaremski, 73, a resident of Johnson County, travels to Wichita every other Wednesday to abort babies at the Central mill. But what happened to those babies had remained a mystery until now. The babies are processed, returned to Johnson County, and dumped not far from the Zaremski home.

According to the ERS website, infectious waste, such as the bodies of aborted babies, is first taken to their plant located at 1021 S. Spencer in Newton, Kansas, where it is “processed.”

“The primary treatment technology used is Autoclave which processes potentially infectious waste through steam sterilization into an innocuous solid waste safe for landfill disposal into ERS’s affiliate company, Johnson County Landfill in Shawnee Mission, KS.” [http://www.ersmedicalwaste.com/ErsHistory.htm#]

The Johnson County Landfill is a privately owned dumpsite located at 17599 Holiday Dr. in Shawnee Mission, Kansas. Appointments are required for entry to the landfill.

“This company is not only profiting from the shedding of innocent blood, but it literally treating the babies as if they were garbage,” said OR president Troy Newman. “It should shock the good people of Newton that a business in their home town is displaying such callous disregard for human life.”

Operation Rescue urges men and women of conscience to contact ERS and ask them to stop their business association with Central Women’s Services.

Engineered Recovery Systems. Inc.
Mike Lettner
1021 S. Spencer, Newton, KS 67114

  • A.J.

    How ironic… The ERS website says that one of their businesses features is “Cradle-to-grave manifesting of waste.” How appropriate.

  • Mike and Kathy De Santis

    We pray that those involved in this disrespect of women and the slaughter of their unborn children will repent of these crimes against humanity, and become active supporters of life.

  • John Williams

    May the Lord forgive me but I hope these butchers’ numbers are called soon if they are’nt forgiven soon for their sins.

  • Rick Ellis

    no forgiveness needed john.

    The truth of the matter is that justice is missing on this issue. Most of what is pro-life has become cruel. They want to extend mercy before justice has been established. Mercy over rides justice, but when mercy is given, before justice is carried out, babies will continue to die.

    This is because of the false gospel of passivity.

  • kc

    When is someone going to realize, Satnic sacrifices require Blood of The innocence. every baby killed during Abortion is a Sacrifice to Satan!

  • A girl who needed help

    this is gross-i can’t believe that people throw babies away like they are trash.women need to realize that killing their children is never the answer to anything.all babies should have the basic right to live.

  • mother of three, grandmother of 5

    Copied directly from the home page of ERS:


    We do not accept the following: Radioactive Waste, Hazardous Waste, Human Remains, i.e. Cadavers, Recognizable Fetal Remains, Including Stillborns.
    ERS’s policy is that the above materials are not acceptable for treatment at ERS approved facilities. The term “Biomedial Waste” specifically excludes fetal remains and human torsos. These materials must be segregated from the regulated medical waste stream and should be disposed of by other appropriate means as regulated by the state.
    “Sidewalk Counselor Jennifer McCoy encountered couriers from Engineered Recovery Systems, Inc. (ERS) on Monday, July 18, 2005. She has told Operation Rescue that she witnessed one of the couriers removing a box labeled as infectious waste from the abortion mill. The courier indicated to Mrs. McCoy that he understood the contents of the box to be the remains of aborted babies. ”

    How can they be doing this legally if they say on their wedsite that they do not do it. This looks like the absolute grounds for lawsuits against them for misrepresentation.

    Also, isnt there some law as to how human remains, even aborted human remains have to be disposed of? Geez, this is like some nightmare from the dark ages. Just the thought of all these children killed is bad enough, but the added thought of them being dumped into mass graves on some privately owned dumping ground is horrifying. Why is this allowed to happen? The only comfort from any of this is that these babies souls are no longer there, they are with God.

  • I agree with the punishment for sexual molestation on children, but what makes it any different for the women who kill their babies and the doctors who help. Paste their photos to the public and make them wear a bracelet as the molesters have do. Also give them prison sentences. Why are they allowed to commit murder and get away with it.

    Jan Barrows

  • I found this article thru on my favorite links retakingamerica.com and I was shocked to know of this.
    What I believe is that the women who do this are so selfish and right down lazy to kill their own children.
    It’s an all – me or nothing look on life, no regard to a life growing inside of them. Pure selfishness and laziness.
    Thats how I see this.
    God help America!

  • bcs

    I just wanted to mention…someone posted that ERS cannot accept the “remains of aborted babies” because it is fetal material, and their website clearly indicates that fetal material cannot be dumped at an ERS facility. Well, according to their website RECOGNIZABLE FETAL MATERIAL cannot be dumped at the facility–but according to the article the fetuses are autoclaved first. Have you ever seen what an autoclave does to tissue? I work in a biologics lab and it is sometimes necessary to autoclave animal tissue before disposal. The autoclave process literally turns it into a mass of black nothing…it is definitely not recognizable as the tissue that it was before autoclaving.

    This is how ERS is getting away with this…by saying they dont’ accept *recognizable* fetal material, they can still accept fetal material that has been autoclaved, since it is destroyed beyond the point of recognition…regardless, it is sick what they are allowing.

  • christy

    Abortions are wrong

    Why Me Mom? By Christy

    Why me mom?
    Why must I die?
    You didn’t even give me a chance,
    it is not my fault you opened your legs to my father.
    Why should I be the one to suffer while you keep
    spreading your legs?
    You say I am not alive
    when I am
    You say my heart does not beat
    yet it does
    All I want is a chance to show you I love you mom
    But You have sentenced me to death with out even knowing me.
    All I want to say before I die is

  • My God-This whole thing is an absolute nightmare. See since the murderers get to walk free and ;move on” God will not allow them to forget. That is worse than any prison sentence.

  • Dakota

    Take their hands, not their lives.
    This sickens me.
    People need to own up and take responsibility!

  • samantha

    i completely think that aborting babies is wrong…i must agree with some of the other stories…what i dont get is how women kill their unborn children just because they dont want to have to put up with the child or have the responsibility…..i mean im sure it would be hard to tell your parents about your pregnancy if you were a teen but its not worth killin another for your mistakes…there are people who cant have children and then they are the ones who dont want them so they kill them!its just wrong!!!lookin thru these pictures on other sites of aborted babies was breakin my heart…how can some women be so hearless?

  • Danielle

    The things the humans of this world put up with. How can we all turn our cheek and let ourselves be blind to the killing and suffering of something to innocent, something unable to speak for itself. We have to be the voice of the weak, of these children. We are suppose to be a free country, but in this massive genocide called abortion- we are making ourselves prisoners. The fact that those can be so heartless is beyond me. I can’t imagine the grief of our Lord looking down on us and seeing the violence and inhumanity that goes on to those that are unborn. I am a christian and I can say that even if you are not- how can you honestly justify this as a person who is suppose to be born with a heart and a conscience? I don’t even think its a religious or spiritual issue. Its an issue of humanity and an issue of genocide. This is the most devastating holocaust in the history of man-kind and it has to stop, somehow, someway.

  • I think its disgraceful. Why or how could abortion even enter a womans head after looking at these pictures. Abortion should be banned worldwide!!!

  • H.B

    Women were standing in line waiting to be thrown into the ovens by the nazis, one told suddenly she and her girl was saved. What are we doing, letting living babies get killed, just like some coward Germans. If something is a right it has to be respected and acted upon. Right tie the woman and the abortionist feed her, put a diaper on her treat her like a loving child. Read a book to her about Hell in moloks valley where babies were sacrificed to this heathen God and thrown into the fire, so the sexual party could continue, What did the English do? Save the Jews? My 14 years old pentacostal churchgoing sisters almost got forced abortion by a socialworker that wanted to send her to hospital to kill the baby. The baby is a big boy now. Mom hid my sister and helpt with babycare.

  • Dawn

    This is SICK! Not only SICK but MURDER!! ABORTION is MURDER!!!!

  • jessica dukes

    I can only pray that this issue will end. It is so sad. These babies don’t even have a chance to live. If you don’t want the baby then don’t fool around. At least give it to adoption. It is your responsibility to care for your own baby. There are plenty of people who will care for it for you. Please don’t abort the babies! This website is very useful. I would have never known things were this bad until I found this doing my bilology project. Thank You I appreciate it .

  • Nicole

    I really think you are right I have 4 children and with my last one some one told me that I shouldn’t have my son because I only have 1 kidney and I got so mad at her and I never saw that person again. I keep praying for a law to be passed to get rid of murdding babyies.

  • Katie

    We need to help women raise their children–don’t you think less women would abort if they had adequate housing, food. and community support to raise a child by themselves? I know women who have told me they never would have aborted if they knew their family or friends would be supportive, that they would have adequate employment, daycare, etc. These are real social changes we can work for. Don’t just sit and judge these mothers–make a world where all mothers can raise their babies in safety and with emotional and community support!
    You can do as little as donate baby clothes to organizations that help pregant women, or as much as rent to a single mother if you are a landlord, or start a daycare program for single parents. You CAN make a real difference.

  • Deni

    i think that who ever gets an abortion should go through the same thing their baby did!! i don’t care how its done they should feel the pain their baby had to go through!!!!!!!!!!

  • Jason

    You people have no right to tell another human being what they can or cannot do.

    So it would be OK if I did not believe in attending Church, to tell you that YOU cannot go there, and stand outside with signs that say “Stop Churches!”
    And encourage people not to go, and make websites telling them what to do…

    Not everyone believes what you believe, leave desicions to the individual. Stop shoving your Communist control down Free Americas throat.

  • Jennifer

    I agree!!! People shouldn’t tell other human beings what they can or cannot do!!! Those HUMAN BEINGS, those BABIES, should be given a choice!!! No one should make the choice for them. We shouldn’t have the right to tell them that they are worth nothing, and they should die a very painful death. That they did nothing to deserve a horrible murder, except cling to the uterine wall. That because the person who is responsible for putting them in that womb decided FOR them that their life was worth nothing. Those babies ALSO should be given the choice if THEY want to go to “Church” or not. They DON’T have that choice, do they?
    Yes, America IS the land of the FREE — however thousands of babies do not enjoy that freedom. They are being killed *against their will*, silently screaming until their little beating heart stops. TO ME THAT SOUNDS “COMMUNIST”, as you say.
    Have you seen the bloody pictures of aborted babies? They look like photos of a crime scene. What if you came home and found your family members like that? Does that sound like freedom? Wouldn’t you want justice given to the murderer? I’m sorry to be graphic but these babies CANNOT speak up for themselves, so we must. Have you ever heard an interview from someone that lived through an abortion when they were a baby? They are so glad to be alive!
    People, please pray diligently that President Obama’s eyes and heart will be opened and his mind will be changed about the federal funding for abortion and stem cell research. We are killing off our next generation and the lineage to follow. We aren’t just killing 3,000 babies a day. We are killing their children, their grandchildren, and on and on. We will never know what great leaders, inventors, geniuses, mommies, daddies, … did not have the chance to accomplish what they were created for. I am grieved. And the Lord is angry.

  • Jennifer

    Just think if your Grandmother or Grandfather had been aborted. None of your family would exist. In my family that is 20 people so far, and I’m only 35. That’s from one person – counting down from my Grandparents.
    So if 50 million babies have been aborted so far, that’s not just 50 million people, if you multiply each by 20 people (using my family as an example, and we are not a really big family), that’s a lot of people.

  • lexxzii

    Yall people who did this is nasty how could you do this two lil baby’s?? u should be ashamed of yourself and for the mom don’t even get me started it’s your fault tooo DON’T BE SEXUALLY ACTIVE IF YOU CANT AND DON’T WANNA LIVE WITH THE CONSEQUENCES BE RESPONSIBLE I hope you mom’s realize its your fault to………. TAKEN INNOCENT LIFE’S THAT DIDN’T EVEN ASK TO BE ON THIS EARTH THE LEAST YOU COULD DO IS TAKE CARE OF YOUR’S and give them baby’s a home ………