911 Call: Abortionist Haskell Laughs While Patient Suffers Life-Threatening Seizures

Cincinnati, Ohio – Operation Rescue has obtained a recording of a 911 call placed by the infamous late-term abortionist Martin Haskell after one of his patient suffered life-threatening seizures following an abortion.

Haskell was unsure of the patient’s age and described her as 19 or 20 years old. He told an emergency dispatcher that she had experienced “status epilepticus” since coming out of anesthesia. Status epilepticus is a life-threatening condition in which the brain is in a state of persistent seizure lasting more than 5 minutes.

Haskell is heard laughing at the dispatcher when she offered him additional emergency instructions until the emergency responders could arrive.

However, Haskell has no hospital privileges as required by law. He has received a variance from the Ohio Department of Health to continue operating as long as other physicians agree to cover his abortion complications once patients have been admitted. One of those physicians, William T. Bowers II, has been disciplined in two states and is under criminal investigation in another.

“Haskell is a danger to the public, plain and simple. We are urging the Ohio Department of Health to rescind Haskell’s variance and close his dangerous abortion clinic immediately in the interest of public safety,” said Troy Newman, President of Operation Rescue and Pro-Life Nation.

Please contact the ODH and ask them to rescind Haskell’s variance and close his abortion clinic.

Dr. Theodore Wymyslo, Ohio Department of Health
E-mail: Director@odh.ohio.gov
Phone: 614-466-2253

  • Connie Parsons

    I urge you to strip Haskell of his license to practice. He is a threat to society. How can anyone going to get medical care feel confident in the doctor caring for them when the medical board of physicians allows this type of thing to occur without consequence? I am in Maryland, and the same thing is happening in my state. I don’t feel very confident in the doctors I encounter in emergency rooms. Please discipline him.

  • pat

    Isn’t the other ‘doctor’ that is on the variance named David Schwartz? What’s wrong with these people?

  • I wonder if the woman receiving treatment from this abortionist would appreciate his cavalier attitude, laughing on a 911 call, over her life-threatening situation. We must work to stop all these doctors.

  • Michael Logsdon

    It seems to me that citizens, pro-life or otherwise, should be contacting Governor Kasich and urge him to get involved in these horrendous abortion cases. Urge him to replace Dr. Ted Wymyslo if he continues to do nothing about Martin Haskell and his abortion colleagues.

  • Judy

    I don’t appreciate how part of this article was presented. The laughing was NOT concerning the patient. It was concerning the 911 operator offering additional medical help, seeing as Haskell is a doctor and doesn’t need the help. The operator also said she had to offer the help, as if it were policy. He was NOT laughing at or with the operator about the girl in seizures. These things are bad enough without the story being made to sound worse than it was. We, as pro-lifers, don’t have to augment the reports. They’re bad enough as they are. I do appreciate the reports, however, and how they’re kept short and to the point. Judy Rempe

  • chris

    Haskell doesn’t need help? He needs Jesus is what he needs! One dose of Jesus for Haskell is my prayer.

  • Cherish

    I don’t care what reason this man was laughing per the other post. How can a doctor laugh at any time a patient is in a trauma situation that show’s how sick this man is …. He is not a doctor he’s a murderer and this women mean nothing to him other than a dollar. I pray this wakes up the health department. It makes me sick someone can try and make excuses for this man. This world can’t keep going on. We will have another war just watch and the punishment this world will get will be well deserved! Jesus will have a remnant. I pray for all my brothers and sister who think by ignoring the problem it will go away!

  • Mary

    To Judy:

    True, Haskell may have been laughing at the fact that as a “doctor” he didn’t think he needed additional information but I can’t imagine any legitimate doctor laughing during an emergency such as this.

    Please, everyone, contact Dr. Wymyslo at the Ohio Department of Health demanding that Haskell’s “clinic” be closed for good.

  • Simon

    Try being a doctor and not laughing at the suffering you see everyday. You have to maintain distance in order to stay sane.

  • Mary

    Haskell is a doctor who inflicts ‘elective’ suffering. He has to maintain distance so he doesn’t see the evil he creates by taking those children’s (aka future adults) lives. His manner was unprofessional even though they were ‘just joking’ about him being a doctor. I also am disgusted with the 911 operator being unprofessional as well. Status epilepticus is life-threatening! The brain is not receiving sufficient energy, rest, and oxygenation. So for him to even say she was breathing normally was wrong.

  • Michael

    Welcome to america! Where grown men like this monster tear the arms n legs off babies and ppl defend him. Praise jesus for a place called hell!

  • Meg

    I would have to agree with Judy that Dr. Haskell was not laughing about the situation, but that the dispatcher was offering help when he is a doctor. I agree that what he is doing is dangerous and wrong, but we must pray for his repentance and his salvation, after all Jesus shed his blood for all of us.

    Praise you Jesus for your mercy and forgiveness. Please guide women away from that horrible clinic and into your loving hands. For those who have already chosen to end life for their children have mercy on them and please lead all the doctors who perform abortions to repentence. Amen

  • Tracey Redmond

    These ‘doctors’ as one comment above said ‘pulls the arms and legs off babies’ with the one and only intent of total distruction and killing his victim- this innocent little person, excuse me? We are then shocked at his attitude to and practice with his patient!!!! My God these women are willingly putting themselves in his hands, I wouldn’t want to be within a hundred miles of such an evil man let alone in his ‘care’, I hope he rots in hell, in fact hell would be too good for him!