To Save Lives from Abortion, We Need to Reopen the Economy Now

By Cheryl Sullenger The Associated Press published a crucially important story yesterday – but not for the reasons it may have intended.  While the report focuses on the effects of COVID-19 on pregnant women, who are being frightened into abortions, and the abortion facilities that service them, it actually lays out a compelling case for […]

Stacked Deck: Wichita Abortion Business Sues to Block Webcam Abortion Ban in Biased Court

By Cheryl Sullenger When the Trust Women abortion business in Wichita, Kansas, filed a constitutional challenge to House Bill 2028, known as the Kansas Telemedicine Act, which is a new law that prevents webcam abortions, they did something that was once unheard of. They filed their challenge in the Shawnee County Court instead of Federal […]

VICTORY: Judge Upholds Iowa Webcam Abortion Ban Regulations

By Cheryl Sullenger Des Moines, IA – Polk County District Judge Jeffrey Farrell ruled today that the Iowa Board of Medicine was acting within its proper authority when it banned the use of Planned Parenthood’s experimental “Webcam” abortion pill distribution process. This ruling will allow the implementation and enforcement of the webcam abortion ban in […]

Judge Considers Iowa Regulations Banning Webcam Abortion

Meanwhile, nine webcam facilities in Iowa have closed since 2012 while 17 states have banned the corners-cutting Internet abortion pill distribution scheme By Cheryl Sullenger Des Moines, IA – Polk County Judge Jeffery Farrell is currently considering a suit brought by Planned Parenthood of the Heartland against the Iowa Board of Medicine for new rules […]

Operation Rescue Calls on Iowa Senator Kent Sorenson to Resign in Light of Ethics Breaches

Des Moines, Iowa – Operation Rescue was saddened to hear that the Iowa State Senate Ethics Committee has referred an ethics complaint against Iowa State Sen. Kent Sorenson to a special investigator after admissions he committed violations became public. Sorenson is a Republican and self-proclaimed pro-life advocate. Because of the distraction this scandal has caused […]