911 Called to Help Seriously Bleeding Abortion Patient at Pennsylvania Abortion Facility

Injury comes amid calls for repeal of abortion safety regs

Harrisburg, PA – An ambulance was dispatched to the Hillcrest Women’s Medical Center abortion facility to care for an abortion patient that was suffering from a serious vaginal hemorrhage, according to emergency documents obtained by Operation Rescue.

The Emergency Computer Aided Dispatch (CAD) log from the June 17, 2016, incident described the patient as a 30-year-old female who was conscious and breathing, but was experiencing a dangerous hemorrhage, possibly the result of lacerations. The abortion facility appeared ill-equipped to handle the injury.

Medical units were dispatched with a determinant code that indicated a hot response was required, including lights and sirens.

This incident was caught on video by local pro-life activists. It shows a woman on a gurney who was taken out the back door of the facility to an awaiting ambulance. The back of the facility appeared to be in a shoddy state of repair and littered with construction debris.

The priority code was later downgraded by emergency responders. She was transported to the Harrisburg Medical Center for further treatment.

The abortionist on duty that day is said to have been Delhi Thweatt, who was involved in the death of abortion patient Kelly Morse in 1996. Remarkably, Thweatt’s Pennsylvania and Maryland medical licenses are clear any mention of disciplinary action or malpractice claims.

Harrisburg 06172016

The serious abortion injury comes as pro-abortion state Senator Daylin Leach vowed to introduce legislation to repeal Pennsylvania abortion safety regulations passed in 2011 in the wake of the Kermit Gosnell murder case. Gosnell was a West Philadelphia abortionist who was convicted of three counts of First Degree Murder and hundreds of other crimes for severing the spinal cords of very late-term babies that were born alive at his squalid “House of Horrors” abortion facility and killing at least two patients.

The grand jury that indicted Gosnell and eight accomplices issued a scathing rebuke to regulators who failed to inspect abortion facilities and turned a blind eye to complaints, allowing conditions and practices at Gosnell’s facility to deteriorate.

“If oversight agencies expect to prevent future Dr. Gosnells, they must find the fortitude to enact and enforce the necessary regulations. Rules must be more than words on paper,” the grand jury report stated.

The Pennsylvania abortion safety law that is now threatened with repeal, was responsible for shutting down seven substandard abortion facilities. Only one has managed to reopen after conditions and practices were supposedly improved.

“It seems that since the Supreme Court decision in Hellerstedt, women have a right to abortion access, but not abortion safety,” said Newman. “That places women in the insane position of being treated as second-class citizens who deserve no better than the likes of Kermit Gosnell. Those that truly care about women should join us in peacefully working to shut down the abortion clinics and offer pregnant women better alternatives than destroying the lives of their precious pre-born children.”

View the CAD log

  • HopeandChange2016

    Why does the Supreme Court have the ability to change the morality of our country? In the early 60’s, there were less than 300 abortions recorded nationally. After Wade vs. Roe, the recorded abortions have ranged between 1 million and 1.5 million lives destroyed a year.
    And the nation has moved further from our Judeo-Christian moral roots since.

  • Marilynn Reeves

    We are killing our future. Too many ways to keep from getting pregnant to even need abortion.

  • brucethompson22

    I notice the ambulance is at the back door, I guess they don’t want anyone to see their mistakes. If you think is bad wait until the progressives get their way and there are Post Birth Abortions.I read somewhere they want it up to a month after birth. Don’t you just love what they have done to this country?Talking about HopeandChange I hope they change what’s running this country this election.

  • ChristinaDunigan

    What we need are “Gosnell laws” applying to ALL instances in which bureaucrats and/or politicians aid and facilitate quackery of any sort. Civil and criminal penalties should apply as they would to anybody else who served as an accomplice.

  • John Wirts

    The “Supreme Court” decided to ignore the religious, and scientifically accepted notion that life begins at conception. They declaired that they were notable to make a determination on the beginning of life. So since they were unwilling to accept the religious or scientific definations of the beginning of life, they threw the ball to Congress. In the mean while since fetuses were denied personhood and the right to life. The cowardly “judges”and immoral women who want to have unprotected sex and the right to murder the baby for their irresponsibility. Congress followed the usual cowardly option of ignoring the issue. Time to throw the bastards out, all of them politicians and judges alike.

  • Dexter L. Wilson

    The best way to stop this is to get behind pro-life Congresspersons and Senators. Once we have at least 61 senators and over 70% Congresspersons, we can demand them to impeach those who write legislation when they make decisions. Remember when they made law out of a letter by Jefferson to the Danbury Baptists? Read this:Thomas Jefferson wrote to William Jarvis, 09-28-1820 the following, “You
    seem…to consider the judges as the ultimate arbiters of all
    constitutional questions; a very dangerous doctrine indeed, and one
    which would place us under the despotism of an oligarchy. Our judges
    are as honest as other men, AND NOT MORE SO (my emphasis)…and their
    power [is] the more dangerous, as they are in office for life and not
    responsible,as the other functionaries are, to the elective control.
    WOULD BECOME DESPOTS.” Lets remind Congress and the Senate that if the Justices can write law, lets just take a tribunal and refuse their decisions and then impeach these guys.

  • poppopdiesel

    When there are powerful lobby groups putting thousands of $$ into senator/ congress pockets , it’s easy for every one …every liberal one to turn their heads. The media and Osama are all up in arms over the death of a few thugs(as sad as those were),,yet are completely complicit in the deaths of millions of babies ..some of which were born live then killed. Under the current government and SCOTUS the requirements have been bastardize to the point of nonexistent. All these horrible sins are clearly on the uncaring hands of liberal pro abortion activists and ,senate members and congress BUT mostly on the president of this country, WHO, if HIS mother chose abortion instead of birthing her abomination, this conversation might not be taking place. THE QUESTIONS BECOMES,HOW MANY MORE LIVES,BOTH MOTHERS AND CHILD HAVE TO TAKE PLACE IN UNREGULATED ABORTION TURN STYLES BEFORE COMMON SENSE IS TURNED ON. AS A COMPARISON..OSAMA’S PUSH ON GUN CONTROL..WHY NO SIMILAR PUSH TO STOP ABORTIONS? ABORTIONS = SLAUGHTER. In my mind

  • ADRoberts

    Beyers wrote that requiring these clinics to be prepared to handle emergencies might reduce the number of clinics that were available to kill babies. So now, the clinics get to kill the women too.
    Maybe he family can sue Beyers for malpractice.

  • Tikva

    I was there that day. There were no sirens. The ambulance came very quietly so as not to let anyone know what was happening. One female patient said that the staff was panicking inside. Other patients did not know what had occurred. It is routine for clients to be separated from each other as they go through the process. We were very concerned for the woman. We asked the staff what had happened when they went out to their cars, and they ignored us as they always do. This is a disreputable clinic, and patients have stated in Google reviews that they were treated as if it were an animal clinic. I pray this woman recovers.

  • Grand Pano

    Bruce, GOOD POST! These despicable BABY KILLERS must remember two things”

    1) A person (baby, for example) BORN in the USA is a CITIZEN of the USA. (No argument about that!)

    2) The 14th Amendment to the CONSTITUTION clearly states that NO INNOCENT PERSON/CITIZEN should be CONDEMNED TO CAPITAL PUNISHMENT (DEATH) WITHOUT DUE PROCESS. (That’s clear.)

    Therefore a baby “born alive” in the process of his/her ABORTION “must NOT be KILLED” as the 14th Amendment clearly states. It would be “PREMEDITATED” (FIRST DEGREE) MURDER and the perpetrators (abortionists) should be PROSECUTED to the FULLEST EXTENT of the LAW should they kill–OR ALLOW TO DIE– the BORN-ALIVE “INNOCENT BABY!