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Neuhaus Disciplinary Hearing Five Years in the Making

Topeka, KS — Monday morning, abortionist Ann Kristin Neuhaus is scheduled appear at a disciplinary hearing held by the Kansas State Board of Healing Arts (KSBHA) and answer to an 11-count petition related to illegal late-term abortion referrals and shoddy medicine that led to diagnoses that were insufficient to justify the abortions under the law. […]

Kansas Judge Finally Upholds Abortionist’s License Revocation on 4th Disciplinary Attempt

By Cheryl Sullenger Topeka, KS – A case that extraordinarily began nearly fourteen years ago may have finally reached its conclusion, according to court documents recently obtained by Operation Rescue. Shawnee County Court Judge Franklin Theis issued a judgement that upheld a January 2019 license revocation order issued by the Kansas Board of Healing Arts […]

Kansas Abortionist Has Medical License Revoked for Third Time

By Cheryl Sullenger Topeka, KS – For the third time, the Kansas Board of Healing Arts has revoked the medical license of an abortionist who once kept dangerously shoddy records and provided dubious mental health justification for women – including girls as young as 10 – to get late-term abortions at George Tiller’s now-defunct Women’s […]

Dramatic 41% Abortion Drop in Kansas Reveals Seven Trends

An Operation Rescue Analysis By Cheryl Sullenger Wichita, KS — The recent release of Kansas Abortion Statistics for 2014 show that the number of abortions continue to decline in the state formerly known as the “Late-Term Abortion Capital of America.” “Since we have been working in Kansas, abortions have decreased an extraordinary 41 percent. The […]

Documents, Grand Juror, Prove Carhart Deception About Patient Deaths

By Cheryl Sullenger Omaha, Nebraska — A new video released by Live Action catches late-term abortionist LeRoy Carhart denying that he has ever sent a patient to the hospital and rejecting responsibility for the documented deaths of two of his late-term abortion patients, Jennifer Morbelli and Christin Gilbert. It reveals practices that are similar in […]